The Lord of the Rings: The Rise of the Necromancer

Luke and Skye. Twin siblings who wanted nothing but an ordinary life. But during the event of a Solar Eclipse, their lives will change forever. As the siblings continue on what seems to be a normal day, the next thing they notice is that they world they are currently in is dangerous and uncharted to them. What they will find there is that the land is filled with many strange yet dangerous creatures in what is know as Middle Earth. But what they will also find, is that there is nothing as such as a normal life.


1. The Gateway - Skye

The sun was shining brightly overhead, the day seemed perfect enough for a picnic at the park. Too bad I didn’t think of it sooner, otherwise I would have avoided trouble all together… More or less, really. There was a light pressure at my side as I walked, my glasses nearly falling from their perch on the bridge of my nose. I was walking towards a bench before I stumbled.


“Watch it, won’t you?” I was pushed by my brother, Luke, “Can’t you see that I’m reading?”

He rolled his eyes, taking a look at the book I held in my hand.


“Don’t you ever just stop reading?” he rolled his eyes, shaking his head, “One of these days you’re going to run into something and I’m going to laugh.”


I rolled my eyes, taking a seat on the bench as Luke wandered off to do goodness knows what. It was a nice day, a breeze gently blew as I turned the page of my mythical creatures book. Luke stayed relatively close to the bench, probably thinking he was some type of big shot hanging around like he was going to beat someone up.


Something flew out of nowhere, hitting the book out of my hand. A small rock laid on top of my book when I went after it. I heard the chuckling coming from the distance. I picked up the book, shaking it off in case any dirt got onto it. I looked for the ones who had thrown the rock, only to find one of my least favorite people standing off to the side, smiling like he had accomplished something for once in his life.


The dead look in his eyes is what gave it away, the lack of interest was there. His name hasn’t been worth mentioning for so long, I might as well as I never really knew who he was.


“Knock it off, Tyler,” Luke had a look on his face that pretty much said someone was going to die, “no one is doing anything to you.”


“Make me Lucas,” Tyler sneered, his friends laughing as if we were on Comedy Central, “I’m so scared. Let me go call my mommy like a little spoiled rich boy I am… Oh wait. That’s you.”


I grabbed Luke’s arm before he could pound the jerk’s face in, “Come on… Let’s get out of here.”


“Oh look at that. He’s being a good boy and listening to his retarded older sister.”


That was the last straw, I knew it by the look in Luke’s eyes. I released his arm, he didn’t even have to say a word for me to. I blinked once and Luke was flying at Tyler faster than one can say ‘cyclops’ five times fast. Before Tyler or his friends could react, Luke’s fist had swung itself straight into Tyler’s eye, knocking him to the ground. I didn’t feel like I needed to stop him from sending Tyler to the hospital, but I still went to pull him off because the breeze turned into a wind and was blowing dangerously. I pulled him towards me as Tyler and his friends ran off in the opposite direction. After a few moments of standing next to each other, the world around us started fade to a hazy image and crack away like ice in hot water.


“What the hell is going on?!” Luke yelled over the whistling of the wind.


“Like I should know!” I glanced at him.


“Maybe! You always read those fictional books!” he shouted, like the argument was even valid. We locked our arms together to keep from getting separated.


One moment we were in the park with the heavy wind, next the world around us seemed to crack away, leaving a swirling vortex of an empty void. The scene made us seem like we were falling into a dark pit, despite that we weren’t moving at all. The air whipped around, flinging my hair into my eyes and nearly knocking off my glasses. The next thing I knew, our arms slipped apart and we fell into the empty abyss below us. The fall had felt like I was flung clean from space into the gravity of the Earth. When I landed, my entire body felt like each bone had shattered and let loose a burning heat throughout my body. My vision was blurred, my glasses must’ve fallen off during the fall. I managed to stand up only see that I had landed in some sort of forest in the result of a crater. I looked up to see a thin trail of black smoke left from the fall, if there was anything dangerous around they would know where to find me. There were blurry spots flying away from the tallest trees I’ve ever seen  that were surrounding me, I guess they were birds flying from the tops. I got on my knees, searching for my glasses ass I grew extremely weak. The last thought I had before I had lost consciousness was, Where on Earth am I?

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