The Royals: A Celebrity Fanfiction


3. Michael Clifford's POV

Chapter 3


Michael Clifford´s POV

¨Alright, boys,¨ I say to my three best friends Luke, Ashton, and Calum, ¨Let´s get out there and do our best tonight. Let´s show them what 5SOS is all about!¨

Being the lead guitarist of 5 Seconds of Summer, I get to be the most punk rock person I can be. I´ve dyed my hair so many times that I can´t keep track of it. Right now my hair is a bleach white color. My girlfriend, Ellen Roush, stands beside me with her purple-colored hair as I pep talk my bandmates. We´ve been going for two years and ever since we´ve been madly in love with each other since we met on a blind date that Luke Hemmings set up for us.

¨Yeah, buddy!¨ exclaims Calum pumping his fist into the air. I´ve been wanting to be this famous since the day I was born!¨

¨Mate,¨ Ashton says quietly. ¨Calm the freak down.¨

¨Let him be himself, Ashton,¨ says Luke.

Ellen glances at me and rolls her eyes. She gives me a thumbs up as Calum, Luke, and I grab our guitars and head out on to the stage where  screaming girls await us. Ashton already has his drums set up on stage so we don´t have to worry about setting them up for him while onstage.

As the screaming gets louder each step we take my heart pounds faster as it always does when I get onstage to do a performance. Ever since our first album came out a year ago and the number of views of our most poular song, Amnesia, on YouTube has soared over eight thousand views we have been getting requests from fans all over the world. The requests have ranged from special appearances at birthday parties to new songs that we should make.

Once we get on to the stage and we start jamming out to our songs, the fans go wild and then the concert is over as soon as it started.

Backstage, Ellen is still waiting for me and my bandmates.

¨How were we onstage?¨ I ask her after giving her a quick kiss.

¨Freaking awesome!¨ Ellen exclaims.

¨As always mate,¨ says Ashton.

¨Ash, you´re not in Australia,¨ Ellen says. ¨You can stop saying mate.¨

¨Sorry, Ellen,¨ Ashton says sheepishly. ¨It´s a habit.¨

¨It´s okay, Ashton. So, where should we go for dinner?¨

¨You know your way around here better than we do, Ellen,¨ I say. ¨All four of us guys have only been here in Ohio twice and that was only for our tour for our first and second albums.¨

¨All right then,¨ Ellen says. ¨I´ll drive around town and you guys tell me what looks good.¨

¨Sounds like a plan, dudette,¨ Calum says.

As we all get into Ellen´s car I think about how lucky me and my bandmates are to have Ellen in our lives. Luke, Ashton, and Calum jam out to the music that is playing in the car while Ellen and I talk about what I could do to improve my guitar skills. After a while of driving around we finally decide to eat at a place called Applebee´s. The food is awesome and after we pay for the bill we go back to the four bedroom apartment that me and my bandmates have rented when we visit Ohio.

¨Do you have to go?¨ I ask Ellen quietly once we are alone on the front porch of the apartment.

¨Do you want me to go?¨ Ellen asks me quietly. ¨I don´t have to go. I can stay the night if you want me to.¨

¨Would you stay the night? I mean, I know you have college tomorrow but would you stay the night?¨

¨Of course, Michael. You know I would do anything for you.¨

¨Okay. As long as you´re sure. I´ll go tell the guys. Come on inside.¨

Ellen smiles and takes my hand in hers. Together, we walk into the apartment where Luke, Calum, and Ashton are horsing around on the leather sofa.

¨Guys,¨ I call out to them and immediately they stop what they are doing and look at me. ¨Ellen´s staying the night.¨

¨Wait, doesn´t she have school tomorrow, though?¨ Calum asks me then he adds, ¨I mean, I don´t have anything against her staying the night but we can be kinda loud when it comes to bedtime.¨

¨Calum, seriously,¨ says Ellen. ¨I have two rowdy brothers. I come from a family of seven. I honestly don´t care if you guys are loud.¨

¨Oh right. I forgot about that. Sorry, Ells.¨

¨It´s okay, Calum.¨

¨Okay, you three,¨ I say, ¨we´ll be in my room if any of you need me. I´ll have the door open so don´t try to do anything stupid while we¨re in there because I hear everything.¨

¨Okay, mate,¨ Ashton mutters.

Ellen and I exit the living room and walk down the hallway to my room. I open the door to my bedroom and let Ellen in first. She walks in and sits down on the king size bed that is big enough for three people to sleep and sit on.

¨You´d better get to sleep if you want to get up bright and early for college tomorrow,¨ I say sitting down next to her on the bed.

¨It´s only like six o´ clock at night, Michael,¨ she point out. ¨Besides, how do you expect me to fall asleep at this time of night?¨

¨Dunno. But what I do know is that I haven´t gotten to kiss you at all today.¨

¨That´s because we´ve been busy all day and with all the commotion at the airport we had to escape from all the paparazzi.¨

¨That´s true,¨ I say thoughtfully. ¨But now I´m safe with you in the confines of this four bedroom apartment. I think we have all the time in the world to kiss each other.¨

Ellen smiles and scoots her body closer to mine. I lean my head down and place my lips on hers gently. Then I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her onto my lap. Her lips taste like mangoes and peaches.

Later that night, when Ellen falls asleep beside me, I think about how much I want her to travel back to Australia with me when I have to go back next week and wish she was already out of college. Even though she graduates from college in a year I still want her to live with me and my bandmates in Australia. A little voice in my head keeps telling me that it´s probably for the best and that the day she decides to live with me in Australia will come soon.

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