The Lies of Mansion Mawthore

In the Mawthore household, the ladies of the family are isolated and imprisoned. They are taught to respect men and men are taught vice versa. When Meraine's cousin, Raya, is tortured for attempting to escape, Meraine knows she has to take up matters in her own hands. For the first time in the Mawthore history, a woman will stand up to face the cruel wits of men and that woman will be Meraine Selena Mawthore. [Fabulous cover by Prodigy]


3. A Fool of a Brute

It had been four days since the evening I and Raya spoke. We had started talking a lot more after that and gradually Raya started speaking again. She was not as cheerful and wilful as she used to be, but she was getting better. She used to draw quite a lot as well. They were all very vibrant and lively and I was glad to know she was feeling happier by the passing of each day.

I had just cleared the breakfast table after everyone was done with eating. As I was putting the last plates, I heard footsteps behind me. The measurement of each step was careless and rather reckless as the sound approached me. I didn’t turn around because I knew it was one of the men. Before I had a chance to guess who, the person was right behind me and said:

“Good morning.”

It was Edmund. I rolled my eyes and carried on stacking the plates away.

“Good morning, I said,” Edmund repeated a little louder.

I finished my work, wiped my hands on my apron and spun around to face him. His dark blonde hair brushed his eyebrows just slightly and he gave me a small frown.

“Morning,” I said through gritted teeth, making my distaste obvious. Edmund was just about an inch taller than me and I was glad that I didn’t have to crane my neck to see his stupid face. I had always disliked him but, after Raya’s incident, I began despising him even more.

“In a bad mood, are we?” he grinned, looking very amused at my behaviour.

I gave him a forced smile. “Oh, no. Not at all,” I spat sarcastically, trying not to roll my eyes.

“Meraine, what is the matter? Come, you can tell me,” he laughed, “I won’t tell anyone.”

“Do you think I really need to tell you my problems? I need to tell you nothing!” I lashed out, untying my apron, and began walking away unsteadily. Edmund caught up with me almost immediately and he was still laughing. It was a dark kind of laughter, but it was still laughter.

“Meraine, you know things don’t end well when you get feisty,” he mused.

“Things don’t end well because I end up cursing you,” I muttered under my breath.

“What did you say?” he poked, leaning his ear towards me.

I took one step back. “None of your business, Edmund.”

“I have the authority to slap you,” he said suddenly, looking at me dead in the eye, “And if you talk like that to me again, I will.”

I stopped walking and so did he. I knew he wouldn’t hit me even if I went on shouting at him. He always threatened me but he would always tell me that he didn’t mean it. If anything, Edmund would talk to his father about me. But he would never hit me himself – he never hit any of the women himself.

“Now just tell me your problem before you get in trouble,” he decided.

I exhaled loudly and bit my lip. “You dragged Raya yesterday,” I whispered, “She was so traumatized. So hurt. It was all your fault, Edmund! I don’t want to see your face, you hear me?”

Edmund frowned and shrugged. “She was breaking rules, Meraine. She had to be punished.”

“Damn the rules,” I spat, “Did you even see her condition? She looked like an animal.”

“Do you think she really looks otherwise?” he laughed in a mocking manner.

My jaw dropped open and bit my lip to stop myself from saying anything else. Instead, I turned and started walking. This time, he grabbed my arm and tried to spin me around. I used all my force to keep myself straight, even though his grip was hurting my skin. I couldn’t control the pain for more than a minute and I gave a short cry of pain, losing all my strength. He had managed to spin me around and I had tears in my eyes, which I held back by not blinking.

My cry caused some women to come out and see me. Their eyes widened at once and their faces changed into pale, sick colours. From the corner of my eye, I saw my mother and Raya push through the crowd and gasp once they saw me. And, in front of me was Edmund’s malicious face. His lips were pressed in a thin line and his eyebrows were slanted in anger.

“Let me go,” I said rather quietly. I was frightened and my voice came out as a forced whisper.

“Why don’t you apologize first?” Edmund demanded.

“Apologize for what? I didn’t even say anything…”

“Your behaviour,” he prodded, gripping my arms even tighter. I winced but he didn’t let go.

“S-sorry,” I breathed, casting my eyes down, “Now let me go… you fool of a brute.”

“What did you call me!?” he snarled.

“A fool of a brute. I have said worse, though. You needn’t be worried,” I answered smugly, not willing to show him – and the crowd – that I was weak.

“Meraine, what have I done to you!?” Edmund snapped, “I have protected you, if anything. And you behave as if I am of no value to you!!”

“Protected me, Edmund?” I barked, “Protected me from what? Freedom? Independence? Equality??”

“I never let you get hurt!”

“Oh, and you are doing a splendid job at that!” I rolled my eyes at his fingers that jabbed my skin and sneered, “But, not only this. You have me destroyed in a mental state. Left me with no emotion that is not depression or anything similar! You tortured my friends in front of my eyes and left me to watch! Is that not hurting, Edmund? Is that not hurting me at all!?”

Raya deserved it,” he enforced, shaking my arms to emphasise his point.

I saw that Raya covered her mouth when he said that and her mother hugged her soothingly. I could not believe Edmund was such a snake that he would say that horrible thing – and was not even ashamed to let his sister hear it.

“You are a snake,” I hissed, “And you will never be good enough for me or anyone else. In your entire life. We all HATE you.”

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