Bitter Sweet Love

One girl.
One guy.
Two different lifes.
Marley Parker is living with her family in a small town called Fox in Minnesota. Her life is kinda boring, she goes to school, does her homework, read and then she does it all over again everyday. Then the mysterious guy Connor McCamble comes trempeling into her life. As soon as they start talking Marley finds out that Connor has a lot of secrets. He never talks about himself or his family, so Marley starts investigating. She looks online, to find out more about him.
How will it end up for Marley? Will she be able to find out what secrets he has?
Find out in The Black Wolf.


2. II

"So who was that guy yesterday?" I took a sip of my coffee and glared at my mom. "Just some guy I ran into earlier. I don't really know him. Just that he used to live in London." And that he was the hottest guy I've ever seen. More handsome than Marc or any of the guys I knew. But of course I didn't tell that to my mom. "He wasn't ugly Marley. And I saw he handed you something." She winked at me and walked over to then refrigerater. "Mom, leave her alone. She 16, she allowed to talks to guys. Plus, she already has a boyfriend, so whats the problem?" Alisha sat down beside me and gave me a smile.

"There's no problem. I was just asking." "He handed me a book. Nothing else." "A book? A random guy just gave you a book? And you excepted it?" I starred at Alisha who had a raised eyebrow.
"Not like that. I paid for it myself." She looked like one big question mark. "Forget it." My mom lit her cigarette and starred at me. "Why don't you just try to explain it?" Then my dad came into the kitchen. "Are you girls ready for school?" Both me and Alisha nodded. "My car is in the workshop, can you give me a lift too?" "Only if you're ready now. If we don't hurry I'll be late for work." "Yeah sure. I think we're ready." I nodded and took on my jacket and shoes.
My dad was a workaholic. He always travelled around the world for his job and we rarely got to see him.
I sat in the car and waited for Alisha and dad to come.

"You want me to drive you home after school?" Alisha shook her head and took her backpack. "No it's fine. I'll be doing homework at a friends house. But I don't know about Marley. See you later dad." She went right past me and ran up to join her friends. "No, I'll just walk." I smiled. "Well okay, see you tonight." He rolled the car window up and drove away.
I sighed and walked over to Dakota and Pete. "So did you finished your homework?" Dakota crossed her arms and starred at me.
But I didn't answer. I was too busy starring at Conner McCamble. You've got to be kidding me.
Why was he here? Should I ask him? Or should I just ignore him?
"Who are you looking at? That new guy?" "What? Does he go here? Shit." "Why? You know him?" "Um, no. No I've never seen him before." I thought it would be a good idea not telling them that I talked with him. 'Cause then they would never let it go. Jesus. He was looking at me. Did he recognize me? Of course he did. Stupid question Marley. Oh God. He was coming over. He was walking straight towards me. Should I leave? Should I just say hi? He stopped right in front of me.
"Well hello." He smiled.
"Hey. What are you doing here?" I could see Dakotas starring in the corner of my eye. "Isn't it obvious? There again, asking stupid irrelevant questions. When are you gonna stop?" I sighed and walked away. Didn't know what else to do. I knew it was childish, but I didn't want to talk to him. Not anymore.

A firm hand on my should stopped me, just as I was heading towards my locker. I spun around to face Conner. "What it is? Just leave me alone, okay?" "Why should I?" He removed his hand and took a step closer. I started laughing. "I don't know you, and you don't know me. Okay? So, don't talk to me. Get it?" I tried to behave myself, but that was too funny. Was he this way with every girl he just met? Well, too bad for him I got a boyfriend. "You're right," His face stiffened. "You should stay away from me." He turned around, walked away and left me there, looking like an idiot. Dakota and Pete joined me. "You didn't know him, huh?" "Pete raised his eyebrow. "Well, not really... I just met him yesterday, when I was walking home and when I was at the bookstore."

"So, you met and talked to his really cute guy, and you didn't call me?" "Sorry, I didn't think it was that important. Can we please talk about something else now?" "Um, I have football practice later, and then a match. Do you wanna come see me play? Dakota will be there, and marc is playing too." "Yeah sure. I'll be there. I'll just text Marc about the time and all that." I unlocked my locker and took my biology book, shrouded in a pink book cover.
"Let's go Marley. Bye Pete." Dakota gave Pete a kiss on the cheek and then we went to class.
"Are you mad at Pete?" I glared at Dakota. "Why are you asking me that?" "It just seems like it. You haven't really talked that much to him for a few days now. And you basically said that the new guy was hot in front of him. Don't you think he'll get jealous?"
"I'm not mad at him. He's okay with me thinking that there are others than him who's handsome. He's not the only guy in the world. Btw, have you seen Marc? Pete's been trying to get in contact with him, and we haven't seen him. Do you know where he is?"
We walked into the classroom and sat down.
"No, I haven't seen him or heard from him since yesterday at school."
"Maybe you should text him."
"I will. Later. I'm sure he's just sick. He doesn't miss school without a good reason."
"Whatever. Just make sure he makes it for the guys football practice."

"Pete!" I ran over to Pete who was standing among his friends. "You still haven't seen Marc?" He shook his head. "Dakota told me you were going to text him." "I did. But he hasn't answered." "Well, I'm sure he'll be there at the practice."
"Can you text me if you see him?"
"Of course."
I gave him a smile and walked over to Dakota.
"I'll see you at the match later, right?" "Yes, of course."
I said goodbye to Dakota and began walking home.


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