biten by love

it was June school had just ended and Afana's 3rd year of high school done but who knew that one night could change a persons life forever

//copyright 2017


2. him

​"Afana do you want a ride home" of course my friend alic had a car but honestly I didn't really like getting rides home I enjoyed walking in the dark under the street lights "no I'm going to walk home" "ok" he smiled and I smiled back I've had a crush on him since I was like in gr.3 but I mostly ignored it because I didn't want to ruin our friend ship. I started to walk home at night around my city tares always a lot of people driving so I found it rare to be scared of walking home in the dark because if you where kidnaped most likely someone would see.

​                                                                  ~~~

​It was now probably midnight and I forgot my phone at home (typical me) and I remembered a short cut threw this small ally way so I turned the corner and was about half way down the ally when I saw something or someone on top of a person the figure stood up I turned to run but within seconds the figure was in front of me and I could see the face clearly he had long curly hair electric green eyes and he was quite tall looked about 17 my age but al of the sudden he grabbed my arm and put his hand over my eyes all I saw than was black....


​// hoping that your enjoying the story so far (yes I realized in my last chapter I kept spelling story wrong it was midnight ok?) any way if your enjoying the story so far please like and share with friends <3 and check out my other book "life on its own" ~xxXsummerXxx

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