Different Someone Ft. Team 10 & Cameron Dallas

A simple 19 year old Natalie Vee Garvees experience terrible nightmares for the following days of her life. Suddenly found someone to help her.
"Is that her cue?"
"She's different!"
"Don't leave me alone, please!"


1. C H A P T E R 1

I once had a bad dream, where I found myself missing in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere. People were crying that sobs would be heard around the location. The people beside me has a sharp edgy teeth left and right.

I felt thirsty that made me chocked my saliva for a minute and ran into one of the people whom was kneeling and begging for mercy.

This nightmare still hunts me back then. I don't know if this is a sign or clue for something I needed to know...


I groan as I sat up rubbing slowly my eyes. I stood up and went to the kitchen where I saw Michy, my older brothers girlfriend. I sat at the counter as I ran my fingers through my hair,"Good morning Natalie!" I look up to her,"Hows your sleep?" She ask as I sighed heavily.

"Are you into nightmares again?" She ask as I look away,"Okay?" She stated as she placed a plate with a sunny side up egg and 6-7 strips of bacon. I stabed the fork with force avoiding to create a sound. She sat beside me and started to eat,"Where's Bryan?" I ask,"Walmart," She says as I cringed,"Walmart? Why?" I asked once again,"Grocery!" She says as I nod, he never grabs groceries..."Wow?" I smirk as she laughed.

I'm in a mood of being serious. I don't have the gut to be funny after all the nightmares I have been experiencing for days, it sometimes depresses me. I feel lost and alone.

"I'm going to Jake's house. Wanna come?" I walked and grabbed my car key, "Nah! I'm helping Bryan out, then I still have my thesis writing about motorcycle safety stuffs." She says as I nodded, "Okay!" I said as I headed upstairs. I rushed to the bathroom and relaxed in a bubbly bath.

After the thoughtful bath, I wrapped my towel around me and went to my bedroom and pulled out a grey sweatpants and a cropped top. I dried my hair and curled my hair to define the wavy hair. I grabbed my sunglasses, phone, wallet and key from my desk. I ran downstairs, said goodbye and off to Jake's house.

I parked the car at the front gate and took off my glasses then locked the car door. "Aye! Natalie!" Jake says as he holds the blogging camera. "Hi, what's up Paulers?" I said through the cam and hugged Jake, we walked inside as Tessa and Alyssa ran and hugged me, "Miss u girls!" I said as they both laughed and pulled away.

"How you doing?" Tessa says with a big smile in her face, it's been 7 weeks since I last visited here. "I'm fine, still chillin' with Bryan, as always!" I laughed when I noticed the two twins, Dobre and Martinez. I ran to them and gave them a hug. "I miss you guys!" I said as they laughed, " Wir fräulein du auch!" Marcus says( We miss you too), " Ola, Martinez twins!" I said as Emilio and Ivan smiled.

"We're going to NBA, wanna come Nat?" Jake asks as I nodded, "Are the girls coming?" I ask as Alyssa replied, "No, we'll be fine! Spend time here in LA since you're leaving again next week." She smiles as I did to, "Bye! We'll be back!" I say as I put on my glasses as I close the door, "Which car are we using?" I ask as he leads the camera to his car, I nod in reply as I opened the front car door and sat.

With me, there is Tristan, Nick and Jake. I'm 19 while Bryan's 22. Sucks to be me. "Wait, I didn't even got tickets yet!" I raised my eyebrows, as Jake laugh, my face changed in confusion, "Jakes payin'!" Nick shouts as Jake laughs, "No way!" I glance at him slowly, "I'm paying for myself!" I smirk a Jake shakes his head, "No! I won't let any girl pay for themselves!" He instructs as I hiss, "I'm being a gentleman!" He says as we all laughed.

"Oh, really?" Nick says with his British accent, we laughed. "Seriously guys?" Jake laughs as I held his camera. "The life of a blogger..." I say as Jake laughs, "They always tape everything that's about to happen." I sigh as they all chuckle. Damn.

We stopped by the parking lot that took us almost 1 hour. The space was so full that we couldn't even find one in just 2 or less than a minute. I got out of the car and stretched, the every morning routine of mine. "That thing took us almost 1 hour!" Nick groans with his thick British accent, we all entered the court, NBA stars were starting to show up that made me hastily grab my phone and took it all.

Jake, got mixed emotions, he had a big smiles on his face as we all laughed. "He's so enjoying it!" Nick whispered as I chuckled, "Guys, this is so insane!!" Small murmurs of his were heard, I chuckled softly and focused on the game! Golden States vs. Los Angeles Clippers, here we go!

1 hour later

"Guys that was worth it. Even if I spend 20 thousand dollars for that!" Jake says through the camera. What a day.

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