I Shouldn't......Should I?

"Why are you doing this?",I say as he advances towards me.
"Because........I want to.",he says and smirks at me.He catches my arms and pulls me closer to him.

Our lips are a mere distance from touching .He pushes me onto his bed and looks at me seductively.

"We could get into trouble,you know?", I say as he climbs over me.........

Warning:- This book contains high sexual content .Please,read at your own risk.
Hope you make it through this book alive.



Eleanor's Point of View

"Liam,listen to me.",I said as I ran after him but he didn't stop.He dashed into Niall's room and flung the 2 phones onto the bed.

"Hey Liam,do you want something?",he asked.

I dashed into the room right after Liam.

"What is going on between the two of you?",Liam roared.

"I don't understand.What are you talking about?",Niall asked as cool as ice.

Liam grabbed my phone from the bed."Unlock it.",he told me.

"But Liam..."

"I said UNLOCK IT!!!",he yelled.

I was so paralysed with fear that my feet were shaking.I carefully took the phone from his hand and I unlocked it.

"This!",he said and snatched it from my hand showing Niall the texts.

"How dare you cheat on my best friend?",yelled Liam and starting pulling Niall by the collar.He started punching Niall on the face too.

"Liam stop!!!",I yelled and tried to separate the boys.He pushed me away.

"Go back to your room and I'll deal with you as soon as I finish with him.",said Liam.

Oh My God.A tear in his eye.Liam is crying.This has hurt him like the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II!Eleanor,this isn't the time to talk about world history.

Niall was being beaten up badly.
"Liam,stop!!What is wrong with you??",I screamed and pulled him away.

"I love you Eleanor.That's what the truth is!",Liam said.My senses were blown away by what he said.

"You love me????",I said with a shocked expression."You can't cheat Cheryl,Liam.Have some sense.She loves you so much."

"I haven't told her anything yet.I was going to tell you yesterday but you said you were tired.I've wanted to tell you since you step foot upon this continent but things just kept stopping me.And then this asshole spoilt everything.",he said and resumed smashing Niall.

"STOP!!!!!",I screamed at the top of my voice and threw Liam away from Niall."Don't touch my boyfriend."

I took him by his hand,took his phone and mine and walked out of the room and down the stairs.

"Eleanor,stop!Where are you going?",Liam said as he ran after us.
I grabbed Niall's car keys and was out the door.

"Don't Eleanor,you're making a big mistake.Please don't.",cried Liam as I drove off with Niall in his car.

"Niall,baby I'm so sorry for what happened back there.I'm really sorry.",I said trying to control my tears as I drove away in the bright daylight.

"It's okay.I'm fine.",he said and held my hand on the steering wheel.

I smiled at him and continued to drive.Liam suddenly called on my phone and I looked at it.

"Please turn off my phone.",I told him and handed it to him.Before he could do anything,the phone turned off.

"Oops,out of charge.",he said.
"That's great!"

Liam's Point of View

She's gone.She left without a word.My dreams are thrashed.I've been crying since she left.I called her but her phone is turned off.I can't even track her phone when it's turned off.Love you Eleanor and please come back soon.I can't live without you.Stay safe...

Eleanor's Point of View

Away from Liam!I drove into Niall's driveway and parked the car.We entered and Niall collapsed on the couch.

He straightened out and put his legs on the glass coffee table in front of him.I sat upon a barstool with my head in my hands.Pondering about something.

Few minutes later,I made up my mind and walked over to Niall."I want you to fuck me.",I said and sat down on his lap.

"What?But you sai....."

"I want to be marked by you.You're only mine and I'm only yours.Lay your hands on me,Niall."

Niall's Point of View

Wow!She's finally ready to have sex.Eleanor,welcome to Niall's dark cave.Once you enter,there ain't no exit....

Eleanor's Point of View

Niall carried me in his arms and I wrapped by legs around his waist."We will use protection.",I said as I took off his shirt and threw it on the stairs.

"Don't worry.I have it all planned out.",he said and began to kiss me.

"Wow!You really are well prepared,baby."

He kicked opened the door to his room and threw me upon the bed.

"Do you really want to do this?",he asked,one final time.
I nodded.

He looked at me seductively as he took off my t-shirt.He took off his pant and then my bra.

He held me down on the bed and then he climbed over me.I slowly feel him inside me as he climbs over me.

He slowly began to thrust.

He held him by his back and then he began to pick up speed.

I was breaking out in sweat and I could feel Niall too as beads of sweat were forming on his back.I held him close to me.I ruffled his blonde hair and he groaned while I kissed him aggressively.

Niall's Point of View

I can hardly believe what's going on right now.Eleanor,did succumb to my game.
She asked me to thrust faster and so I'm doing as she says.

Eleanor's Point of View

I'm so enjoying the moment.I feel something build up in my inner thighs.He is slowing down and finally he  ejaculated inside me.

He came and laid beside me. "Niall,that was astounding!!!",I said and gave him a kiss.

He was panting,poor guy!I held him from the waist and kissed his forehead.

"I'm yours forever.",I said and fell asleep.The rest is a massive blur...

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