biten by love

it was June school had just ended and Afana's 3rd year of high school done but who knew that one night could change a persons life forever

//copyright 2017


1. summer

​ "arnt you excited Afana its finally summer and-" that's my best friend Zoey or zee for short as you can tell she likes to talk and basically never stops... I've learnt to tune her out. "oh Zee my rides here ill see u at Dylan's party tonight??" "of course see ya!" honestly I can barely stand her cherry ness I don't show much emotion and she just never stops smiling but she's a grate friend she's always been there for me and has never betrayed or will betray me (or so I thought).

​                                                                ~~~

"mum zee's here I'm going now" "white..." my mum has always been over protective and always and I mean ALWAYS checks what I'm wherein to see if its "appropriate" "ug mum I'm whirring a long skirt and a high cut shirt I'm fine" "no you are not whirring that come with me" now I'm really confused she's always over protected me but she might have changed since I just turned 16! "here" she handed me a box with a red bow on it so I opened it  inside was a super cute short skirt and a crop top "are you for real mum!" "yes your 16 now almost an adult and I think I can trust you enough " I gave my mum a huge hug little did I know that would be my last...


​// ​I hope your enjoying the story so far I haven written on movellas for a long time actualy to be spisific since the 3rd of april 2016 I know a long time right but I'm happy to be back on if you like my stories check out my other stories life on its own ~ xxXsummerXxx// 



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