The Lord of the Rings: The Rise of the Necromancer

Luke and Skye. Twin siblings who wanted nothing but an ordinary life. But during the event of a Solar Eclipse, their lives will change forever. As the siblings continue on what seems to be a normal day, the next thing they notice is that they world they are currently in is dangerous and uncharted to them. What they will find there is that the land is filled with many strange yet dangerous creatures in what is know as Middle Earth. But what they will also find, is that there is nothing as such as a normal life.


2. Arrival - Luke

When I woke up, I was in what seemed to be some sort of crater. The ground around me had been scorched leaving a black circle of dead plants and grass around me. I tried to stand up, but my entire body felt like it was on fire and every bone in my body had shattered to a million pieces. Eventually the pain had numbed down to a point to where I could move easier. I crawled my way out of the crater and used a nearby tree branch to help me stand up and support me. I looked around me, only to notice that from where I fell there was a massive hole in the treetops with a trail of black smoke. But that was all I noticed, until I realized that the trees looked unusually large to me. They were taller than oaks yet large enough to fit the foundation of a house in it. I knew there were large trees in the world, but I didn’t think they would be this massive or so close together.


“Where the hell am I?” I asked myself.


I looked around me in hopes of finding my sister. But she was nowhere to be seen. In an instant of worry I called out her name, in hopes she could hear me.


“SKYE!!!” I waited for some sort of response. Nothing. In realization that she could be either unconscious, too far to hear… Or worse. But I didn't want to worry about the final possibility. But I figured that if I somehow survived that kind of fall, maybe she did as well.


“I’m coming Skye,” I said out loud as though she could hear me.


In the distance I heard what seemed to be the clash of metal and helpless screams. I figured it was a bad idea, but it was better than any idea I had so far. After limping my way to the sound of battle, I finally came to a small caravan under attack by god knows what they are. The things slaughtering the people in the caravan were horrid monstrous creatures with black oily skin and rusted armor with some of the creatures having hunched backs. The creatures were too far for me to see anything much, but what it looked like was that they were attacking defenseless. Off to the side, there was a slaughtered farmer who was killed by three black wooden arrows piercing his chest with an iron sword in his hand. I picked up the sword and hid behind a tree, waiting for one of the creatures to come close enough. As the creatures ran by me, shouting in victory and firing arrows at the farmers, I peeked my eyes off to the side to see the group of creatures running off in the distance. One of the creatures had fallen behind and I took my chance. I swung around the tree with my sword out stretched in an effort to decapitate the creature. I missed besides slicing out it’s eye, leaving it to cry in agony and call for help. The creature’s teeth were not only sharp and crooked but also covered in filth and what smelled like rotting flesh. It’s eyes were a solid shade of dandelion yellow with small black pupils in the the center and it's nose only consisted of a bulge and nostrils on the center of its face. But what was really unnerving was that the creature seemed to have eyelids that never even blinked, leaving it to always stare straight into its prey with a constant look of its mixed thoughts of hunger and eagerness.


I readied my sword as my defense. The creature continuously messed with me in thinking he was going to attack but just chuckled and grinned at my fear of this ugly creature. Finally, the creature swung his sword down and I rushed to block it which made me lose my balance and fall to the ground. I was already failing to survive. The creature continuously swung his sword down towards me, but was deflected by less efficient blocks with each hit. Eventually, the creature hit the sword out of my hand and lifted his sword with both hands on the hilt, blade pointed directly towards my heart. I prepared for the worse, until in one quick shriek, an arrow made from a light shade of ebony with pierced the creature’s chest from behind, leaving the dead creature to fall towards me. I quickly rolled out of the way and picked up my sword, but before I could, there was a tall beautiful woman standing in front of me. Her light ginger hair was put into a silvousplaits hair style. She wore green silk clothing with brown loots as high as her knees. Tied to her waist was large wooden cone shaped quiver covered in swirled patterns like the waves of an ocean filled ebony arrows with orange fletchings. She stood ready with an arrow pointed straight at me with the arrow notched in a thin maple recurve bow with a white string that would reflect the sunlight at the right angle. But the strangest thing about her was her point pointed ears that cut through her hair. Her amber eyes stared directly into mine. The look on her face showed she wanted nothing to do with me yet was curious about me.


“Who are you?” she asked. Her voice was soft yet firm like a spring breeze.


“Luke. And you are?” I asked, sword still in my hand.


“Legolas,” she said raising her voice.


