A girl named Alex Enderana. A group of friends. A life long journey to Darkness, Death, Love and..Hope.


1. Just us two.

"Alex! (Irl Friend: Austin McKenzie) Wake The Fuck up! Your gonna be late!" I screamed to my twin from down the stairs

"Oh my fucking god Az! I'm Up!" He screams at me

I walk back into my room to get ready.

"What to where?" I think to myself. I go to my closet and tap my chin. Pink? No. Green tights? No.

Red knee high socks...eeeeh No. After about what seemed like forever. I finally decided on My purple and black dress, my purple ripped tights, my black converse, my purple gages, and...my black wrists bands.

"So what are you gonna do with your hair?" Alex says from behind me.

*Jumps* "Jeez Alex, Knock next time dude." * I glare at him* "Is that my Bvb shirt boy?"

*He laughs* I start to brush my hair    "Stupid Bangs!" I mummble

*Alex laughs again* "Get out Alex!" 

*Beep Beep Beep!* 

"Fuck we are gonna miss the fucking bus!" Alex Screams to me while running out the door.

*I grab my bag and head out the door almost slapping my hair in it*


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