My Love Is My War

This Story will be completely made by me nobody from and bands or films or anything just my characters and my mind.

Jordan has staggered through life with pain through out , His War has not even begun yet


2. Life took a Turn

So far my life has been shitty , as always but it's weird now that I have taken a step out of my comfort zone , on accident. A girl was walking past me and smiled and stupidly I said Hello.

You see it's a weird thing , 'Love' I mean it's great at the time but when it's over it's the worst thing ever. Well I guess you can say , you've only experienced this once , how can you know ? Well I know because I considered many things after my break up it killed me and I though why not help it on its way , why not assist in my death.

But I didn't , as you can tell I chose to live with the pain , it did wear off after awhile but from then on I made sure to take extra precautions not to get involved with relationships , oh how I fucked that up.

Anyway things are going great except for the fact she tried to make me give up smoking but I won't listen it relieves stress. Actually there was one deal I was willing to make but she wouldn't except and it was to give up smoking and start drinking, but it did bugger all now I do both. I guess she didn't mind it because she stuck around and she didn't mind how I smoked anymore in fact there was at one point where I didn't feel pain anymore I was actually happy but you know life fucking hates me sooo yeah it all fucked up in the end I mean what did you expect.

I've decided that I'm going to move abroad start a fresh maybe become a secret agent or some shit , yeah that sounds good.

Two weeks later

It's been a while , Australia is great I guess but I do have to get a job soon or they will tell me to bugger off back to where I came from because they have no time for useless people like me.

I've been looking for jobs but not many available and I've decided to act happier, Let's see how this turns out.

Hey Guys thanks for reading this Movella has become kind of popular with the reads I'm getting and so are my others so go check them out if you fancy something different to read , anyway enjoy your day/ night and have a good one- Fanboy_4_5sosc

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