I Shouldn't......Should I?

"Why are you doing this?",I say as he advances towards me.
"Because........I want to.",he says and smirks at me.He catches my arms and pulls me closer to him.

Our lips are a mere distance from touching .He pushes me onto his bed and looks at me seductively.

"We could get into trouble,you know?", I say as he climbs over me.........

Warning:- This book contains high sexual content .Please,read at your own risk.
Hope you make it through this book alive.



Louis' Point of View

Oh god!What may have happened to Eleanor?Why was she crying?Niall,I swear I will kill you if you've done anything to my girl.

I drove as fast as I could and rushed to Niall's house.I banged on the door as soon as I reached there.

"Hi Louis,do you want something?",he asked opening the door.

"Where is Eleanor?",I huffed angrily.

"Eleanor?She's at Liam's house."

"Don't lie to me.I know she's here.",I barked and pushed him aside.

"Eleanor,Eleanor??Where are you?Give me a sign.",I shouted and expected an answer.

Eleanor's Point of View

It's been 15 minutes since I called Louis.Where is he?He better come fast and save me.

I was just pondering upon that when I heard his voice.
"Louis?",I said softly."Oh!!!It's Louis."

I began to pound on the room door.

"Louis!!!!Louis!!!!I'm in here.I'm in here!!!Help me."

I heard running footsteps towards the door.Soon,it was yanked open.

Louis' Point of View

Oh my God!!!Eleanor,what a shabby state!What happened?

Why are her clothes torn?I couldn't control the tears in my eyes.

"What happened to you?",I said and held her cheeks."You change into some clothes while I'm waiting out.Do you have any clothes?"

"I do.",she said.

I let her change and within 5 minutes we were descending the steps.

"Where you going?",Niall asked.

"None of your business.",I said and pulled Eleanor behind me.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes.He was just blankly staring at us.

Eleanor sat beside me.None of us said anything during the entire journey.

She looked at me.I was crying.I don't know why.Because she hates or what Niall did to her;I don't have the reason.

Once we were home,I threw myself upon the couch.

Eleanor's Point of View

Louis still seems really hurt.I need to talk to him.

"Louis.....",I said but didn't receive any reply.

"Can you please tell me what happened back there?",I said turning towards me with puffy eyes.

"Liam came to know everything and he bashed up Niall.I took him and went to his house and.....",I stopped abruptly.

"Go on,tell me.",he said with a slightly comforting voice.

"You're going to hate me after what I'm going to say."

"I wouldn't dare to.",he said and put his hand on my shoulder.

"I......lost my .....my virginity.I told Niall to have sex with me.And then when I met him that night,the phone rang and he spoke very affectionately.When I confronted him,he said it was his girlfriend,Céline Helene Vandycke.I said that I'd spread the news of what he did to me but he .......raped me that night.And then today morning too.",I said and turned my head away.

Louis was spellbound.He sat with his mouth open.Tears began to generate in his eyes.

"Louis,please don't cry.",I said and patted his leg.

"He raped you?!He raped you?!"
He was quite disturbed by the statement.

"According to his treaty or whatever,his principles.",I told him.

"I didn't get what you're saying .What principles or treaty?",he asked.

I told him how Niall uses innocent girls for his own pleasure and then let's them go.

Louis was just staring at my face."You never knew about Céline?",he asked.

"Never,not even a slight clue."

"Niall found Céline just a week before you came.Here are the pics.",he sad and opened Niall's Twitter.

There were pics of them all over the internet.I began to cry profusely after seeing the pictures.It's still hard to believe he cheated me.

"Here,here.I'm there for you.",said Louis and held me in his arms.

"Louis,I'm so sorry to have spoken so rudely to you in London and on the jet.I know I should've listened to you but I don't know why I wasn't ready to believe that.I'm so sorry for hurting your feelings.It was killing me just looking at you,the way I treated you.",I said and continued to cry.

"Hey,hey.It's okay.My feeling don't matter.All I care about is you.",he said and held me tighter.It felt so comfy in times like this.

"No,they do Louis.You're my best friend.I can't think I treated you so bad and that I trusted Niall.",I said and stood up from the couch.

There was a bowl of fruits kept on the side table.There was a knife in one of the apples.I grabbed the knife.

"Eleanor,what are you doing?Put that down.",yelled Louis with fear as soon as he noticed me grab that knife.

He tried to come closer towards me but I waved the knife in the air.

"Louis,please don't come close.I don't want to hurt you.My boyfriend left me and so there's no compulsion that I need to live further.I'm going Louis.I love you and thank you for everything.Bye Freddie.",I said and stopped.

"Eleanor,please don't do that.I'm here for you.Don't go.",he said.

"I know you have always been there for me.Thank you.Love you.",I said and slashed my left wrist with the knife.

Blood began to gather around the floor and I collapsed.

"ELEANOR!!!!!!",screamed Louis and then I...........

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