The Royals: A Celebrity Fanfiction


1. Zak Bagans POV

Zak Bagans P.O.V.

My name is Zak Bagans. I never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator, Nick Groff, and our equipment tech, Aaron Goodwin. We have been hunting ghosts since 2009 and ever since, Nick, Aaron, and myself have encountered and experienced demonic and scary encounters with many ghosts.

Right now I am reviewing some footage of last night´s lockdown with one of my clients who has claimed to have seen a figure of a man in a military uniform walking down the hallway in a military bunker here in Los Angeles, California.

Based on last night´s lockdown, the figure who is seen walking down one of the hallways is named Jason. At least, that´s what we heard on the EVP, or spirit voice box.

As Aaron, Nick, and I pack all of our equpiment into the van, I see my fianceé, Brandy Lapid, running towards me. She comes with me everywhere my team goes just to keep an eye on me. I´m actually glad she comes with me everywhere I go. Mainly because I have something to look forward to after a lockdown that´s been stressful and draining.

I envelop her in my arms as soon as all of our equipment is packed into the van and bury my face in her long dark brown hair.  

¨How was the lockdown?¨ she asks me softly.

¨Stressful,¨ I reply. ¨Other than that though it was good.¨

I hold her tighter in my arms not wanting to let her go then, after a long minute of silence, I let her go and lean down and kiss her tenderly. 

¨Guys, get a damn room,¨ Nick laughs from behind me.

¨Shut up, Nick,¨ Aaron says in a whisper. ¨They can kiss if they want to, bro.¨

I pull away from Brandy and glare at Nick and Aaron playfully.

¨Hey, Nick,¨ Brandy says cheerfully. ¨Hey, Aaron.¨

¨Hey, Brandy,¨ Nick and Aaron say in unison.

Brandy steps away from me then pulls us all into a group hug then she pushes us away playfully a second later.

As we all get into the van, I pull Brandy into the backseat with me and pull her close to my body. After we decide on where to go for lunch I snuggle up with her in the backseat.

¨Did you miss me last night?¨ I ask her quietly.

¨So much,¨ she says. ¨But I did watch the show last night. It was very interesting as are all the other shows.¨ 

¨I missed you, too. What was interesting about the show?¨

¨I´ve told you what´s interesting about all the Ghost Adventures shows since we first met two years ago, Zak.¨ She reminds me then she shoves me playfully and adds, ¨You should know by now.¨

¨I know. I just like to hear your opinions and feedback,¨ I say. 

Brandy laughs and lays her head on my shoulder. I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her closer to my body. 

¨Our wedding´s in two days,¨ she whispers. ¨I can´t wait to be a Mrs. Bagans!¨

¨I remember when we first met. It was love at first sight. I can´t wait until you´re a Mrs. Bagans, either.¨

Brandy lifts her head off my shoulder and looks at me worriedly. She says, ¨I´m just worried that all the travelling will stress you out and cause conflict in our marriage.¨

¨Babe, you don´t need to worry about that,¨ I whisper. ¨You know I would never let anything happen in our relationship.¨

She smiles and then cradles my face in her hand then pulls my mouth down on hers. I wrap my other arm around her body, pulling her even closer, and kiss her hungrily. She sighs happily against my lips. 

¨Alright you two lovebirds,¨ Aaron says in a playful stern voice, ¨we´re here at McDonald´s.¨

Brandy sighs and pulls away from me and pouts at Aaron and Nick. Seeing the pout on her face makes Nick chuckle and say, ¨You two are way too obssessed with each other.¨

¨Shut the hell up, Nick!¨ Brandy hisses as she unbuckles her seatbelt and opens the door ro get out of the car.

¨Or what?¨ Aaron taunts playfully.

¨Or else I´ll rip your throat out. Both of your throats.¨

I laugh and say jokingly, ¨That´s my girl. Always the one to protect me.¨

Brandy turns away from Aaron and Nick and growls playfully at me. Then she grabs my hand and laces her fingers through mine. 

¨Come on, guys! I´m starving!¨ She exclaims and we follow her into McDonald´s.

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