𝗟𝘆𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗪𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗔𝗳𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗟𝗶𝗳𝗲

After finding out that he was somehow back in his body. Once lying on a hospital bed ready to see what the End is really like. He sees a vision of him & his family that no longer exist in reality. He is happy, and wishes to stay with them. It's not long until the Hospital manages to get lucky and a nurse saves his life. Brought back to reality, he feels happy for a short amount of time to be back alive. But things don't work out- as within just a few hours of being in a coma, his family has already put plans to move on. His wife also moving in with his stuck-up snitch brother. Already becoming obvious that he is trying to worm his way in to being part of the woman he always loved. She never loved him back, but things have changed within just hours of awakening.




If it’s okay with you, I think it’s time I tell you something: ‘off she jumped. Nobody looked at her that night’. She had said spoken these words; ‘I’ve never looked at someone like the way he looked at me that night’. You haven’t even opened your eyes to all this, have you? It’s not a problem as some of us don’t really like to open our eyes to the world around us. Some of us drive ourselves into walls, and I’m not talking about weapons. Those who choose to have a weapon are cowards of what they might witness. If I told you that sticking a knife in her back would have saved her from following you that night. Would you have let someone do that for you? You see, I almost did it for you.

You might be thinking on all the reasons for why she decided to express her emotions towards you on such foggy day. She had misty eyes that night, you wouldn’t remember that due to your confession that you made back at the house. Waking you up is the only I’ve been good at doing, but I don’t have that power this time round. It’s almost like you are blocking us out. Whether you let us in or choose to leave us waiting at your door. I can’t promise you that we will enter with our sincere condolences to your loss. But she’s better off out of the picture; as you don’t seem to understand that we would never be able to put a frame to her face.

Not even the police could have done anything to save her. They were occupied with your problems for five nights straight. You didn’t once pick up your phone when she was desperate to have you back. Her father didn’t even think of searching the old house you two once stayed in together. Hiding in the shelter was your biggest mistake that you have ever made in your entire life. You didn’t once think that she’d come snooping around looking for clues? She left her fucking perfume on purpose that night. Listen, forget about all the dirty things; cleanse your mind with the feeling of having to feel good.

Her clothes just thrown all over your mother’s room, and it’s not like you ever once considered tidying the place. If you had, you might have found her lost ring that her so-called ex got her for Christmas. Talk about stingy, he didn’t have the cash to make up for all the damage you had done to her. Bruises, aches, and the constant feeling of wanting you back. You didn’t even think about opening your mind to her; not once. But she always came back to you, and she did that out of love not spite. If I had been there, she’d have been five foot deep under the very ground you walk on. Good thing you made it easy for her. She willingly walked out in front of you that night. Her eyes really were misty, and her last words weren’t even words. Just the same scream you are so used to hearing after a night of abuse.

I’d KILL for Johnny to have stopped you that night. He didn’t have a clue what you were talking about on the phone the other day. Something about kidney stones? Come on, you didn’t visit that hospital looking for somewhere to have a procedure done for your own goodness. You did it because you thought Johnny had gone looking for your sister. Get over it, she’s long gone too. Her constant screaming as Johnny slid in between the cracks. I’m afraid that Johnny turned himself in just before you could even find out that she wasn’t at the hospital. Staging his confession was all planned before you stopped to think about your own life. We killed her, and buried her outside where the birds could continue squawking over her pathetic screams. Come on, Johnny doesn’t have that much of sized- STOP.

Oh, oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Sometimes things get under your skin. Johnny sure got under my skin, and even that time I questioned my sexuality. He had managed to get flesh on flesh contact. There’s me spilling out truths about me and Johnny back when we were fucked up. But he cheated on me, I thought I really was falling for men. But it wasn’t me, it was just him playing me.

Before you left my house; I watched you look at her as if she was your real dream girl. She never picked you out of me, you, and Johnny. Your sister didn’t have a choice to spend night after night grieving whilst Johnny got nice and comfortable with her acquaintance. Because a shoulder to cry on is all she ever needed. Big brother? Come on, you didn’t have a chance to stop big old John wrecking her insides. I’m not talking dirty here, I’m explaining how you were also oblivious to the drug habit she had become addicted to over your gambling obsessions! Okay, I’ve had enough of explaining this to you. Why don’t you just wake the fuck up? If I had a choice right now, I’d be stomping on your sick faced smug of a grin- and dragging you along the graveyard into the forest where my own daughter took her life!


“Ah, I’m sorry to hear that you lost her, man.” He looked down at his sporty shoes. “It’s a real sad day to lose someone. I mean, on your father’s birthday?”

