A girl named Alex Enderana. A group of friends. A life long journey to Darkness, Death, Love and..Hope.


3. The bus ride.

* I sit down in the back seat of the bus where nobody else sits*

"Hey" I hear someone say. *Looks up*

"H-hell" I said sighlently.  It was him...he, him...Andrew?

*Looks down at my feet* "Can I sit with you?" *Shrugs*

"Sure I guess?" *He sits down next to me with only less then a inch between us*

*I look sighlently down at my feel* *Neither of us talk* 

*A few min. past and i feel a warm hand on my thigh* *I look up to see him smirking at me*

"U-u-umm" *He cuts me off by putting a finger to my lips* "Shhh...calm down, its gonna be ok"

*Helpless to his warm touch I freeze as he slides his hand slowly up my thigh* *He rubs my thigh as he moves it up*

*He whispers softly in my ear* "your so sexy~" *He kisses my neck softly* 

*I try to speak..but im to frozen by his touch*

"You are mine...ok..I claim you" *He says has he slips his hand slowly into my jeans*

*He presses his lips softly to my lips as we pull into the school parking lot*

*He releases me from his mezmerizing hold and stands up* 

*He reaches for my hand*
*I look at him with sparkling dazed eyes*

"come on we are gonna be late angel"

*I grab his hand softy And stand without thinking*

*He intertwins his fingers with mine as we walk off the bus*

*I think ti myself* "W-w-what j-just happened?"


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