The Royals: A Celebrity Fanfiction


15. Zak Bagans POV

Chapter 15

Zak´s POV

¨Which part of the island should we explore first?¨ I ask Brandy as we walk out the front door of the island home.

¨Ï don´t know,¨ Brandy replies gripping my hand as she walks along the water´s edge. ¨Can we just stay here for a little bit and enjoy the morning sun?¨


Today, Brandy is wearing a tank top and short shorts and I can see her tattoo of a skull and bones peeking out from underneath her top bikini strap that she wears underneath her tank top. 


As we sit down on the warm sand I tuck a strand of hair behind Brandy´s ear and then pull her close to my body.

I have no shirt on today and it shows off all my tattoos. As I pull Brandy close she presses a hand to my chest and positions herself so that she is sitting on my lap and wraps her legs around my waist. She cuddles up against me and lies her head on my shoulder. Her touch sends shivers down my spine and I feel the warmth of her body resonating through mine.


¨It´s so beautiful,¨ Brandy sighs referring to the ocean. ¨THe way the water glistens in the sun. This island is so beautiful in the sunlight.¨

¨I know,¨ I agree. ¨My parents used to own this island until they decided to give it to me for my eighteenth birthday. They hoped I would take someone with me here someday. Now, here we are, on this island for our honeymoon.¨

¨Do you have a name for this island?¨ 

¨Unfortunately, no. Should we give a name for this beautiful island?¨ I ask, spreading my hands out to emphasize my point.

¨Yes, we should give a name for this beautiful island. I think we should name it the Isle of Midnight.¨

¨Why the Isle of Midnight?¨ I inquire.

¨It just sounds fitting. Why? Do you not like it?¨

¨No, of course I like it.¨ I say quickly, ¨I was just thinking that we should name this island the Isle of Bagans. But I like your idea better.¨

Brandy laughs and moves her head off of my shoulder to look up at me. She studies me for a moment before she presses her lips to mine. I lean back making her lean back with me so that we are lying on the sand. Her hair forms a curtain over our faces.

The breeze from the island causes the back of Brandy´s tank top to fly up over her head. I manage to grab the back of it so it doesn´t fly off her.

¨Zak,¨ she whispers, ¨don´t worry about the tank top. I have more tank tops like that one back in Las Vegas.¨ 

I smile against her lips and continue to kiss her still not letting go of the tank top. Finally, after a few seconds of contemplating on whether or not I should let her tank top fly away into the breeze, I let it go and watch it fly off into the wind. Brandy pulls away from me after the tank top flies off and rolls off of me.

¨Want to explore the island now?¨ she asks. ¨We can try to find that tank top.¨

¨Ooh! A scavenger hunt,¨ I tease her palyfully.

¨Answer the question, Zachary!¨ she whines.

A shiver goes down my spine as Brandy says my full name. If it was anyone else who said my full name other than Nick and Aaron or Brandy I would punch them in the damn face or beat the shit out of them. 

I nod my head in answer and get up off the sand. I help Brandy up and hold her close as we enter the pathway in the trees next to the water´s edge.

Brandy grips my hand tightly when we come across a boa constrictor hanging in one of the trees.

¨Don´t worry,¨ I whisper in her ear. ¨I´ve got you.¨

¨Are those poisonous?¨ she asks as we quietly pass the snake. 

¨I don´t think so. But just in case, stay close to me.¨

Brandy grips my hand tighter when the snake opens it´s eyes and looks at us. Then it it slithers away from us. When the boa is out of sight, Brandy lets out a sigh of relief and loosens her hold on my hand.

¨I´m terrified of snakes,¨ she admits.

¨I know. I am, too,¨ I tell her, nodding my head in agreement.

We continue walking along the trail in silence until we arrive at a clearing in the middle of the pathway. Brandy lets go of my hand and walks ahead of me.

¨There´s a waterfall somewhere,¨ she informs me. ¨I can hear it.¨

¨That would be our swimming hole,¨ I tell her. 

Brandy widens her eyes then smiles mischeviously at me. She turns on her heel and runs toward the sound of the waterfall. I follow her at the same pace making sure that there aren´t any snakes following us. When we reach the waterfall Brandy waits for me to catch up with her before grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the water.

¨Is it deep?¨ she asks me.

¨No, not too deep,¨ I reply. Suddenly an awesome idea pops into my mind and I smile.

¨Uh-oh,¨ Brandy says smiling knowingly at me. ¨You have an idea don´t you? I know that look anywhere I see it.¨

¨Hell, yeah!¨ I exclaim. ¨I have a fucking awesome idea and I think you´ll love it.¨

¨Tell me.¨ 

¨Want to go for a swim?¨

Brandy smiles and nods her head. She lets go of my hand and walks away from me to find a path that leads down to the water. When she does she looks for a deep enough spot of water and then jumps in.