You just looked down where he had been looking throughout your entire introduction. “Yeah, well… some things just happen for a reason.”

He laughed feeling quite nervous. Almost sick to look at you again; “It’s not- it’s not the end of the world. I get it, but you can’t just say things happen for a reason, bro.”

Looking him in the eyes, you really made it clear to him. “Get fucked.”

You wouldn’t remember this if I hadn’t told you. He was your adopted brother; the poor kid just wanted help you out. In a way I actually felt sorry for you when I watched your little chat from a distance. What a place to meet him, he didn’t even say a word to you after just telling him to- I won’t repeat it. You didn’t do him any favours by telling him to do that. Because he went ahead and got himself fucked, and it wasn’t even supposed to happen according to his story. He told me that you didn’t have the balls to take him to his hockey game.

So, being the perfect figure to stand up for him. I took a stand that night, drove him off to the game. You didn’t mention anything about trouble coming his way. Did you forget to tell him about the little chat we had before meeting him like we agreed to? He didn’t seem concerned about you, but my god, he blamed you. Blamed you for everything under the red fucking sun! It’s not a problem though; the kid didn’t know any better. He just thought you had told him to get lost. Hardly a misunderstanding if you ask me. To him? I’d say that he didn’t make it to the ball game.

Thanking you for some reason was the last thing I had heard come out of his little mouth. He asked me to tell you that he was thankful for having someone who actually got him something he had always wanted. Due to having a bad life, the poor kid couldn’t afford his dream shoes. I’d say that the treads you got him? Perfect laces, you got him good. You may have done good, but you didn’t really go back to thank him for a day out. I mean he cleared your head in a good way. He made you see sense that night- too bad you pushed him away. It’s almost as bad as when you pushed her away. But I for one won’t miss her. Yep, her and your sister? I’d say being in clouds is all they were ever good for.

Stupid kid didn’t have a name. Yeah, sorry, I forgot to mention that part. Just distracted that’s all, I can’t get her out of my head either. I know your pain, and it’s almost like she’s still here, you know? I convinced myself one night down the line that she would be the death of me. What can I say? I’m a man of my word. Yet the fool who was supposed to nail me in a coffin didn’t quite make it. I can’t really blame him for not coming to look for me, and I can’t blame you. That’s just crazy. Blaming you sounds right to me. I just can’t see you wielding a knife and sticking it in me as many times I know you’ve wanted to stick it in Johnny’s beating heart.

Here’s what I think you should do: Find yourself a new home, get yourself a new life, and get back into a phone booth to start following orders again. We’ve missed being contact with you, and talking to you like this isn’t doing anything. We need profits moving, expanding out to new horizons. You didn’t do your end of the deal, so we did it for you. Took care of one or two people that really don’t mean anything to us. To you, I’d say that she might mean the world to you. Filling your head with all this bullshit makes me tired. We agreed that lying to you would lead to the best outcome. It’s all about income for us, but we considered you for once in our miserable lives.

We know that you are thinking about them right now. You probably just want to keep those eyes shut forever. Think of that happy place? It’s okay, I understand. We don’t really do much on the imagination side of things. Hallucination is probably the closest thing we can get to on experiencing your kind of problems. But WE do know one thing that you feel; alone. Believe me right now that loneliness is the worst feeling to have living in a world of happiness. Our job is to place a mask around those worries, and allow the person feeling low to scream out their name through many individual pipes. Once collecting your anger, your rage; we let it sink in a little.

On a good day, we don’t miss out on anything. On a bad day we don’t get so lucky. All you need to know is that screaming down pipes is just part of us understanding you from a distance. We’d be crazy to step one foot closer to you fuck-ups. Yet somehow Larry knows how to approach you lot. Seems to know the ins, the outs, and anything outside of that according to his logs. We don’t do much here. We just try to find answers for those who seek them. Anyone can answer your questions, but we focus on an individual. Several at once, and now we are lost in a world of thousands. Millions of people coming to our services, our establishments to help conquer their problems.

All they really have to do is just wake up. Wake up to see that the world around them is not such a bad place after all. We are very confident that our patients will feel at ease within the first hour or so of opening those eyes. But if that third eye opens, we have no choice but to close it for you. Our procedures on doing this doesn’t really help us. In fact, it puts an endless strain on our own resources. So, we end up removing all their eyes to replace them with a better vision. If they don’t like the new vision; we share with them another one until they fucking do. By the end of it, you might say that we’re crazy. I’ll tell you that being crazy is all part of this job. Making them believe that life is fine brings in more satisfaction to those who live a crappy life outside our areas of work.

Wake up now. Just open your eyes and watch everything you once knew become nothing but a cloud itself.


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