The Royals: A Celebrity Fanfiction


17. Nick Groff´s POV


Chapter 17

Nick Groff´s POV

¨Man, what the hell was that for?¨ I growl at Aaron.

It´s been two days since Zak and Brandy have left for the Dominican Republic and Aaron and myself are bored as fuck. Aaron had just slapped the back of my head trying to get my attention.

¨Sorry, man,¨ Aaron says. ¨I´m just so damn bored.¨

¨Then do something about it,¨ I tell him. ¨God, you´re so damn stupid sometimes.¨

Aaron winces at my mean words and I instantly want to take them back but something holds me back from saying sorry. Aaron sighs and sits down on the couch beside me.

¨Man, we haven´t gotten a single customer today,¨ he whines. ¨Well, other than this morning when we got Peggy the Doll.¨

¨Zak´s not going to like the fact that we have a doll in his museum,¨ I chuckle nervously glancing over at the doll across the room which has a sack over its head.

¨Well, he needs to get over it,¨ Aaron says glancing over at the doll himself. 

The owner who had brought Peggy in told us not to take the sack off its head. Aaron had almost taken the sack off the doll´s head earlier in the day before I warned him not to, afraid of what might happen if we did take the sack off.

¨Seriously, bro,¨ Aaron says. ¨Why would the doll have a sack over its damn head? It´s not like the doll can kill anyone.¨

I chuckle and glance over at my best friend. His gaze stays fixed on the doll and then he glances over at me when I don´t reply.

¨Nick,¨ he says, ¨answer the question, bro!¨

¨Well, we can look it up,¨ I say absentmindedly.

¨Good idea. But first we should call Zak and tell him we got something else for the first showing of Deadly Possessions.¨

¨I´m on it.¨

I take my cell phone out of the back pocket of my jeans and dial Zak´s phone number. I get his voice mail and I leave him a message telling him to call me back ASAP.

¨Alright,¨ I say rubbing my hands together, ¨let´s do some research on this creepy ass doll.¨

Aaron and I get up off the couch and walk down the hallway towards the control room. When Aaron and I get inside the controll room we sit down in front of the big computer screen and wait for the computer to warm up. 

While Aaron and I wait we play a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors for a little bit before the computer hums with energy. I click on the Internet icon with the mouse and type in the words Peggy the Doll. Instantly, the screen light up with pictures and information on Peggy the Doll.

¨What the hell?¨ Aaron breathes.

¨What?¨ I ask him. ¨What´s wrong, bro?¨

¨Man, this is fucking creepy as hell man. She doesn´t have a sack over her head in these pictures. Look! It also says to see these videos at your own risk,¨ Aaron exclaims pointing at the screen. He shudders as I drag the mouse over to the URL and click on it.

The screen loads and then it pops up onto a black screen. The first thing we see on the page is a warning in big red letters.

READ AND WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I shudder when I scroll down to see the face of Peggy the Doll and read some of the background on this haunted object. 

Aaron writes down the history of the doll in a notebook while I relay the information to him. There isn´t anything interesting about the history of Peggy until I get to the background.

¨It says here that Peggy the Doll was given as a birthday present to a girl,¨ I inform Aaron.

¨Just like Robert the Doll,¨ Aaron says quietly as he writes the info down.

I scroll down some more until I find a piece of very valuable information as to why the doll has a sack over her head. I widen my eyes for a moment before relaying the information back to Aaron.

¨The reason as to why the doll has a sack over her head is because if you look at her face then she will cause death or sickness,¨ I explain to Aaron quietly.

¨So, kinda like the Dibbuk Box,¨ Aaron confirms.

¨Yes,¨ I say slowly. ¨But the doll doesn´t have unfinished business like the spirit in the Dibbuk Box.¨

¨Right . I knew that.¨

At that moment, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, our equipment ech assisstants walk into the control room laughing at some stupid vlog on YouTube on Billy´s cell phone.

¨Hey, guys,¨ Billy says when he looks up from his cellphone. Jay looks up also and waves at us as Billy puts his phone away in his pocket.

¨Hey, Billy,¨ Aaron says. ¨Hey, Jay.¨

¨Hey, Aaron,¨ Jay says.

¨Have you guys gotten a chance to talk to Zak today?¨ I ask Billy and Jay without looking up from the computer screen.

¨No,¨ Billy replies. ¨Although he just texted us on our way here though.¨

I sigh and raise my hands above my head.The sound of my back cracking makes me sigh in relief and then I turn my chair around to face Billy and Jay.

¨Really?¨ I say, quirking a dark brow. ¨What´d he say?¨

¨He wants to Skype with you two sometime tonight.¨ Jay replies.

¨By the way,¨ Billy interrupts, ¨what´s with the sack over the doll´s head in the front room?¨

Aaron laughs nervously then says, ¨Trust me. You guys do not want to know. We just did some research on the doll and it´s creepy as fuck.¨

¨C´mon, man!¨ Billy exclaims. ¨Tell us.¨

¨Look it up yourselves if you want to know about Peggy,¨ I snap. ¨I´m not going to go through all this shitload of information again for you two.¨

Aaron laughs and hands Billy and Jay the notebook that he wrote them to read. Billy takes the notebook and reads what Aaron wrote down before hhanding it to Jay.

¨That´s quite the information you two have there,¨ he comments quirking a brow in amusement.

¨Not as much as the Dibbuk Box though unfortunately,¨ I tell him.

¨Man,¨ says Jay looking up from the notebook, ¨don´t even mention the Dibbuk Box in front of me. That thing creeped the hell outta me when I first saw it.¨

I laugh and then turn the computer screen off. Aaron gets up out of his chair and annonces that he is going to the restroom. I follow Billy and Jay out of the control room then we go out to the front room of the museum where Peggy the Doll waits for us with the sack over her head still.

Aaron comes out of the restroom a moment later and joins us in the front room.

¨It´s so quiet without Zak here,¨ Billy says.

Jay nods his head in agreement then goes back to watching something on his own phone.

¨Don´t you guys have anything better to do other than play on your damn phones all day?¨ I ask after looking around the room at my three best friends.

¨Nope,¨ Aaron replies absentmindedly.

¨I´m doing research on Robert the Doll if that helps,¨ Billy says notn helping the situation at all.

I glare at him and he shrinks back in pretend fear.

Jay and Aaron continue looking down at their phones before I rake my hands through my hair in frustration and then I get up to go back into the control room so I can do more research on Peggy.

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