My Love Is My War

This Story will be completely made by me nobody from and bands or films or anything just my characters and my mind.

Jordan has staggered through life with pain through out , His War has not even begun yet


1. Childhood Memories

School wasn't the best for me , I was never a 'popular' kid , y'know the one who sat on his own at lunch and the one who sat at the front of the bus on his own. This was not by choice so you know , I was forced to be this way , I was never accepted they never really took a liking to me , you know ?

There was a girl once , we dated for a while Jenna her name was. It was a time in life that I was actually happy and that I had someone that could help me ignore the pain of normal everyday life. Anyway this is how it went.

Normal day of school was painful for me but like all pain it fades after a while , I always admired her , Jenna , she was really quiet but was part of a certain 'popular' friendship group , I know I had no chance I mean I'm always made fun of everyday for being an Orphan , and I thought High School is where Kids became Adults ? Obviously not but it didn't matter to them because they had a perfect life with a caring mother and father , and they say my mum and dad did it because I was destine to be a Loner and a Freak.

Sometimes I think they're right but she made it seem other wise , she approached me telling me she liked me and that she wanted to be my girlfriend and that she 'Loves Me' . Personally I think love is a strong word but what do I know ?

I was astonished at the time though because I'd never been told this by anybody before and it was so weird for me so I went along with it because I thought nothing could be worse than my life right now , oh was I wrong.

The day she became my girlfriend was one of the best days of my life , I had someone to talk to , someone that would not repulse me because of what I am or what I like then this was like the rest of the week was like she would always hang around with me and would always want to be around me.

The next week well, shit hit that fan , that's all I can say it was because that's what it was , she would argue with me on anything and if she was upset she told her older brother and she would use him to threaten me and one time she got him to beat me up , I was weak and knew I shouldn't have fought back but I did anyway and ended up in hospital with no one standing there , three hours after she walked in and apologised and said she was wrong. Anybody else would say bugger off but I said that I forgave her.

A week went by and I recovered by then and she couldn't have been nicer but she repeated the cycle but the second time around I didn't forgive her I told her to get out of my life , worst mistake ? Probably.

I went back to normal everyday life for me but with more Harris than there was before , I'm not sure why they hated me so much , I'd done nothing to any of them but that's the way that they are so I deal with it , I'm out numbered so there was no point trying to stop it.

Jenna's brother kept finding me on the street walking home from school and hitting me in the stomach , It was no secret I was depressed and angry but concealing was given and I took up boxing to release my anger.

Love was not my thing I stayed away from anything that could lead into love , anything that did scared me so I hid from it and at the age of 16 I dropped out of school and tried to move on.

I guess all the concealing did help because I was able to talk to people and get myself a job but I was still depressed in life it just gave me a sinking feeling when I saw myself in the mirror . The only thing I have of my parents is a picture of them both , and on the back it read "Don't come looking , you will not find us , we don't want to be found , have a nice life son xx" That really Upset me when I understood it because I could not actually know what it's like to be 'normal' but I guess my life is mine and I have to live it.

Thanks guys for reading not the whole thing will be like this it will be based in present time too but I need to know weather I should continue with this story , anyway hope you enjoyed let me know if you did and let me know if you want anything to be installed to the story and I will try and add it in

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