I Shouldn't......Should I?

"Why are you doing this?",I say as he advances towards me.
"Because........I want to.",he says and smirks at me.He catches my arms and pulls me closer to him.

Our lips are a mere distance from touching .He pushes me onto his bed and looks at me seductively.

"We could get into trouble,you know?", I say as he climbs over me.........

Warning:- This book contains high sexual content .Please,read at your own risk.
Hope you make it through this book alive.



Liam's Point of View

Oh dear lord!It's morning.I couldn't sleep well.Today,is the Brits and I can't stop thinking what Eleanor is going to wear.

My heart was beating to the speed to sound when I sat beside her in the car yesterday.When I see her in whatever she's gonna be wearing,I'll end up in the emergency room.

She did warn me that the dress or so, is magnificent!God help me.

Louis' Point of View

Eleanor,Eleanor,Eleanor.That's the only name in my head.I still have to talk to her.By the way,what's she wearing tonight?

Niall's Point of View

Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!Eleanor slept naked and I wasn't beside her.Why's this happening to us??

I can't wait now.I'm loosing my senses with her.I should be playing a game on her but why is it the opposite now?
I really wonder what's she wearing tonight.

Eleanor's Point of View

"Honey!Wake up.",I heard mom call from the stairs.

"Yay!It's the Brits!I'm going to wear that sexy ass dress and tease Niall.Ha ha.",I told myself.

I took my phone from the bedside table.
"Oops!Needs to charge and why are they so many messages from Niall?"

I connected the phone to the charger and opened 'Messages'.

'Are you gonna sleep naked?'-at 22:56
'Tell me,I'm waiting.'-at 23:01
'Eleanor,now you're pissing me off.I'm really aroused and I can't sleep.Tell me quickly.'-at 23:46
'Could you send me some of your naked pics?'-at 0:02
'Eleanor babe,fucking reply.'-at 0:10
'Now,nobody can save you when I meet you tomorrow.'-at 0:30
'This isn't a joke,I'm fucking serious.Don't mess with me.😡😡'-at 2:17.

"Niall,you're so cute and funny!",I laughed after reading all those messages.

I was just going to proceed to breakfast when my phone beeped.

Message again?But this time it was Liam.
'How will you reach the venue?'

'I have my mode of transportation!😉',I sent him.


I went to the salon and got my hair done.
We are supposed to be at the venue latest by 19:30.The Ceremony is expected to begin at 20h.

I began to dress.Finally,I slipped into that majestic dress.

I don't want to be the star of the show but it's formal so I hope I'm not exaggerating with this dress.

"Oh My God!Who's this princess descending the stairs?",joked mom.
"Cinderella,don't forget to leave behind a shoe to find your prince!"

"Oh come on,momma.I'm really nervous .I've never been to this sort of a party.I have cold feet.",I said,fiddling with my fingers.

"Don't worry.You have the boys.They'll help you.Now go.You don't want to late for it.",said mom and gave me a hug.

I took the Audi and drove away at top speed.

The lights and music could be heard from a long way .I stopped the car on the side of the road and called Liam.

"Liam,where are you?"

"We are waiting for you outside.Are you crying?",he asked.

"Liam,I'm really scared.I'm breaking out in sweat and I think my makeup is spoilt.My eyes are watering or whether I'm crying;I have no idea.I'm really freaking out."

"Eleanor,please calm down.Breathe.And just come here.We will guard you.Please."

"Alright.I'm coming.",I said and started the car.

I was there in 2 minutes.There were announcements being made of who comes and when I stepped out of the car I heard the voice,"And here we have the fresh model Eleanor Calder."

Quite a few pair of eyes turned towards me.
I just waved my hand and smiled as I passed the camera and went towards One Direction.

Liam's Point of View

Holy Mother of God!She's stunning.Emergency room,where are you?

Louis' Point of View

Oh dear!Butterflies in my stomach.....

Niall's Point of View

Fuck!Niall contain yourself.One wrong move and your career will fall to the ground.

Eleanor's Point of View

People are looking at me because of this dress.We all enter together but then Freddie started throwing tantrums.

"Here,I'll handle him.",I said and took him from Louis' arms.

"You look great,Eleanor.",Cheryl whispered.
"You too.I love the colour of your dress."

When walking in,I bumped into someone.
"I'm so sorry."I said and looked up.
A really hot guy with long hair with green eyes stood in front of me.

"Harry?I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going."

"Hey beautiful,do I know you?"

"I'm Liam's best friend,Eleanor Calder."

"Oh hi.Nice to meet you.The table is this way.",he said and led me the way.

The ceremony began on time.Niall was again beside me.Having him beside me was calming me.Harry kept staring at me and that was freaking me out.

The performances were lovely.

"Now,the nominees for Best British Video ."

One Direction was in the nomination.

"The winner is Drag Me Down by One Direction."


I sat with Freddie and Cheryl at the table.

I am so happy for them.

"I'm so happy for you guys!!",I said when they returned to the table.


In the after party,I met personalities like Adele,Rihanna,Justin Bieber and many more.
I was looking forward to meeting Zayn and Gigi but they weren't present.

Finally,at the end everyone starting leaving.

Harry said bye and went away in his car.

The others were waiting for the cars to arrive.

I said bye to everyone and settled in my car when it came.I drove away.That place was freaking me out but I really enjoyed.

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