A girl named Alex Enderana. A group of friends. A life long journey to Darkness, Death, Love and..Hope.


2. New Friends and Old Foes

"Hey!" Somebody screams from behind me. Its Ryan(Irl Friend: Robert Wood). He's waving..but not to me. To his Girlfriend. Sasha Wright. The cheerleader, my ex friend, my enemy. Ryan. My old friend. Why did we grow apart. Why..Why did you have to kiss me when we were ten...why..

*Someone taps my shoulder before I could finish my thought*

Its Logan. (Irl Friend: Scott Neu) and on his arm is his girlfriend Rose Lee (Irl friend: Meg Patterson) 

"Hi" Logan say to me waving his hand in my face as if to clear me from a trance.

"Oh...oh Hi" I say suprised  *Alex snorts behind me*

We walk the rest to the bus stop in silence. 

"Yo" Someone says to Logan and Rose.

I turn to look at who it is. (Irl Friend: Matt) A guy dressed from head to toe in black come walking our way still waving. His eyes are like green emeralds, and his hair is firey red.  

"Azrael, Alex this is Andrew my cousin." Rose says to me and my brother.

Me and his eyes meet and i feel myself melt from the inside out. He reaches to shake my hand, I turn away real fast and walk away. 

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