“Lego less?” I asked, confused. It was at that moment I saw her glance behind me. I turned around only to see a man that looked exactly like the woman only with faded sky blue eyes, hair that I could have sworn was bleached and he wore a light brown tunic with a green cloak held together loosely around his neck with a green clip shaped like a leaf. But what was nerve racking was that when I turned around he was directly behind me and purposely swung his head straight into mine, rendering my unconscious.


* * * * *


When I woke up I was being dragged on a wooden cart. I tried moving but my hands and feet were bound with some sort of thick string that was made of a beautiful silver material. The string had a light shade of silver that would gleam a reflecting white light when in sunlight. I was on my back with my head dangling over the edge only about a foot from the ground. The carriage was being pulled by a caramel colored horse with a thick white mane. Beside the horse on either side were two men on horseback with thin bronze plated armor and quivers filled with their ebony arrows with orange fletchings. Resting in their sheathes, the soldiers had two long twin swords resting against the quiver in their sheathes. The soldiers carried their bows in their dominant hands while holding the reins in their other hands. I looked behind me to see the woman and bleach headed man from earlier speaking a foreign language to each other.


“He’s awake,” said the bleached hair man, grinning at me for some reason.


“Yeah, morning to you too Mr. Sunshine for hair,” I said grunting as a rock hit the back of my head.


He chuckled, “He likes to make jokes,” he said with a grin on his face “Let’s how he likes to make jokes when his life is on the line.”


“Yeah we’ll see about that,” I said chuckling before my head bumped another rock.


He spoke to the woman in their foreign language again. Whatever he said seemed to give  her a thought that made her look at me as though she were deciding my fate with one glance, only with a grin to hide what she was thinking.


“What?” I asked, hoping for an answer.


“He’s curious about what his father will decide your fate with along with the Council,” she replied.


“Oh great, a Council. I always hated politics. Can’t wait to see their smug little faces when they meet me,” I replied sarcastically while grinning.


“Who are you, outsider?” Mr. Sunshine asked looking down at me.


“Names Lucas. But you can call me Luke. And you are?” I asked.


“I am Legolas. This is Tauriel,” he said looking at the woman next to him.


“Nice to meet your acquaintance,” I said looking up at Tauriel.


“Likewise,” she replied quickly.


“So, anybody wanna tell me where I am and what the hell is going on?” I asked exchanging with Legolas and Tauriel, waiting for a reply.


They exchanged confused looks with each other before Legolas spoke.


“Where are you from, outsider?” he asked, “Rohan? Númenor? Harad?...” he paused before finishing and asked one more location, this time with even more curiosity in his eyes, “Gondor?”


“Modesto.” I replied to cut off Legolas to prevent him from going on.


Again, Legolas and Tauriel exchanged a look of deep confusion.


“Now, anybody wanna explain what’s going on? Like what the hell that thing was back there?” I asked, remembering the horrid humanoid creature I encountered earlier.


“Have you never seen an orc?” Tauriel asked, looking down at me.


“A what?” I asked confused.


“An Orc. Native creature to the dark lands of Mordor. A dark and corrupted race of elves. Who has not heard of even an Orc?” he asked, more confused than ever at this point.


“Elves? Mordor? ORCS?!” I was beginning to that Skye had drugged me and put me on some sort of prank, “Ahhh. Did Skye put you up to this?” I asked, smiling from cheek to cheek thinking I had figured out her prank.


“What does the sky have to do with anything?” Tauriel asked in curiosity.


“No. Skye, my twin sister. Blue hair. Glasses. Doesn’t ring any bells? Oh, wait,” I said beginning to chuckle while pointing at Legolas with my bound hand, “Did one of her friends put you up to this?”


“Luke,” Tauriel began, I looked over at her, “I don’t know what kind of games you think you are playing, but this is Mirkwood of Middle Earth.


“Wait… you’re serious?” I asked in realization that they weren't joking.


“Why would we not be? Orcs have been seen slaughtering farmers and traders all over Middle Earth. Whether they’re trying to take out our supplies or just attack easy targets, they’ve been regrouping. For the last week, we’ve seen their numbers only rise. I fear something is coming,” he said exchanging fearful looks with Tauriel.


“Luke,” Tauriel asked after a moment of silence, “How did you get here from this ‘Modesto’?”


“I’m not even sure. One minute I was with my sister, the next I’m falling. I don’t know from where, how high, or how long I fell for, but I know that I woke up from the fall only a few minutes before I reached that Orc raid you two found me at,” I explained.


“Luke,” Legolas started.


