The Royals: A Celebrity Fanfiction


10. Zak Bagans POV

Chapter 10

Zak Bagans POV

As everyone files out of the backyard of my parents house and get into their cars later that night, I find myself anticipating the night to come with Brandy.

Before we go back to our own house to get ready for tomorrow´s flight to the Carribean I pull Brandy close to my body and bring her mouth to mine.

¨Zak,¨ she murmurs against my lips, ¨wait until we get back to our house.¨

¨You know I can´t wait that long,¨ I groan as I push her back against a tree.

¨Yes, you can,¨ Nick says from behind me. ¨Dude, let her go until you guys get back to the house. You don´t want to mess up her dress.¨

I reluctantly pull away from Brandy´s body and turn around to face Nick and Aaron.

¨Actually,¨ I say in a menacing voice, ¨I would like to mess up her damn dress.¨

¨Zak, calm down, babe,¨ Brandy says. ¨We´ll be home soon enough. Then we know.¨



¨How much longer?¨ I groan. ¨I just want to have Brandy all to myself, dammit!¨

¨Give us five more minutes to clean up,¨ Aaron says. ¨Then we can go.¨

¨And everyone will be gone by then,¨ Nick adds. ¨Then we´ll take you guys home and you can do whatever you want to do to each other at that time.¨

¨You´re wasting time,¨ I growl. ¨Go before I do something shitty.¨

Nick and Aaron run off to clean up the wedding venue across the street and then I turn back to Brandy.

¨What?¨ she asks innocently.

¨You did that on purpose,¨ I whine.

¨Actually, I knew they were coming and I had to push you away. It´s not my fault.¨

¨I know. I´m just playing around with you.¨

Brandy steps away from the tree and wraps her arms around my neck. 

¨Mrs. Bagans,¨ I tease her playfully.

¨It´ll take me a little while to get used to my new last name,¨ she laughs.

¨I think by the time our honeymoon is over, you´ll be used to it,¨ I tell her.

¨Yeah. I think so too. I love you, Zak Bagans.¨

¨I love you, too, Brandy. Or should I say Mrs. Bagans?¨

¨Seriously, stop.¨

¨Or what?¨ I tease her playfully, illiciting a glare out of her. I chuckle and wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close. Brandy sighs and lays her head on my shoulder. We stand there in silence until we hear footsteps approaching us.

¨Alright, guys,¨ Nick says. ¨We can go now.¨

¨Finally!¨ I exclaim.

As the four of us get into the car I think about the night that awaits me and Brandy and my heart pounds faster as I think more about the night that awaits me and Brandy. Brandy has her fingers laced through mine as we ride back to the house and I can feel the nervousness resonating through her body. Even though she hides it well I can still tell she is very nervous. 

Shit, I would be nervous too if my mind would stop thinking about dirty things. 

As Nick pulls into the driveway of our house Brandy whispers, ¨Promise me one thing, Zak.¨

¨What´s that?¨ I ask her.

¨Don´t hurt me. I´m worried about getting hurt.¨

¨I would never hurt you, Brandy. You know that.¨

¨I know. I´m just really nervous about getting hurt. It´s my first time.¨

¨It´s my first time, too. I won´t hurt you. I promise.¨

¨Okay, guys,¨ Aaron calls out to us. ¨Go have fun.¨

Brandy lets go of my hand and opens the car door. Before I get out, I face Aaron and Nick and say, ¨Don´t eavesdrop on us.¨

¨Um....I don´t think we would do that, Zak,¨ Nick says, looking very uncomfortable. ¨Now, go, Zak. Have fun.¨

I get out of the car and shut the door behind me. My hands shake as I unlock the front door to the house. I go through the house turning on lights that need to be on. 

As I walk up the stairs to the bedroom that Brandy and I now share, Ifind myself shaking very hard. 

A little voice in my head keeps telling me that I shouldn´t be nervous and that it is normal to feel jittery since it is my first time having sex.

¨Cakm down the fuck down, Zak,¨ I tell myself before entering the bedroom.

Brandy is already in the bedroom waiting for me in just her bra and underwear. Her whole body shakes as I shut the door and take my clothes off, leaving just my boxers on. Then I get onto the bed with her and pull her close to my body.

I pull her mouth on mine and kiss her slowly and deeply. My hands tarce the contours of her body before I unbuckle her bra and slide it off of her breasts. She shivers with pleasure as I place my lips between her breasts and then get on top of her. I pull my boxers off and then slide myself inside of her. She tenses up as I slide myself inside of her and hold her hips in my hands.

¨It´s okay,¨ I murmur in her ear.

Her skin is as smooth as a marble. She moans when I kiss her neck,moving my mouth down to her breasts. Her moans urge me to go faster and deeper inside of her as we make love. At some point, I hear her call out my name as she comes but I am lost in my own groans as we make love. Her fingernail dig deep into my back as she starts to come and I feel something Hot and sticky run down my damn back. Shit. I´m fucking bleeding. 

I don´t stop though. I keep moving inside her until I come inside her. I yell out with pleasure and collapse onto the bed. 

Later as we lie there on the bed, Brandy´s naked body presses up against my back and I wince.

¨I´m sorry, Zak,¨ she whispers. ¨I didn´t mean to make you bleed.¨

¨Hey, it´s okay,¨ I tell her when I hear her voice crack. ¨It doesn´t hurt as badly anymore.¨

I turn my naked body over and face her in the dark. I hold her close to my body as she cries silent tears and when she is finished I say, ¨It´s really okay, Brandy. I liked the feeling of it actually.¨ 

¨Can we do it again?¨ Brandy asks me.

¨Not tonight,¨ I tell her. ¨Maybe on our honeymoon.¨


I chuckle and say, ¨I promise.¨

Brandy falls asleep beside me later that night in my arms and I think about what we did. With happy thoughts running through my mind I fall asleep beside her.

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