The Royals: A Celebrity Fanfiction


16. Michael Clifford´s P.O.V.

Chapter 16

Michael´s POV

Calum avoids me the next day when I wake up. It makes me sad to think that our friendship in the past few hours has taken a downturn.

As Ellen and I get ready for her graduation that is tomorrow I think about how Luke and Ashton might be okay with me staying here in Ohio but Calum isn´t okay with me staying here with Ellen. Ellen senses my sadness as we are about to leave the apartment and she pulls me aside before we get inside the car.

¨You really don´t have to do this, Michael,¨ she tells me quietly. ¨I know for a fact that Calum is not okay with you staying here in Ohio with me. He´s been giving me looks all day and I think you should just go back to Australia with them.¨

¨Ellen,¨ I say, ¨I really don´t care what Calum says or does about all this. I´m staying here with you no matter what Calum tries to do or say to me. I would never leave you here alone.¨

Ellen sighs and looks over at the others who are sitting in the car. Calum has his face pressed up against the car window, glaring at the two of us. Ellen sighs and looks back at me.

¨Listen,¨ she says, ¨I want what´s best for you and me. If you want to stay here with me, that´s fine, but the boys´ need you. I´m not saying that we should breakup but all the boys seem to think that I´m pressuring you into staying here with me. I don´t want them to think that.¨

Calum still has his face pressed up against the window when I look back at the car. I sigh and say, ¨Can we just talk about this later? Calum´s really starting to get on my nerves.¨

Ellen sighs but she nods her head and as we get into the car Calum smirks at me through the window and I have to hold back the urge to punch him in the face.

The whole way to the University of Cincinnati is tense and stressful. I can feel Calum staring at me the whole way to the campus.

Luke and Aston try to avoid my gaze when we get to the college campus and we get out of the car. Calum continues to glare at me while Ellen practices her graduation with some other students.

Finally, after about twenty minutes of Calum glaring at me and Luke and Ashton avoiding me, I pull them outside so I can talk to them. 

¨Seriously, guys,¨ I say in frustration. ¨I get that you three are mad at me but this is my decision to stay here with Ellen. Calum, I get why you´re angry at me. Luke and Ashton, this is totally not like you two to be mad at me. You guys are so laid back and everything. Why are you guys doing this now?¨

Luke and Ashton shrug their shoulders and then I look to Calum for an answer. 

¨Calum told us you were leaving the band,¨ Luke says finally.


This time it is my turn to glare at Calum. Calum rolls his eyes and says, ¨No matter what you think, Michael, you´re still leaving the band. That´s why I´m angry with you.¨

¨Calum,¨ Ashton says, ¨Michael is not leaving us. He just needs to be with Ellen for a while until she can afford moving to Australia with us.¨

¨That´s what you think,¨ grumbles Calum.

¨Hey,¨ I say holding up my hands in defense, ¨that´s true. Ellen needs to save up money to fly to Australia with us. It costs a lot of money to fly soewhere on an airplane. For us, though, we have our own private jet to take us to and from places.¨

¨you could have just said that in the first place,¨ Calum says with a sigh. ¨You didn´t have to make it sound like you were leaving 5SOS.¨

¨That´s what I kept telling him,¨ Ashton says smacking Calum´s arm. ¨But the dummy wouldn´t listen to me.¨

¨Let me guess,¨ I say. ¨Calum wouldn´t shut up last night about me not going back to Australia.¨

¨Yep,¨ Ashton says. ¨Neither of them would listen to me actually.¨

I laugh and turn my gaze over to Luke and Calum. I stare at them for a moment before saying, ¨If there´s one thing you two should know about me, it´s that I´m very loyal to all my friends.¨

¨Yeah,¨ Calum says, ¨we know.¨

¨Are we good now?¨ I ask Luke and Calum.

¨Yeah,¨ Calum and Luke say in unison.

¨Can we go back inside now?¨ Ashton asks.

I chuckle and ruffle my friends´ hair before following inside the gymnasium to watch Ellen practice her graduation.

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