Love Story

It is about a 15 year old girl who is confused about her life.
She moved to a new place and two boys like her, but she likes this boy named Anakin.
Her friend likes the same boy. Who will win him over?
Will her friend go crazy?


4. Two Weeks Later

Aria's POV- Tonight I decided I am going to tell Anakin I like him. I am telling him after we have our Leadership meeting.

Anakin's POV- So when I was about to leave the room from the leadership meeting Aria said she wants to talk to me, so I waited for her to put her stuff down then she pulled me aside. I think she might tell me something, maybe what she has been keeping in? What is it?

Aria's POV- "Hey Anakin, So I haven't told anyone about this, but Angie last week. I like you, I don't want things to be awkward between us. I know you don't like people hitting on you but, I have liked you since I got to meet you more. I just wanted to tell you before I move, if I do?"

Anakin's POV- "It is ok, it really is. I don't like random strangers hitting on me, but since I know you it is okay." After I hugged her, then small groups started, and we went our separate ways. I want to talk to Angie and Aria later, so hopefully they will talk to me.

Aria's POV- He just hugged me! I am so happy, after I thought for a while about him, it made me a lot happier, which made my night a whole lot better! When we split up into our groups, Angie and I were standing at the door way to go into the room, and Anakin said he wants to tell Angie and I something, but we told him later because our leaders were coming. We never talked to him later that night, I really want to know what he was going to tell us?


Hope you all liked this chapter! Luv y'all!

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