I Shouldn't......Should I?

"Why are you doing this?",I say as he advances towards me.
"Because........I want to.",he says and smirks at me.He catches my arms and pulls me closer to him.

Our lips are a mere distance from touching .He pushes me onto his bed and looks at me seductively.

"We could get into trouble,you know?", I say as he climbs over me.........

Warning:- This book contains high sexual content .Please,read at your own risk.
Hope you make it through this book alive.



Eleanor's Point of View

"That's exactly what I said not to do.",I yelled after I came to the surface.Louis laughed and gave me his hand.

"Here,I'll help you out.",he said.I took his hand but pulled him into the pool.

"Eleanor,I was helping you out.You didn't have to pull me in.",he said and began to splash water on me.It had been a hot day and this was just the perfect relaxation.

I began to swim away from him but Louis caught up and caught hold of my t-shirt.

"What are you doing?" I tried to tug away from him but he began to pull me closer,as if reeling in a fish.

He walked towards me.The water was covering our chests.I put my hands on his shoulders and carefully gave him a tight hug.

"Ugh,why are you hugging me so tight?",he asked,gasping for air.

"I don't want anything to come between us,not even this water.You're mine,Louis."  I kissed him aggressively.

Louis' Point of View

Louis,she's clearly in love with you.It's time to make your move.Say it now.

Should I say it now?I think I should.Eleanor is holding me by my waist and pulling me closer.She's staring into my eyes.She is happy.
C'mon Louis,say it now.Don't wait.

"Eleanor,I need to ask you something."

"Tell me,babe.",she said.I was deep in my thoughts,I hadn't realised that she had taken off our t-shirts.

"Firstly,why are our t-shirts off?"

"Is that what you wanted to ask me?I took them off because I wanted to hold and cuddle with you."

"Oh,I see.",I replied,unprepared.

It feels so nice as her hands are around my bare waist.I put mine around her's too.LOUIS,ASK NOW.

"The thing is",I began and she looked up at me.Her head was against my chest.

"Why is your heartbeat so rapid?",she interrupted.

"I'm so nervous.",I said,not meeting her in the eye.

"Tell me,what is it that you want,desire?",she said,holding me tightly.

"Would you like to be the mother of my child and my wife?",I said.

I looked at her.She stood there motionless,as if what I said was incomprehensible.

"Louis,I want to.Yes,I'd love to get married to you.",she said,jumping in the pool.

I hugged her so tight.Well done Louis!!!She agreed!!

We were making out when I heard Freddie cry.

"Oh my God!Freddie.",said Eleanor.She grabbed her t-shirt and ran to look at Freddie.I ran after her.

What if he fell off the chair?

Turns out,Freddie dropped his toy on the floor and he didn't have a way to get it back.Hence,he was bawling.

Eleanor went to change in the bathroom.

"Son,way to go and spoil daddy's make out session with his fiancée.",I laughed and said as I changed my clothes.

Freddie's Point of View

Ba ba bo ba bo ba bo

What is daddy talking about?Where is that pretty woman?I love her so much.She takes care of me so well.Not like mommy.

Daddy,I want my toy.....


Eleanor's Point of View

The next morning,I woke up early.I needed to express my feelings.Louis and Freddie were still sleeping.

I went downstairs and began to make a cup of coffee.

"Louis wants to marry me!Oh my Gosh!I can't believe it.Eleanor,you're one lucky bitch.


At the breakfast table,I told Louis that I want to meet Liam now.
"Okay,we'll go.",he said.

Later that morning,we went to meet Liam.

I had some bad vibes about something but I couldn't figure out what.I knocked at the door and Liam appeared in some seconds.

"Eleanor!!!I missed you.",he yelled and pulled me into a bear crushing hug."Where were you?I called you so many times but you didn't pick up."

I didn't leave Louis' hand and walked in with him."I broke up with Niall.",I said and Liam seemed to be very happy.

"I wanted to tell you that he already has a girlfriend but you didn't give me a chance.",he said.

I smiled and said,"I'm with Louis now.I love him very much and we are getting married soon."

"I'm so happy for you."

"I'm packing my stuff and moving in with him.",I said and went to my bedroom.

I was packing when Liam entered.

"Do you really love Louis?",he asked.I nodded.

"But I love you too.What about that?You can't ditch me,Eleanor.I love you very much."

"Liam,you can't do this.You can't leave Cheryl.I will be happy with Louis."

He suddenly caught hold of me and started squeezing my shoulders."What did you find in Louis that you didn't in me?You can get any guy,why settle with him?"

"First of all,you don't need to butt into my love life .I had Niall,you almost killed him.Now,I'm with Louis so will you kill him and make him vanish of the face of the earth?"

"Please leave that asshole and come for you.",he said,very curtly.

"Mind your language.He's my boyfriend.And you're my best friend but I don't think anymore.You need to be happy to see your best friend finding her love but instead you're just driving people away.I'm not going to leave Louis.He's mine."

"He's got a frickin' child."

"Liam!",I shout."Shut up.That child is mine now.I'm marring Louis and Freddie is my son.Don't you dare say anything about my fiancé or my child."

"I'm booking you on the first flight back home to London."

"I'll see how you make me get on that plane.I'm also going to cancel my scheduled ticket which is for tomorrow afternoon.I'm not going home.I'm leaving you behind.",I said and zipped my bag.

I put it upon the floor and got the shock of my life!Louis was at the door of the room listening to everything.

"Oh My God!Louis.",I said but he ran away.I saw him crying.Now what.......?

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