The Royals: A Celebrity Fanfiction


9. Michael Clifford's POV


Chapter 9

Michael Clifford´s POV

As we pull into the driveway to Ellen´s friends house in Las Vegas, Nevada I see that the wedding venue is across the street. People are setting up chairs and tables in the backyard for the afterparty and I recognize Zak Bagans in the crowd. Ellen and I were just at his house yesterday talking to him and Brandy about the wedding and talking about random things.

While Ellen runs off to go find Brandy and Kylie I talk to Luke, Calum, and Ashton until it is time to go down to the wedding venue and take our seats. Ellen is already down there where she sits next to a girl in a long red dress who she introduces to me as Kylie Fisher and a tall, lean man who´s name is Tom Hiddleston.

Kylie´s eyes widen when she sees me and my bandmates and I somehow know what she is about to say to us.

Ohmigosh!¨ she exclaims. ¨Are you guys really 5 Seconds of Summer?¨

¨Yes,¨ I reply. ¨In the flesh and blood.¨

¨And you´re actually dating my best friend, Ellen, right?¨

¨That´s right.¨

¨I never thought it was actually true but now that I see you with her, I can´t believe it!¨ Kylie stops speaking and blushes. ¨Sorry, I´m acting too teenagerish, aren´t I?¨

¨No, it´s fine,¨ I tell her, laughing. ¨We´re used to it by now. Anyone who is a friend of Ellen is not crazy in my eyes.¨

Kylie smiles and asks me to sign her arm. I smile back and take a pen out of my pocket and sign her arm. The rest of my bandmates sign her arm too before sitting down in their seats. Calum glares at me after he sits down and growls at me.

¨WHat´s wrong with you?¨ I ask him quietly.

¨I really did not want to do that, bro,¨ he whispers. 

¨Before I can answer, Luke leans over and and says, ¨Shut up, guys. The wedding´s starting.¨

 The music starts up and everyone quiets down and everyone turns in their seats to watch as the bride and groom´s family and friends walk down the aisle. Before the bride walks down the aisle I see two girls with flower headbands who walk down the aisle with a basket of flower petals in their hands. They are both the same height but one looks younger than the other.

¨That´s Brandy´s sisters,¨ Ellen whispers to me. ¨Olivia and Elena.¨

I nod my head letting her know that I heard what she said and then I watch as more people walk down the aisle. Finally, after what seems like an hour, I see a girl in a white dress stop at the archway before walking down the aisle. Everyone stands up as Brandy walks down the aisle towards Zak slowly.

We all sit down as soon as Brandy reaches the podium and steps up on to it taking Zak´s hand in hers.

The man standing in front of Zak and Brandy thanks everyone for being at the wedding then says whatever he has to say about the couple. After about a half an hour of listening to the man drone on about the couple, Brandy and Zak say their wedding vows to each other and then finally the man tells Zak that he can kiss the bride.

The crowd claps as they kiss and after Brandy and Zak walk down the aisle we file out of the venue to congratulate the newlyweds. Once again me and my bandmates are met by gasps of surprise when other people see us walking among them. Aston and Calum manage to keeps their cool when eager fans ask for their autographs while Luke and I happily oblige to eager fans questions and demands for autographs or pictures with us.

An hour later Ellen and my bandmates are finally at the front of the line to congratulate Brandy and Zak.

Brandy widens her eyes when she sees Ellen and they both give each other a huge hug.

¨It´s so nice to see you again, Brandy!¨ Ellen exclaims. ¨Everyone misses you back in Ohio.¨

¨I know,¨ Brandy says then her eyes land on me and she gives me a knowing smile. She says, ¨You must be Michael Clifford. Ellen´s told me a lot about you. I´m a huge fan of you guys.¨

¨It´s nice to meet you, too,¨ I say shaking her hand. ¨I´ve heard a lot about you too. Usually people just gasp or scream when they see us but you seem very calm around us.¨

Brandy laughs and says, ¨Oh, trust me. On the inside I´m freaking out. Luckily for you guys, though, thsi is my first time meeting a band I really like so don´t worry. I´m not the type who freaks out over everything I see. Except for when I´m around Zak Bagans, of course.¨

I look over at Zak who is by her side and smile at him. I introduce him to my bandmates before we have to let the last group of people congratulate them.

Ellen stays behind to chat with Brandy and Zak while me and my bandmates follow the few remaining people down to the afterparty across the street. Once we are in the backyard we find a table to sit at and then wait for Brandy and Zak to make their appearance. When they do we watch them cut the cake then we party the night away.

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