“Yeah?” I asked looking back at him.


“When you and your sister ‘fell,’ was it during a Solar Eclipse in your world?” he asked, with curiosity filling his eyes as he lifted his eyebrow.


I had never payed attention to things like that, but now that I thought of it, I assumed that it most likely was a during the Solar Eclipse. “I’m not positive, but I think you could be right.”


“Then I must move on ahead if my theory is correct,” Legolas said with a hint of worry in his voice, “Tauriel, watch the prisoner until I get back.”


“Legolas!” Tauriel called out before Legolas could get too far away, “Could it be true?”


“I must consult with Gandalf!” he called before riding off into the distance.


Tauriel groaned in frustration as Legolas rode into the distance. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she wanted to follow him.


“Please. Don’t leave me here. I need to find my sister. I need to figure out what happened. Please,” I pleaded with Tauriel to trust and release me if she was going to leave. She pulled out one of her swords and held it to my throat.


“Will you try and attack me if I free you?” she asked.


“No, I swear it on my life. Please, just take me with you,” I continued to beg her until she removed her sword from my piercing my neck.


“Alright,” she whispered close to me, “I’m going to cut loose your bonds. Knock off the soldier on your left and grab whatever weapons you can, quickly. Don’t worry, I’ll deal with the other one. Can you ride a horse and use a bow?” she asked.


“Not a master, but yeah, I know how to use a bow and ride a horse,” I replied, holding up my hands.


“Good,” she said, cutting my bonds in half with one clean swing and did so for the bonds on my feet as well.


I quickly stood up and tackled the guard on my left as she instructed. The other guard tried to shoot me, but Tauriel quickly cut the straps on his saddle, leaving him to fall to the ground and get trampled by the carriage horse which was as frightened as the guards were confused. As I fell on top of the guard that I tackled, I quickly punched him in the face to stun him while I took his weapons and quickly followed Tauriel on horseback, following in the path that Legolas had went. It did not take long before we caught up with Legolas at the edge of the forest. For once, I was able to see the sun with no massive trees blocking my way. It was sometime around noon by the time we reached the edge of the forest.


“Why have you brought him with you?” Legolas asked Tauriel when we caught up with him.


“We owe him this, Legolas. Do not judge him,” she replied in my defense.


“Very well. We ride west. To the Shire,” said Legolas as he pointed at the western horizon.


“The Shire?” Tauriel asked, confused.


“If Gandalf is anywhere, he’d be with the Hobbits,” Legolas finished before riding off.


Tauriel exchanged looks with me  as though to ask if I was prepared.


“Hey, anywhere might be better than in a prison cell,” I said looking at her.


“Very well,” she replied. What she did then caught me completely off guard. She looked at the brown horse I was riding and spoke to it in her foreign language. At first the horse jolted backwards before charging after Legolas. I nearly lost my grip on the reins and had to grip the horse’s thick black mane to stay on. We rode off into the vast empty fields towards the mountain range covered in mist.


* * * * *


After riding for a few hours until sunset, we eventually set up camp at the edge of the mountain range that was known to them as the Misty Mountains. We found a small cave that curved into the mountain where we could make a fire without the light signaling our presence as much. Legolas had taken first watch while Tauriel stayed inside the cave with the warm fire. She pulled out a piece of triangle shaped bread wrapped in thick leaves to substitute as a wrapping cloth. She broke off a piece of the hard bread that was light brown like wheat. In my hands it felt soft like sourdough bread, but when I took a bite it was like a crisp wafer that tasted like wheat bread. Despite its almost flavorless taste, it was still satisfying to eat.


“This is good,” I commented when I finished my bite, “What is it?”


“Have you never heard of Lembas bread?” she was shocked when I asked her.


“Can’t say that I have,” I replied, taking another bite of the elven bread.


“It is a common elven food for travelers. We had a good supply of it with us in case the orc attacks kept us gone for too long. We keep it wrapped in Mallorn leaves to keep each piece preserved for months,” she said, examining the bread before taking another small bite.


We sat in silence, watching the embers of the small fire. At that moment, I decided to ask what I could.


“When Legolas asked me where I was from earlier, it was almost as though he was hoping I was from one of those cities, Gondor. Why is that?” I asked, rewrapping my Lembas bread to preserve it.


“Legolas has a friend there. They went through much together, along with a Dwarf. Believe it or not. But he grew close to them. They became his brothers in arms. The Dwarf, Gimli. And the human, Aragorn. After their long journey to defeat the Necromancer, the dark Lord Sauron. It was later revealed after Sauron’s defeat, Aragorn was the distant relative to the king of Gondor.”