¨It´s warm!¨ she exclaims incredulously.

I jump in beside her and pull her body close to mine. She laughs as I try unsuccessfully to dunk her and wraps her legs around my waist when we reach a shallow place of water.

¨Nice try, Zak,¨ she laughs before giving me a quick kiss.

When she pulls away I dunk her again and this time I am successful.

¨Hey!¨ she exclaims after coming up out of the water. ¨That´s not fair, Zak. I wasn´t ready!¨

I chuckle then pull her close again. Brandy sighs as I press my lips to her neck and brush my lips down to her shoulder, across her collarbone and back again.

¨I love you so much, Zak,¨ Brandy whispers as I push her up against the rock wall near the waterfall.

¨I love you more,¨ I tell her.

Brandy moans softly as I kiss the skin below her jaw. I pull her lips on mine and kiss her deeply. Her legs wrap around my waist and I want nothing more than to plant kisses all over her body and make love to her in the water. My hands trail over her skin and I kiss her harder.

Brandy´s eyes pool with desire when I pull away from her and I know at that moment that she wants me too.

I nod my head and we make love right there in the water.


Later that evening as Brandy get ready for a night out in the city I think about our morning and afternoon.

After we had mad love in the swimming hole we had explored more of the island until there was nothing left to explore. After we came back to the house we had made love once more in the bedroom.
While we had explored the island we had found two more swimming holes but they were infested with horseflies and we weren´t able to swim in them.
Brandy is in the shower while I text Nick on my cell phone. Aaron joins in on the conversation asking if the three of us can Skype together. Luckily, I brought my laptop.

¨Hey, bro!¨ exclaims Aaron as soon as he sees my face.

¨Hey, Aaron,¨ I say. ¨Hey, Nick.¨

¨You aren´t doing anything drastic are you, Zak?¨ Nick asks me with worry lacing his voice. ¨I´d hate for your honeymoon to end early if something bad happened.¨ 

¨Seriously, Nick,¨ Aaron says. ¨Stop worrying about them. I´m sure they´ll be fine.¨

¨Aaron,¨ says Nick, ¨shut up or else I will kick you out of this Skype conversation as quickly as you arrived.¨

¨Guys,¨ I say. ¨Stop fighting. So, what´s been going on down in Las Vegas?¨

¨Nothing much,¨ Aaron replies with a shrug.

¨Anything new in my museum for the first showing Deadly Possessions?¨ I ask them. 

¨Yes, actually,¨ Nick replies. ¨Robert the Doll and the Dibbuk Box.¨

¨I´ve heard of Robert the Doll,¨ Aaron says shuddering. ¨Supposed to be the doll that inspired the movie Chucky.¨

¨I´ve heard of him, too,¨ I say with a shudder of my own. ¨But what´s the DIbbuk Box?¨

¨Dude,¨ Nick says, ¨you do NOT want to know. I´ve heard some pretty fucking terrifying shit about the Dibbuk Box. It´s said that this box has caused a lot of deaths when you open it. There´s supposed to be a demonic spirit living in it that lived during the Holocaust.¨

¨Ooh,¨ I say with another shudder. ¨Tell me more. I need to know more.¨

At that moment, Brandy comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. I nod over at my computer screen and she rolls her eyes playfully at me then goes over to the dresser to grab some clothes.

¨Was that Brandy?¨ Aaron asks when he sees Brandy run past the laptop.

¨Yes,¨ I reply. ¨She´s getting dressed though.¨

¨Anyways, back to the Dibbuk Box,¨ Nick says before Aaron can question me further. ¨This demonic spirit possesses anyone who opens the box and makes them do its unfinished business that it never got to do during the Holocaust. Whether that be killing someone or anything else.¨

¨That´s scary,¨ I say. ¨Is that all we got in the museum?¨

¨So far, yes,¨ Aaron replies. ¨But we´re getting more tomorrow morning. We don´t know what they are yet but we´ll e-mail or text you the details when we get them.¨

¨Tell Brandy I said hi,¨ says Nick. ¨I have to get going.¨

¨Okay. Bye, Nick,¨ I say. 

Nick´s screen goes black and I am left alone with the face of Aaron.

¨How´s the honeymoon going for you guys?¨ Aaron asks as Brandy comes over and sits on my lap.

¨It´s going great,¨ I reply. 

¨That´s good,¨ Aaron says. ¨Hey, Brandy.¨

¨Hey, Aaron,¨ Brandy says cheerfully. ¨How´s it going?¨

¨It´s quiet around her without you guys here.¨

¨yeah. We miss you guys.¨ Brandy smiles and then talks to Aaron for a bit longer until it is time for him to go. 

I close the laptop then put it away in the case. I join Brandy on the bed before we go and make love to her once more before we go.



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