The little things that count

A true story that really explains the quote "Its the little things that count"


1. Ariel

"I don't think you understand what this means Quin"

I understood everything. I signed the sheet of paper and immediately turned my head away from it.

"Your making a mistake. Please for once listen to me-"

"You've said enough !" I lowered my head and felt a tear crawl down my nose "Please can you just go."

He kissed the baby's head and gently placed her back in the cot. I slowly looked up. He looked at her in awe before storming out, eyes bloodshot. As soon as I heard the door close, my foot takes a step towards the cot. And another step. And another, until I was directly above her.


I hesitantly looked into the cot but her eyes were to gorgeous to resist. They were sea blue. Like one of a mermaid. "Ariel." She giggled. "Ariel it is." I smiled and placed my hand on her tiny head. She looked directly into my eyes and my heart melted."I'm sorry Ariel. I have to do this." I slowly walked back to the sheet and wrote 'Ariel Quinn' in the name section. I caught a last glimpse of her through the refection on the door while I walked out. As soon as the door closed, I heard crying. Almost immediately two ladies ran into the room. I placed my forehead on the wall and let all the tears flow out. What had I just done?





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