Love of Rose

I don't really know what this will be about until I actually write it, but I know it will be about a girl named Rose that meets a mysterious guy


4. Should I Keep Writing this Story?

Nathan got off the bus without a word. Rose was so intrigued by whoever he was, but she couldn't focus on him now since she needed to get to school and explain everything that had happened to the workers in the office. Rose walked into the school and immediately was struck back by how big and complex the school looked. From the outside it looked like a normal and plain school, but from the inside it was the complete opposite.

Since it was her first day at the school, Rose didn't know where anything was especially the office. She ended up roaming around the school until she stumbled into the guy she had met previously on the bus. She fell right on her butt. Surprisingly the mysterious guy didn't help her at at first. At first he chucked at the sight of her falling on her butt, but he eventually held out his hand for her to help her back up.

"Thanks. I can be a bit of a klutz sometimes."

"I can see that!" He laughed

"I never learned your name." Rose pointed out,

"And your point is???" 

"Wow you really are either a jerk or just plain out clueless." "My point was for you to tell me your name."

"I know. I'm not an idiot. I've picked up a few things and jokes from wandering these halls. I have a sense of humor you know!"

Rose through her arms up defensively and commented, "Wow! You don't need to be such a smart a**!" 

"Good job, you're finally understanding me. Congrats!" He said sarcastically. "If you really want to know my name then I will tell you. It's Nathan."

"Why were you so secretive about your name. I mean it's not like I was asking you about you're past or anything personal." 

Nathan and Rose went at this for a while longer, but it wasn't about anything important. Eventually Rose got really annoyed and ended up getting out her phone to see what class she was supposed to be in and what time it was. She had taken a picture of her schedule and locker number. She decided that she would go find her locker before she did anything else. Her locker was #2247.

"Ugghhhh!!!!" "I'm pretty sure that that's all the way on the second floor on the other side of the school!!!"

Rose looked up to see if Nathan could help her find her way around the school, but he was gone. He had vanished. Rose thought to herself, 'Wow this is such a weird school!' She wondered if she should just look around the school and see where her classes, locker and all the other important places in the school were since she had missed pretty much the whole day of school. If she went to class now it would be pretty pointless. She decided that she would just walk around and see where everything was. 

She checked the time on her phone one more time just to make sure she wouldn't miss to much. It read 11:46. 

"Dang, how does time go by so fast. Usually people say time flies when you're having fun, but I'm not having any fun so how come it's flying by so fast." Rose muttered to herself. 

She started walking around to see if she could find the office. Sure enough it was down the hall and to the right. She turned back around and SCREAMED!!!!

Nathan was standing behind.

"You always seem to come out of nowhere. How the heck do you do that???" Rose quizzed.

"Somethings you just can't know yet. Plus it's fun to scare you like that. It's funny watching your reaction." Nathan responded. 

"Now what was you're name again?" 

"Ugh, Rose!!!" "It's not that hard to remember." Rose said clearly irritated. 

"Eh. I don't really like that for you, Sweet Cheeks." Nathan remarked.

"Um.. excuse me?" "And don't call me that, like, ever again." 

"Aw, you are so adorable when you are mad, Sweet Cheeks." 

"I said don't call me that!" Rose raised her voice a little. She hated when people gave her nicknames like that. 

"I think it's perfect for you and since you hate it then it definitely is perfect for you, Sweet Cheeks." He laughed.

"Whatever. Are you going to show me around the school now or are you just going to stand there annoying me?"

"I have a better idea..."


A/N: Sorry this chapter was really boring. I'm kind of writing the story as I go along and not planning how it will go ahead of time, so that's also why it isn't the best story. If you think I should keep writing this story make sure to give it a like and possibly a favorite if you want to and make sure to comment what you think will happen and comment any ideas you have about the story line. I can't promise that I will include them, but I will promise I will take it into consideration. I already know what I'm going to do at the end to make it a big twist. Make sure to keep reading cause it will hopefully get really interesting. Sorry for the bad language, I used stars instead of actually saying the word. I won't be using bad language like ever but if I do, I will use the star things and I only do it if that's the only word or the word that fits best with the sentence. Thanks for reading my story!!! 







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