“And I take it they haven’t spoken since?” I asked, putting my bread in the horse pouch and sitting back in my spot across the fireplace from Tauriel. The walls of the cave flickered with orange light and shadows from the small fire.


“No. Because it has only been a month since the defeat of Sauron. And his forces are already rallying and creating small pockets of chaos throughout Middle Earth. We haven't seen the orcs go this far north to Mirkwood,” she explained, pulling out her dagger that hid in her boot to examine the near transparent silver blade.


“So what does he think is going on?” I asked taking off my black polyester hoodie, leaving me in my white t-shirt, jeans and grey white-tipped converse.


“He thinks that Dark Magic may be at work here. Between the increasing strength of the orcs and both our lands I have had a Solar Eclipse when you arrived, the only one who can be sure of what is happening is Gandalf the White. A powerful wizard. We are on our way to the Shire. Home of the Hobbits. That is where he believes Gandalf resigns,”


“Shire? Hobbits?” I asked completely confused at this point, “But seriously, where am I? What is Middle Earth?” I asked hoping for a long answer to explain everything.


She sighed, then spoke, “ To put it in a way for you to understand, Middle Earth is a vast continent of races of creatures. Along with many incredible yet dangerous creatures. The living tree race of Ents. The short, sturdy yet stubborn underground mining Dwarves. The revolting Orcs who live all throughout the land. And you've already met us Elves. All the other races discriminate us in assumption that we try to be pure in every way,” she finished with slight discomfort, “And then there's the small curious creatures known as Hobbits. Gandalf always had a liking to Hobbits as they adored him as well. In fact, while may seem unusual for being the peaceful creatures they are, one of them is the hero who is known for the defeat of the necromancer, Sauron. Lord of Mordor. Former owner of the one ring to rule them all.”


“The one ring to rule them all? That doesn't sound good,” I replied now more curious than ever.


“It wasn't,” she said in regret of speaking it's name, “Long ago, blacksmith elves or Eregion forged nineteen rings of power to each of the master races of Middle Earth. One elf, Celebrimbor, personally made three rings for the Elven-kings to rule under the sky. Seven rings were created for the Dwarf-lords to rule in their stone halls and nine for the mortal kings to rule their lives while doomed to die. But, one lord wanted his own ring of power. In the eastern land of Mordor, where shadows lie and darkness resigns, the dark lord wanted  to rule all the land with his own ring of power, and crafted his own in the fires of Mount Doom. Sauron almost succeeded, had it not been for the broken yet shattered Fellowship of the Ring, we not be here today. Sauron would be ruler of the lands,” she sounded grateful towards the end.


“The Fellowship?” I asked.


“The group of individuals who guarded Frodo the ring bearer on his way to Mordor,” she explained.


“Why?” I asked.


I was cut off when Legolas came running to the cave.


“Tauriel, we have a problem out here,” Legolas said, slightly worried, “Grab your weapons. You too Luke. We'll need all the hands we can get.”


I grabbed my sword and followed after Tauriel. When I went outside, the air was comfortably warm. The sky was clear despite the thousands of stars above. In the far distance I could see lights that seemed to be some sort of village. But Legolas ran along the cliff to the left only to stop instantly to show us what was coming. When I followed up next to him, it was then that I heard it. The sound of hundreds of overlapping shrieks from light brown creatures running right towards us. But what made it horrifying was the pure size of the small army running towards us. There were so many of the creatures that nearly half of them had to climb along the mountain side.


“Orcs?” I asked, terrified since my last encounter with an orc.


“Goblins. Just as filthy as Orcs, only weaker. It's your lucky day Luke, unless of course they have a…,” he was interrupted by a loud and dismaying roar that was indescribable, “cave troll. They always have a cave troll.” he finished, annoyed.


“One thing at a time Legolas. Luke, do you know how to actually use that sword?” Tauriel asked looking at me.


“You kidding? I'm still alive, aren't I?” I asked sarcastically.


She scoffed, “Here they come.” she said readying her bow along with Legolas.


I drew my sword, ready to fight alongside these strangers who were still willing to help me.


“Their armor and weapons are weak, and they have the worst training in combat ever. You should do fine,” Legolas said to me, his bow trained on the incoming Goblins.


