The Royals: A Celebrity Fanfiction


21. Michael Clifford's POV

Chapter 21

Michael's POV


It has been two hours since Ellen's graduation rehearsal and Luke, Calum, and Ashton are getting restless. Luke has been pesterng both me and Ashton for the past half hour and it is starting to get on our nerves. 

Man, would you please stop?" I growl at Luke who is now poking the crap out of me.

"Michael, I'm so darn bored," Luke whines. "Can't we go somewhere else while Ellen is rehearsing?"

"I'm sure she's almost finished," I tell him. "Just be patient."

"For all we know, she could be already finished and she could just be ditching us," Calum grumbles.

He rakes a hand through his dark hair and sighs. He glances at his watch and sighs again.

"Don't you have your phone?" Ashton groans. "We could probably text her to see if she's finished yet."

I nod my head and then fish out my cell phone out of my jacket pocket. I glance down at the screen and see that I have gotten a missed call from Ellen two hours ago.

"She called me," I inform the others.

"For all we know she could have been kidnapped," Calum mutters thinking I can't hear him.

I glare at him and then turn back to my cell phone. After putting in the password to enter my phone I tap on the missed contacts button then turn up the volume so the guys can hear the message.

"Hey, guys," Ellen's voice comes out through the mic. "Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm almost finished rehearsing. I'll see you guys in three hours."

The message cuts off and I look up at the guys.

"See," I say. "No need to worry. She'll be done in an hour. So calm your brains down."

Ashton laughs at my joke then sits down on the wall next to me. I put my phone back inside my jacket pocket then lean my head back against the wall sighing. Luke and Calum pace back and forth on the sidewalk looking at their watches every few minutes until Ellen comes out of the gymnasium with a smile on her face. I get up to greet her but Calum beats me to it.

"What took you so long?" Calum demands. Ellen flinches at the tone of his voice and I come to her rescue.

"Calum," I say sternly, "it's not her fault that it took like three days to practice her graduation."

Luke laughs at my joke and says, "Nice one, Michael."

"Sorry, Ellen," Calum says sheepishly. "We were worried that you might have been kidnapped or something."

"You were," Ashton points out. "Not we were."

"I sent you guys a message," Ellen says scrunching her eyebrows in confusion. "Did you guys not get it?"

"We got it," I reassure her. "Calum's just on edge."

Ellen sighs and rolls her eyes playfully then she ruffles Calum's hair before she turns to me and gives me a hug and a quick kiss.

"Looks like all of you made up with each other," Ellen says. "I was worried that you guys were mad at me for taking Michael away from you guys when you guys go back to Australia.:

"Calum and Luke were mad," Ashton says. "Not me. I knew why he had to make the decision to stay here with you."

"Oh? What's that?" Ellen asks cocking a brow in curiosity.

"You need to save up money to ride an airplane to Australia."

Ellen nods her head then she asks us where we want to eat. We all decide to eat at a fast food restaurant nearby then we all get into the car to go get lunch.

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