I didn't know it could happen to me...

We are following a girl in her second High school year. She have always been alone in school, from the very low classes. But that's something she desidet herself. Men one day her biggest secret get found out by a boy.

What will she do?
Find out in the story.


1. The meeting.


Another normal boring day. It seems to be the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home, go to bed. Is life nothing more? Is life nothing more? Well yes, yes it is. I just haven’t found it yet. My name is Lisa, and i haven’t found the meaning for life yet.

I’m sure many from school already know what they want to do with life. But me? Nah. I’m still figuring it out. I see many groups of five, maybe more. Just hanging around, talking about all kind of stuff. Do i want that? No. I think it’s stupid. I don’t need friend to hold me back.

I don’t need anybody. The only one i need, is myself.


Teacher: “James! Are you listening?!”


James: “Yes Mis.”


Teacher: “Then what did i just say?”


James: “Umm.. Well ah-.”


Teacher: “Why don’t you ever listen?! Get your head out of the clouds and listen!”


Lisa: This is boring. Why do people have to be so noisy? Why can’t they just sit still and listen?

Is it their decision on life? No, i don’t think so. That would just be stupid.

I often look over at the guy just staring out the window. What is his deal? Is there someone or something out there? I can’t see, i’m not by the window. More like the longest away from it. Sometimes i wish i sat closer to it though. So i could space out into the distance just like him.

But what ever, if i did that i wouldn’t be able to listen in class. So it would just distract me.

The guys are up fighting again, why can’t they just relax and wait for class to end? I don’t understand them. I don’t understand anyone.

My mom died when i was little, and my dad left. So i’m living alone. I don’t know how to talk to people, yet another my classmates. My mom or dad never got to learn me that. So here i am. I don’t blame them. I’m not even mad that my dad left. I don’t really feel anything…




Teacher: “Class dismissed!”


Ashley: “Finally! God, if i had to wait just one more minute!”


Girl 1: “Yeah! I was dying in there!”


Those girls are so dramatic. Always too picky about things. Sigh. I just want to get out of here, so i can be alone.


Girl 2: “Oh, hey Ashley. Look Lisa’s coming this way.”


Ashley: “Heh. Com’on girls. Let’s have some fun.”


Sigh. Not these girls again. Just ignore them Lisa. Just ignore them.


Ashley: “Hey Lisa~ Where you going?~”


Just ignore them. Walk right past them, and don’t look at them.


Ashley: “Hey! I’m talking to you!”


Urgh! I can’t stand her. At least i could get through them. But i’m afraid that one day i can’t. Then again, i’ll just tell them “move”, or “get out of the way”.


Boy 1: “What’s with that lisa girl?”


Boy 2: “Yeah! She thinks she’s so cool or something?!”


Boy 1: “And she never talks either!”


Boy 2: “Have anyone even heard her voice?!”


“Hey what are you two talking about?”


Boy 1: “Hm? Oh, hey Nick. It’s just Lisa.”


Nick: “Lisa?”


Boy 2: “Yeah, the girl sitting right there. The smartest girl in the class.”


Boy 1: “If not in the school!”


Nick: “I’ve never really noticed her. How’s she like?”


Boy 2: “Don’t surprise me. And nobody knows how she is. Nobody ever talks to her. I don’t even think anybody know how her voice sounds.”


Boy 1: “I know something about her past though.”


Nick: “Would you mind telling me?”


Boy 1: “Hm? oh sure. It’s something with her mom died when she was a little girl. And her dad left not long after.”


Nick: “So who does she live with?”


Boy 2: “Nobody's man. She lives alone, in an apartment.”


Nick: “What about her friends?”


Boy 1: “I don’t think she have any friends.”


Nick: “Wow.. That’s really sad.”


Boy 1: Yeah i guess. But hey, it’s something she decided on her own.”


Nick: “What?”


Boy 2: “Yeah. People tried to talk to her, but she wouldn’t ever answer nor talk to them.”


Boy 1: “So now she’s always alone.”


Nick: “How sad..”




Lisa: Finely alone. God i can’t stand being around so many people at the same time.

The rooftop is my favorite place in the hole school. There’s almost nobody up here. So i have the h´whole place for myself.




Lisa: Urgh. Well aren’t that just wonderful. Just as i thought i could have some alone time. Let's see whom it is. 1, 2, 3, 4, girls and 2 guys. And thankfully none of them is Ashley. I can’t stand her. She thinks she’s the most wonderful girl in school, and that everybody love her. If I had to be alone with her a whole day, i would kill myself. I don’t really mind people. I just can’t stand Ashley. I’m glad that I’m never in all that girl drama. Sigh. I’ll just stay, they left anyway.

What should i do this time? Eat lunch, read my book or keep writing on my own? Hmm.. I’ll write on my own.

I think it’s gonna be really good. I’ve worked on it for about three months now. I hope it will be good enough for me to sell in bookstores. I don’t know if i want to be a writer though. I just like it. It’s not my passion or anything. I just love doing i. I don’t even know if my writing skills are good. Nobody can find out. I they did, they’ll be able to read me like an open book. Literally. I write all my thoughts down. Well. Mostly just in my head. I have  jounal at home, and if anyone got hold of it, my life would be over.




