Love of Rose

I don't really know what this will be about until I actually write it, but I know it will be about a girl named Rose that meets a mysterious guy


3. Rose and Nathan Collide

Rose woke up to someone staring at her. She was so confused. She had no idea who this weird guy was, that was staring at her, or where she was and what time it was. Her memory started to come back and she remembered that today was her first day of school, and that she had taken the bus to school. She got up, and when she did the guy sat back down. She ignored it for a little bit so that she could figure out everything. She pulled out her phone to check what time it was. It was 8:00. She didn't know what time her school started but she knew she was late. She looked around her and saw a bunch of empty seats, and then she realized that she was still on the bus. But where did everyone go and who was that guy that was staring at her moments ago? All these things rushed through her head.  One thing at a time. She thought. She turned around to find that the weird guy was gone. Of course this freaked her out. It made matters way worse than they already were. She turned back around to face forwards and there the guy was, but this time he was just sitting on his phone. She leaned up a bit to see what he was doing and to see if he had earbuds in. He didn't. She tapped him. He immediately spun around. It startled her how fast he had responded. She made a slight whisper kind of scream. The guy just laughed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you... and you're name is???" "Oh, it's ok." Rose said. "My name is Rose." "What's your name." The guy responded with the weirdest answer. He said, "That's for you to figure out some other time." "So, why are you still on the bus?" He asked her. "I could ask you the same question." "I asked first." He said kind of mocking Rose. "Fine. I think I fell asleep on the bus and missed everyone getting off. But I think you would know that considering you were staring at me while I was sleeping." "Now Mr. Mysterious, why are you still on the bus?" The guy just laughed and sat back in his seat. "Obviously you don't know much about me."

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