I Shouldn't......Should I?

"Why are you doing this?",I say as he advances towards me.
"Because........I want to.",he says and smirks at me.He catches my arms and pulls me closer to him.

Our lips are a mere distance from touching .He pushes me onto his bed and looks at me seductively.

"We could get into trouble,you know?", I say as he climbs over me.........

Warning:- This book contains high sexual content .Please,read at your own risk.
Hope you make it through this book alive.



Eleanor's Point of View

"Stop Niall.........Stop.",I said and pulled away from his kisses."I'm sorry."

I ran out of his room and into the kitchen.He followed me.

I sat down on a barstool and began to cry.

"Eleanor,what's wrong?Why are you crying?",Niall asked as he approached me.

"Niall,I'm really sorry.I shouldn't have kissed you.When you wrapped your warm arms around my waist and started touching me all over my body,that's when I lost control and we made out.I truly am sorry.",I said and continued to cry.

"Eleanor,calm down.There's nothing wrong in that."

"I'm cheating Liam by making out with his bandmate."

"No,that's not what we're focused at.I really like you.I want you and I can't imagine seeing you with someone else.I'm obsessed with you even though I've hardly known you."

"You really mean it?",I asked staring at his face.

"I do.",he said.

I immediately leapt into his arms.

Just then,I heard Freddie crying.
"I gotta go.",I said and went to check on him.


"Come Freddie,I'll warm up your milk.",I said and took him in my hands.

I warmed up his milk and he sat on my lap as he drank it.Then my phone rang.It was Liam.

"Hi Eleanor,how are you?",he asked.

"I'm absolutely fine.How's Cheryl?"

"She's getting better but it'll take time.She was really serious when I arrived yesterday."

I told Liam about Louis and Freddie.

"So,where is he?",he asked.

"On my lap,drinking his milk."I turned the phone away from my ear and brought it near Freddie.

"Ba na ba ba byu ba no."Freddie made noises while he drank his milk.

Liam laughed.
I spoke to him for some more time and then I went to change Freddie's diaper.

My phone rang once more.

"Hey Louis,how's the painting going?"
"Oh,don't worry about Freddie.He's absolutely fine and he's been an angel all day.Wanna come over for dinner?"
"Okay,see you."

I took Freddie in my arm and went to Niall's room.

"Niall,Louis is com........you're drinking?!??"
I was bewildered.

Without another word,I walked away from there and went on my balcony.The baby was in my arms.

"Eleanor,calm down.Here,take a sip.",said Niall after he followed me on my balcony.

" I don't want it.Please stop drinking."

"No,that is something I won't do.",he said and started scaring Freddie.He made  horrible faces at him.

Poor Freddie began to cry.

"Niall,stop it.You're scaring the baby."

But he didn't stop.He made it worse.

The baby was wailing and bawling its eyes out.

I got pissed and slapped Niall right across the face.

"Leave me and my baby alone.",I screamed and pushed him out of my way and we went downstairs.
"Drunk asshole!"

Freddie and I played a little and finally the doorbell rang.
"Daddy's come.",I told him and we went to open the door.

On seeing Freddie,Louis was really happy.

Niall came downstairs.He looked really angry at me and I felt that he'll kill me.

"Let's order pizza,shall we?",I ask and they all agree.

Niall called for the pizza while Louis and I sat together,talking and joking.

Once he gave me a high five and we both laughed about something.

"I'll be back.",said Niall and left.

After sometime,I heard some repeated bangs.

"Do you hear something?",Louis asked me.

"Um no ....and there's the pizza guy.",I said walking towards the door as soon as the bell rang.

Niall came back.

I walked in with the pizza.

"Here,lemme help you.",he said and came to help.

"No,thank you.",I whispered sarcastically and walked on.

Freddie played with his toys on the couch.
"Let's watch a movie.",said Louis.

"That'll be interesting.",I said.

After deciding what movie we should watch,which lasted 15 minutes,Louis found Mamma Mia.

"Have you seen this?",he asked.

"Oh My God!!I love this movie.",I said and he started it.

The two of us sang and even danced when a song would play.We laughed so much that a random person would say Louis and I are having a relationship.

Niall wasn't interested at all.


Later that night,Louis thanked me for the pizza and the fun we had.He kissed Freddie and then left.

Freddie was asleep so I took him in my arms and went to my room.

I changed my clothes and snuggled in bed.The baby was beside me.

I closed my eyes and was drifting away when someone cupped their hands on my mouth and dragged me out of the room and I was dragged to Niall's room.

He threw me on the bed.

"What the heck,Niall?What behaviour is this?And I'm not you're fucking rag doll that you can throw me anyhow you like!",I yelled at him.

He pulled my hands and banged me hard against the wall.

"Ahhhhhh,my back.Fuck,it hurts.",I said as pain shoots in my entire spine and I wince with pain.

"You are only mine,mine and only mine.",he barked in my face,pressing my shoulders.
"Don't even think about flirting with Louis.I'll kill you.Don't ever talk to me sarcastically."

"I wasn't flirting and stop drinking.You're drunk and acting like a pig.",I said in his face.

"Really?",he asked and started touching me in places I can't mention.

"Aaaaggggghhhh!!!!!!Stop it!!!!",I screamed in his face and I threw his hands which was on my chest.

"I can touch you,where ever I want.You're mine.",he yelled.

"I'm not your fucking piece of shit."

Due to the 2 of us screaming,Freddie began to cry in the next room.

"I'm so tired of that baby.I'm gonna kill it!!!",said Niall and went to my room.

I ran behind him and threw him down on the floor.

"Don't you dare touch my baby!",I warned him as I took the child in my arms.

"What will you do,huh?"
He pinched Freddie and he began to cry.

I pushed him out of my room and said,"You touch me or that child one more time,and I'm gonna call Louis.Take this to be a final warning,Niall Horan.Don't bloody mess with me."

He tried to enter the room but I pushed him one more time and locked the door to my room.

Putting the baby down on the bed,I reached for my phone.

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