Better get back to class.


Teacher: “Alright students sit down! Today we will learn about-”


Lisa: Sigh. Mrs. Barkley. My most not favorite teacher. She’s always mad, and even get’s mad at me sometimes. And i don’t even say or do anything. The others are mostly quit in her classes too. Couss if they aren’t she flips out. So to say it more precise. She scares them. I just don’t really like her. She doesn’t scare me or anything. I’m just neutral. Just as always. I don’t smile, I don’t frown. I don’t laugh or cry. I don’t really do emotions. I just hold it in, without even realising it. That’s why i love to write. writing is the key to me and my thoughts. I wouldn’t dare begin to write in class, if one of my classmates saw it.

And this doesn’t surprise me. Looking up, i see the guy staring out of the window. What is it with him? I seriously don’t get him. I observate everything in class and around me. So i get most people. But that guy i just don’t get. What’s his deal?


Teacher: “Nicklaus, could you answer me please?”


Nick: “Sure. The answer is Paris.”


Teacher: “And why do you say Paris?”


Nick: “Because it’s ovies. People say it’s the city of love. If you truly love someone you’d take them there, the atmosphere, the sound, the feeling. Just all the emotions running through the air their. It is the obvious choice.”


Teacher: “Very good. You could all learn something from him.”


Lisa: Huh. I didn’t expect him to be so full of emotions. I don’t quite know which ones though. But that doesn’t surprise me. I’m not the best with emotions either..


Nick: Sigh. Paris. How i would love to go there. With my true love, that i will one day find. But when is the question. Girls have confessed to me, and asked me out. But I have rejected everyone of them. They just didn’t give me that feeling. I read it in every book, or story. The feeling you get when it the one. I have no idea how it is. But i have no doubt that i will find it one day!

Huh. Who’s she? She’s looking at me from the other end of the class. Is she observing me? Hmm. I wonder who she is. Boy 2: “Yeah, the girl sitting at the other end of class.”

Oh. I wonder if it’s her. Heh. She’s kinda pretty..


Lisa: Oh!I looked back at me. I have a feeling he’s still looking this way. Aaand he is. Again what is his deal? Is he observing me now? Heh. Weird. We’re just staring at eachother. Not obviously, just so we know. Hmm.. I wonder what he’s thinking.






Finely schools over. I don’t really  have anything against school. But i’ve just had enough of all these loud people. everyone is leaving the class. Even that Nicklaus guy. I think that was his name. I don’t really care. I don’t want to go home. There’s nothing waiting for me there. So i’ll just stay here. Maybe write a little on my book.

I like writing on it, so i’ll just write a little till i want to go home. As that time ever comes. But i have to at some point, or i’ll get kicked out the school. And then the teachers would probably think i’m weird.




Lisa: huh? What was that? It sounded quite serious. Should i go look, or just mind my own business? I feel kinda guilty for just staying and not investigating.. Oh what the heck. Don’t worry i’m coming.  


Nick: Can’t believe i forgot my bag at school. And i was just gotten home! huh? A computer? And it’s open. Looks like a story of some kind. Wonder who it belongs to.

Woaw. It’s actually really good. There so many feelings, and emotions in it. I have never read anything like it. Whose computer is this?!


Lisa: “And then it wasn’t even anything! Sigh. Better get my thing and-”


Nick: Is she the owner?


Lisa: What in the world is he doing with my computer?!


Nick: “Excuse me but is this your’s?”


Lisa: “That is non of your business! Get your hands of my things!”


Nick: “I’m sorry. I just saw it there open on the story. I couldn’t help myself but read a little.”


Lisa: “You read it?!”


Nick: “Yes. And I must say, I’ve never read anything like it. It’s amazing.!”


Lisa: I can’t belive that guy read my story. And of course when i leave it for the first time, a person reads it! I just CAN’T believe this! Is this rage? Or fear? I don’t know! I don’t know what i’mm feeling! I just know i’m un easy!


Nick: “Are you alright? You’re shacking a little.”


Lisa: “Huh?!- I-I have to go!”


Nick: “No hey, wait! I didn’t even get your name..”


Nick: Now that was something. What was with her? I’ve never seen her before.. Oh! Maybe THAT’S Lisa! Isn’t it the girl who were staring at me in class? And the guys said they never heard her voice, didn’t they? It sounded like an engels. B-bang, B-bang. What’s this? My heart is pounding. What going on, i haven’t been running. But it feels like i can’t breathe. It this.. The feeling? Was that girl my true love? I wonder…



Lisa: I can’t believe that just happened! The guy that i just don’t get read my story! What is he gonna do tomorrow?! Is he gonna tell everyone in the class? In school?! What will he do?! I don’t know! Usually i know, but i don’t get that guy! What do i do?! I don’t have anyone to talk to, or ask for advice. Do i ask the internet? But how will that help?! My life is over. It’s over and i didn’t even find the meaning to it.. What do i do?.. I have to go to school tomorrow. I can’t stay home. Mom.. Help me… please.

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