A short story involving a painful dream,
Please comment if you enjoyed the story and tell me if I should do more!!


1. ouch.

Panting, I run, my legs aching. Crucio! Crucio! He yells, sheer determination in his voice. Crucio! He yells again and again. I wont stop running, no matter how long or far I have to go. I can't let him get to me!! I look behind me, (something you should never do in a situation like this) he's pointing his wand at my back, holding steady, ready to fire.


A jolt of intense pain is shot at my back as I fall to the cold ground. My whole body burning. From head to toe, my body is searing with hot pain. For a while, I lie there, shaking with indescribable pain. He walks over to me and steps hard on my wrist. This would be a perfect time to kill me, end my horrible pain.

Then I awoke with a jolt, sticky with cold sweat. The pain hadn't gone. My heart was beating twice as fast as normal. My body burned, my wrist throbbed.


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