Love Story

It is about a 15 year old girl who is confused about her life.
She moved to a new place and two boys like her, but she likes this boy named Anakin.
Her friend likes the same boy. Who will win him over?
Will her friend go crazy?


9. Angie Goes Crazy

Angie- "Maybe I won't date one of them..." I turned around, grabbed Daniela and kissed her on the lips.

Daniela- "Woah, Angie. Hold up."

Angie- "Sorry, not sorry. Maybe I will date Daniela!"

Daniela- "What is going on?"

Anakin- "She found out Aria and I are dating, and now she is mad. I am sorry for that."

Daniela- "Okay, Congrats you two!"

Angie- I slapped Daniela's arm because of what she said, she is not making this any better.

Daniela- "Owww. What was that for?"

Angie- "What you said, now let's go, away from these two people."

Daniela- I walked over to Aria and whispered into her ear, "I will talk to you later, sorry."

Aria- I whispered back, "Okay, you don't have to be sorry, it is not your fault. Sorry for her hitting your arm. Text me later."

Daniela- "Will do, bye."

Anakin- Aria and I walked over to the entrance to the ice and we stepped onto it and we skated around for a little bit till it closed and then we left, and I when we got back to her house, my dad was waiting in the car in front of her house, I kissed and hugged her. She went inside, then I left and went home. We texted for a little bit, I got ready for bed and fell asleep.

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