A Demon's Fight For Love

There's a world where there's no turning back. Where wars are non-existence and fights are unheard of. Where eternal peace, love and joy can exist without the fear of chaos, hate and disgust. But before you can enjoy the fruits of this kingdom, you must face the triumphs of Heaven and Hell and all that comes with them...
In a story much like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, an angel named Maria must face her biggest fears in order to escape the wicked ways of her evil stepmother. Yet the ending to Maria's story is far from the fairytale you know...


2. Epilogue

“W-Where… Where am I?” Sylar gets slowly up from the ground he was laying upon. Rubbing the back of his head. “Ah… is this… no…” He glances around quickly. Searching for something that resembled a bridge. Seeing a shape in the distance, he rips his wings open and flaps towards the object. Soon after, he lands in front of it. Panting. He was standing in front of a bride who stood in front of the bridge. There were two pillars that were connected. Tall enough even for a giant too fit through if need be. He was bewildered but he had finally made it. He made it to the world where there can truly be peace. The place where demons, angels, and halfa’s can live in everlasting peace.

“You there!” Sylar looks up to the centre of the pillars. There, a man stood with black hair and a huge scar on his face. His clothes were all black and he also had angel wings, which were a dark shade of blue. The six foot male was a dark angel and he seemed to boast authority in this world. Before Sylar could ponder, the man jumped down and landed in front of him. “Why do you hesitate?”


“Why do you hesitate to go inside of the world of true peace? Is it because you are not dead, or are you a person who seeks only destruction? For if you are, I will not have that happen again and I will have to kill you here and now!” Before Sylar could possibly protest, a spear was pointed at his neck. Putting a cease to all words that were about to come out of his mouth. “Answer me!”

“I-I mean no destruction! My name is Sylar Shadowclaw, fourth ruler of Hell!” The dark angel frowned before pulling the spear away. As he does so, it slowly disappears in a quick flash of bright light.

“Sylar Shadowclaw?” Sylar nods, a feeling relief coursing through his body. “I look away for one moment and you die… hmm… killed by Raven and Chronos who, with their friends, have finished one half of the war against darkness. Now, despite their injuries, they’re returning home to finish the other half of the war.”

“H-How do you know all this?!”

“I know a lot of things Demon. I also know that you came here for two reasons. One, you died.” Sylar frowns, growing frustrated by this smart aleck attitude. “And two, you came here for your beloved Maria.”

“She’s here?!”

“She comes here everyday. Waiting for the man with hair as white as snow, eyes of blue that put water to shame and an attitude of someone who is lost, alone and has felt unwanted since his wife left him.” Sylar’s eyes widen before he looks to the ground. “However, this man never gives up. Even for something that far beyond his reach. No matter what he must go through, even if it means he has to kill another lonely man, he seeks redemption. But enough about looking into your past! My name is Sione and I guard this bridge that leads into the true afterlife.” Sylar looks up to Sione proceeds to move aside.

“And to your heart.” Behind Sione was a woman that Sylar thought he would never see again. Her hair was a beautiful brown and her eyes were so green they seemed to reflect emeralds. It was the one and only Maria. She laid one hand over her mouth to cover her astonishment. Sylar’s own mouth was hung open. No words were exchanged as they both cry and leap towards each other in pure joy.

Once he reaches her side, Sylar wraps her in his arms and holds her close as he cries.

“Maria! I thought… I thought...  I thought I would never see you again!” Maria smiled and shed tears herself. Holding him as close as she could with her frame.

“Same here, my love, same here… ohh I’m so glad to see you Sylar!” The two lovers cried in each other’s arms. Embracing each other. Kissing each other. They expressed all of the love that was once lost and has now been found once more...

Sione shakes his head before he flies back up to the middle of the pillars and turns to look out at the fresh, new horizon.

“So ends the only story this place holds...”

The End

Or is it?

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