The Royals: A Celebrity Fanfiction


19. Zak Bagans POV


Chapter 19

Zak Bagans POV

The evening after Brandy and I explore the city and after we Skype Nick and Aaron we spend some time out on the front porch of the island house.

Brandy sits on the lap while we sit out on the porch swing and watches the sun set over the vast ocean. It is the second day of our honeymoon and we´ve already made love to each other five or six times in a row. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Earlier this morning, after breakfast, we had made love in the hot tub and I had enjoyed her body against mine. Although it wasn´t exactly as I had planned it would go though. 

Brandy runs a finger along my bottom lip jolting me out of thoughts. I look at her and she smiles at me with amusement. 

¨What´re you thinking about, Zak?¨ she whispers softly.

¨Do you really want to know?¨ I ask, cocking a brow in curiosity.

¨Not necessarily.¨ SHe answers hesitantly. ¨You tend to have a very dirty mind.¨

I know that she is just joking but I glare at her anyways. 

¨Smart aleck,¨ I mutter.

¨You know you like it,¨ Brandy teases me.

I chuckle and ruffle her hair. She sighs and smiles at me before giving me a quick kiss. Before she can pull away though I pull her towards me again and kiss her hard. She moans against my lips and kisses me back passionately. My tongue brushes along her bottom lip before demanding entrance inside her mouth.

Our tongues fight for dominance in a heated battle before we pull away from each other gasping for air.

Brandy´s lips are swollen from our heated kiss and I take a moment to roam my eyes down the length of her body. Not in the greedy way that most men do but in an admiring way. Her light brown skin has already tanned from the Caribbean sun. I pull her towards me again and plant a tender kiss on her swollen lips. Her tongue runs lightly across my bottom lip making me shiver with pleasure.

¨You´re so damn beautiful,¨ I whisper in her ear. ¨I want to kiss every single inch of your body.¨

¨Do it then,¨ Brandy whispers breathlessly. ¨Forget about the movie. We can see it some other day.¨

I widen my eyes in surprise at her words and I cup her face in one hand and bring her mouth to mine. She wraps her arms around my neck as I stand up and carry her inside the house. I kick the front door shut with the heel of my foot. I take the stairs up to the bedroom two at a time eager to feel Brandy´s naked body against my own.

When we reach the bedroom I set Brandy down on the bed after I shut the door and pull my shirt off over my head. Brandy fumbles with the button on my jeans and I notice that she is sweating. I tilt her head up and give her a reassuring smile. I can tell that she still gets nervous when we have sex but at the same time she´s getting better at controlling her nervousness.

I lay down beside her after she pulls her clothes off and bring her lips to mine. My hand goes down between her legs and I caress her sex. I hear her moan and I continue kissing her. Then I shift so that I am above her and settle myself between her hips.

As I enter her she sucks in a breath as I position myself inside her and then lets out a long, slow breath when I get past whatever made her suck in her breath. I cradle her head in my arms that are above her head as I move inside her slowly at first.

¨Zak, please!¨ she moans when I dip my head between her breasts.

My tongue licks her taut nipple and she squirms beneath me. I move inside her slowly wanting to feel the heat of the moment.

¨I want to take my time with you, Brandy,¨ I groan in her ear.

I bite the skin below her ear and smile when I hear her moan with pleasure.

¨Ah!¨ she cries out.

I penetrate her deeply and she cries out again. My hands splay beneath her bottom as I thrust myself in and out of her joining her moans of pleasure. I cry out as a wave of pleasure goes through my body and ground my teeth together. Her fingernails dig deep into my back as I tease her breasts with my mouth, nose, and tongue.This time though I don´t start to bleed like I did the first night we made love together.

¨AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!¨ I cry out as a wave of pleasure courses through me.

I hear her call out my name again and I bury my face against her now sweaty neck feeling more satisfied as ever and moving faster against her.

When we finally climax together I curse again and I fall against Brandy breathing heavily. Tears come to my eyes as her fingernails come out of my back and I feel something hot and sticky trickle down my back.

¨Shit!¨ she gasps. ¨Sorry!¨

¨It´s.....fine,¨ I growl. ¨I´m okay.¨

I pull my body away from her and lie down on the bed stomach down so that I don´t get any blood on the bed and sheets.


Later that same evening after we had got dressed we decide to have a night out in the town to have dinner somewhere.

As I watch Brandy get dressed in a hot pink evening gown I think about earlier and how, out of all the other times we´ve had sex, this one was intense and full of anger. Brandy had cried afterwards when she had seen the blood on my back. I had comforted her as she cried.

¨You okay, Zak?¨ Brandy asks me quietly when she sees me watching her.

¨I´m okay,¨ I reply pulling her down on my lap. ¨Just thinking about earlier.¨

She quirks a brow and smiles. I gaze into her eyes for a moment before brushing my thumb along her bottom lip. Brandy sighs and closes her eyes, enjoying my touch.

¨Does your back hurt?¨ she asks me worriedly.

¨I´ll be fine,¨ I tell her. ¨I have thick skin. Don´t worry about me.¨

Brandy gives me a quick kiss before she stands and helps me up off the bed. I grab the keys and my wallet off the mantle before leaving the bedroom. As Brandy steps into the motorboat she wobbles and I catch her in my arms before she can fall into the water. Brandy looks up at me gratefully and then sits down on the seat next to the driver´s seat.

¨Looks like we need to get more gas,¨ I tell Brandy when I start up the engine. ¨We have enough to get to the city though.¨

I maneuver the boat away from the house and I drive in silence while Brandy gazes at the sunset.

Occassionally, we see a few dolphins pop out of the water to greet us and then we near the dock where Brandy and I had arrived only two days ago.

As I park the boat, dock workers come out to help us tie the boat and then I ask one of the workers to gas up the boat. The man nods at me and then goes off to fuel the boat.

¨Where should we eat?¨ I ask Brandy wrapping an arm around her waist.

¨I don´t know. There´s so many places that looks good to me,¨ Brandy whines.

¨Well, we didn´t exactly explore the whole city last night,¨ I say. ¨Let´s just walk around and see what looks good.¨


Brandy laces her fingers through mine and pulls me away from the dock onto the crowded sidewalk. As we make our way around the crowds Brandy points out stuff to me while we walk. FInally, after about an hour of walking around, we find a place to eat at. The restaurant is called Caribbean Seafood, Bar & Grill.

We cross the street and enter the resaurant through the front door and find a booth to sit in. The waiter takes our drink orders and then leaves us with menus. After we decide on what to eat we talk for a little bit occassionally stealing a kiss or two while we wait for our food.

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