Perfect: A One Direction Fanfic

The One Direction band members, including Zayn Malik, compete for a woman's hand in marriage


7. Louis' P.O.V.

Chapter 7

Louis'  P.O.V.

After Zayn stomps off and goes inside the mansion I swim over to the other side of the pool where Harry and Esmerelda are and i sit beside them on the steps.

Esmerelda smiles when she sees me and she lets her body float on top of the water.

"Hey, Louis!" she exclaims happily.

"Hello, love," I say.

"What was with Zayn stomping off like he did just now?" Harry asks me his eyes bright with amusement.

"You saw that?" I ask surprised that he had been paying attention to his surroundings considering the fact that he was flirting heavily with Esmerelda.

"Well, yeah," Harry replies oblivious to my surprise. "It's kinda hard not to notice when Zayn is angry about something."

"He's not angry. He's just jealous." i explain the conversation we'd had before he had stomped off angrily.

"Jealous? Why the hell would he be jealous? I explained everything to all of you guys explicitly," Harry sighs irritated. "I really hope you aren't over here to chew me out about dating Esmerelda."

"Wasn't planning on it," I reassure him.

Harry sighs with relief and says, "At least you have some commaon sense, mate."

Esmerelda stands up from her spot in the water and sits down beside me on the steps. 

"It's getting late, guys," she says after a minute of silence. "We need to get some sleep before tomorrow morning."

"I'll meet you upstairs in a bit, Esmerelda," Harry says after giving Esmerelda a kiss.

"Don't take too long. We need to get up at six tomorrow morning. Good night, Louis." 

"Good night, Esmerelda," I say smiling at her.

Harry and I watch Esmerelda walk away from the pool for a few moments until she is just a dark silhouette in the night. Harry turns to me once she is gone.

Harry runs a hand through his long unruly hair and sighs. I can tell he is thinking hard about something so I just stay silent until it is time to go back inside the mansion and get ready for bed.


The next morning when I wake up I am momentarily confused by my surroundings before I remember Esmerelda and the events of the day before. I sit up in the bed and stretch my arms high above my head to get rid of the stiffness in my body.

It's only five o' clock in the morning but I feel energized already to even think about going back to bed. I slide out of bed and go into the adjoining bathroom so I can look at myself in the mirror. My hair is messy from sleeping in the bed so I grab my hair gel off of the sink and squirt some of the gel into my hands then I run the gel through my hair. The gel smooths my hair down in an orderly fashion. After I comb my hair making it spike up and after I get dressed into a pair of jeans and a button-down flannel shirt I go downstairs into the kitchen.

The only people awake right now are Liam and a camera crew member.

Liam runs a hand down his face and leans his body against the counter as I enter the room.

"Morning, Louis," he says when I sit down at the kitchen island.

"Morning, mate," I greet him. "Did you sleep well?"

"Nope. I don't do very well in new places. I kept tossing and turning in my sleep last night. What about you?"

"I slept really well, actually. I'm sorry you didn't get any sleep though."

Liam laughs tiredly and looks over at the camera crew member.

The woman stares at us in wonder and amazement as if we're gods but when she sees us staring back at her she blushes and looks away quickly. Liam raises an eyebrow in amusement and walks over to the other side of the counter where the woman stands blushing hard. I watch as Liam flirts with the woman until she is finished with her breakfast. The woman gives both me and Liam a forlorn look as she leaves the kitchen away from us reluctantly.

"Looks like you found an admirer," I chuckle.

"Haha. Funny," Liam laughs. "Everywhere we go we seem to pick up admirers'."

"Yeah. Seems like it," I agree. \

Liam pours himself a cup of coffee then he sits down beside me at the kitchen island.

"Are you ready for today?" he ask me after he yawns.

"As ready as I'll ever be," I reply. "I just hope that everything goes well for the next seven weeks."

For the next forty five minutes Liam and I talk to each other until everyone is awake.


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