I Shouldn't......Should I?

"Why are you doing this?",I say as he advances towards me.
"Because........I want to.",he says and smirks at me.He catches my arms and pulls me closer to him.

Our lips are a mere distance from touching .He pushes me onto his bed and looks at me seductively.

"We could get into trouble,you know?", I say as he climbs over me.........

Warning:- This book contains high sexual content .Please,read at your own risk.
Hope you make it through this book alive.



Louis' Point of View

Blood began to flow from the wound and accumulate on the floor.Eleanor lost her balance and she too fell upon the floor.

"Eleanor!!!!What did you do??",I cried as I ran to save her.Without a moments delay,I rushed her to the hospital.


"We need medical attention here,please.",I yelled as the nurse went to call the doctor.

She was admitted to a room and the doctor was called.

Within minutes,the doctor arrived."Hi Louis,I'm Doctor Kalargian."She was a woman of 60 or more."I'm the senior most doctor in this hospital and the most experienced also.Eleanor is going to be under under my supervision."

Before I could ask anything,she went into the room.I glared at the clock in the hallway.It read 1:02pm.

Freddie began to get a bit cranky because I mistakenly skipped his lunch.How could I do that!I stuck a pacifier in his mouth to calm him down.

I just couldn't sit still.I kept pacing up and down the hallway with Freddie is my arms.I held him close to me and kept thinking of all the memories the three of us had shared.

After quite some time,Dr Kalargian stepped out."Doctor,how is she?",I asked.

'Good news Louis!She's pregnant!'That's not possible!!!This cannot be happening.....

"Louis.....Louis?",said Dr Kalargian and I felt her tap my shoulder.

"I'm sorry doctor,I was imagining something.Please continue."

"Louis,Eleanor is going to be absolutely fine.The wound isn't that deep as the force that was applied wasn't that enough to get to the veins.I've bandaged the area and I'm going to keep her under observation,for a few hours.I will grant her the discharge this evening."

"Doctor,is she going to be absolutely fine?"

"Just like she was before.Um,but she must avoid alcohol for a few days .Other than that,she can do everything.Like I said,it's a small wound."

"Thank you so very much,Dr Kalargian.Could I meet her now?"

"Yes,sure.I'll be back in an hour to examine Eleanor.Bye!",she waved out to me and smiled at Freddie.

I entered and found Eleanor looking at me."Louis,I want to......"

"Not another word from you.",I said as I sat down with Freddie in the wooden chair beside the bed.

She continues to look at me.

Eleanor's Point of View

Louis please talk to me.You can't leave me.Please look at me.Look at me.

I continued to stare at him.

"You know.",he suddenly said,making my senses attentive,"I thought I lost you when you slashed  your wrist.You have no idea what horrendous thoughts came to my mind."

He was holding Freddie by one hand and the other was upon his knee.He was crying too.

I reached for his hand and held it tight.He looked at me."I'm sorry Louis,I wasn't thinking straight.Please don't leave me here.",I said and kissed his hand.

"Hey,hey.Don't worry about me.I'm here for you,no matter what happens.I'm going to stick around for you."

"Please forgive me again.",I said and continued to stroke his hand.I didn't want to leave that hand.We spoke for sometime and then Dr Kalargian entered an hour later.

"Eleanor dear,you are free to go home.I'm going to examine a few things and then you can change.",she said.

She checked my pulse and if I had pain in other parts of the hand.She also checked if I had a fever.

"There you go!All done.Now,you can change and head home with Louis.",she said.

Louis went after her to pay the bill.I insisted that I'll pay but he didn't listen and went on with his decision.

Freddie sat on my lap as Louis was driving home.
"Do you want to go to Liam's?",he asked.

"No,I want to live with you.",I said and he smiled at me.

Once we were back,Louis wanted to clean the dried up blood upon the floor but I did it myself.I don't want him doing everything.

He soon went to make dinner.He made a delicious looking pasta.

Freddie sat upon the dining table as he drank his milk,and we dined.

"So,Freddie will be going home in a few days.",I said as I was eating.

"I want to tell you something.Freddie is now mine.Briana doesn't want to take care of him.So she has handed him over to me.",said Louis,looking at the food.

"Oh that's great,I mean bad....I mean.",I flustered.

He looked at me and laughed."I know what you mean.It's good that now I have him but bad that he doesn't have a mother."

"I guess we all do stupid things.Look at what I did...",I said and cursed myself out loud.

He put his hand on mine and said,"Don't curse yourself.We all make stupid mistakes.I thought Briana was really nice when I hooked up with her but turns out,she isn't."


After dinner,we gathered in the living room.

"I'm going to sleep.I'm really tired.",I said.

"You will have to sleep with me today.And if you need anything,anything at all in the middle of the night don't hesitate to wake me up.",he said and gave me a hug.

I hugged him back but I stared into his eyes.He stared into mine.

Carefully his hands went to my waist and he carefully pulled me closer to him.

He came closer and gently kissed me on my lips.What a kiss!I've never been kissed like that.It was amazing.

"I.....I lo...um I love you Eleanor.",he said carefully with twinkling eyes.

"I think I'm falling for you too.",I laughed and said,pulling him into another kiss.

"Good night,Louis."

"Good night,Eleanor."

I took Freddie with me upstairs.I turned around and looked at Louis while I climbed the stairs.He smiled back at me.

I blushed.

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