As the Goblins approached, Legolas and Tauriel unleashed their elven arrows upon the hordes of Goblins. Some of the Goblins they shot would fall on columns of others which would lead to a small chain reaction of multiple Goblins dying at once. But they still came. The army almost seemed to be endless. One small group of Goblins had apparently split and tried to flank us from the side.


“Behind us!” I called out as I pierced a Goblin in the chest as it tried to pounce at us.


I threw the Goblin’s corpse over the cliff. We were now fighting on all sides. As the Goblins kept coming, Legolas & Tauriel quickly placed their bows in their quivers only to pull out their twin swords and unleashed fury upon the Goblin ranks. As Legolas said, I was doing fine against the seemingly endless horde of Goblins. Eventually, as we grew tired, the remaining Goblins grew more cautious of charging in towards us, until the cave troll reached our location. In the dark of night, it was hard to see the creature, but I was still able to see its grotesque figure. It's head was round with dried grey skin. It's eyes were squinted as though the sun was out and it couldn't see very well. It's teeth were much like those of an Orc, only thicker and dull along. The cave troll also had no nose, but instead the area where it's nose would be would be was replaced with a chunk of flesh that looked much like a cringed up nose. The cave troll, being an unintelligent creature that it seemed to be, wore nothing but a large loincloth around its waist and it's only weapon was a massive club with a cube shaped metal block with thick spikes on each corner.


As the troll rounded the corner on the cliff, it roared at is in anger and charged towards us. The troll quickly walked directly towards me and in quick response, I rolled underneath the troll and sliced the back of its thigh. It roared in agony. While Legolas and Tauriel were busy fending off the Goblins, the troll swung it's hammer around and knocked me straight into the mountain side. The hit had broken my left arm, but neither my ride side was spared either. The jagged mountain left countless gashes in my right arm and leg, and while the wounds were not deep, they still put me in agony. With my sword in my hand, the elves busy with the Goblins, and the troll approaching me to finish the kill, I came up with an idea. Despite it being a long shot.


“Legolas!” I called out as he stabbed an Goblin in the throat and loomed in my direction, “Fire an arrow! Right here at my blade!” he looked confused as I placed my sword in front of me with the side facing him and tilted at an angle.


It took him a second to finally understand. He reached for his quiver, but found he was out of arrows. In quick thinking, he pulled out an arrow resting in the socket of a Goblin’s eye. He readied his bow with the arrow and as the cave troll raised its massive hammer, Legolas fired the arrow. Due to my weak and wounded state, the hit from the arrow sent me back, but my plan worked. The arrow was deflected directly through the troll’s mouth and straight into its brain. In a shocked expression, the troll shrieked loudly like the Goblins and stumbled back before tripping on a rock and tumbling down the cliff into the dark abyss of the mountains. I sighed in relief  as the remainder of the Goblins fled in terror from defeat. As the elves ran up to my side to support me, we heard a light chuckling from nearby. With our weapons still drawn, Tauriel wrapped my free arm around her neck as she held onto my hand with her sword in her other hand. Legolas pulled out one of his arrows from a nearby Goblin corpse and notched the arrow into his bow, ready to fire. Then, out of the shadows and into the moonlight, came a tall figure in a dark grey cloak with the hood hanging over his entire face, leaving only his mouth and light grey beard to be revealed. In his hands, he held a tall smooth white staff taller than him by a foot with the end shaped like a four dimensional diamond with tree branch patterns around the small transparent crystal on the inside. Under his cloak was a white belt that held the sheath of a long blade with a thin silver hilt and handle wrapped in black leather.


“Well done, you three. It's as though you did not need my help. Well, that is because you did not need my help,” he chuckled. His voice was firm with a slight rasp tone to it, “I have foreseen your coming. And you're presence in these mountains has not gone unnoticed. Especially by me… Legolas.” the man said, lifting his head to pull down his cloak and reveal his face. The old man not only had a light grey beard but also a short smooth light grey mustache that ground completely around his lips. His hair reached down to his shoulders with long silk smooth white hair. His blue eyes seemed to stare right into your spirit, as though he were trying to peacefully convince you to reveal whatever secrets you may be hiding on your mind.

Legolas had a shocked look on his face when the old man revealed himself. A shocked look mixed with joy as he went up and hugged the old man. They patted each other's backs before the old man walked up to me and placed his hand on my forehead. As he whispered a strange language different than what Tauriel & Legolas used earlier, the crystal in his staff began to shine a blindingly bright white light. When he stopped and the light faded, the pain had began to numb out as I slowly lost consciousness. Before I had completely passed out, I could hear him whisper, “Your journey… is far from over.”

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