A Demon's Fight For Love

There's a world where there's no turning back. Where wars are non-existence and fights are unheard of. Where eternal peace, love and joy can exist without the fear of chaos, hate and disgust. But before you can enjoy the fruits of this kingdom, you must face the triumphs of Heaven and Hell and all that comes with them...
In a story much like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, an angel named Maria must face her biggest fears in order to escape the wicked ways of her evil stepmother. Yet the ending to Maria's story is far from the fairytale you know...


1. A Demon's fight for love

We have all known, that there are two places where we can go after we die. The place of Peace, known as Heaven, and the place of eternal Torment, otherwise known as Hell. These worlds are the stepping stone to something greater. Something where no wars exist, a place where eternal peace can really happen. No one knows what it’s called….no one has ever come back from that place, because who would want to? This land is unknown, but there is a story about this land….and it starts with an angel and a demon.

Long ago, in the time of swords and arrows, was an angel that went by the name of Maria. Maria Gohono. This angel was beautiful, one of the fairest in the land of Heaven. She lived with her family in a two story house that floated amongst the clouds, much like other houses in the upper world. Her step mother, her real mother having been killed by a demon in the many wars they fought, had watched her everyday since her mother died, watching grow more and more beautiful, so she went to her husband one day.

“My love, will you tell me, who is the fairest in all of the land of Heaven?” The husband, father to Maria, looked down to her beautiful wife, and could only sigh, looking out the window to his daughter, who happened to be tending a garden. Her beauty was unmatched and then he turns back to his wife.

“You are of course.” He replies to his wife, with a loving smile. But the wife saw through his act, knowing exactly who he looked at as she forced a smile and then gave him a peck on the cheek. She then goes on, walking up to her room and she closes the door softly, but her anger is evident on her face.

“How can that little…..little…..BRAT be more fairer than me?!?!” She looks out the window and down the garden, looking down at the one tending it and scoffing, sitting on her bed. “If only she were gone! If only…...if only……” Her eyes widen as she gets an idea….a horrid idea. “I’ll make her leave….or otherwise….force her to leave.” Her plan went into action, but first she needed a demonic item, an item that could possibly be the most evil, satanic thing that existed in realm of hell. So, she went down to meet a demon. A demon that could help her with her task. She met one that was interested and existed only to torment others. It, the demon, was also promised something interesting.

“If you do what I want to her, then you can eat her soul. But to make sure that you killed her, you must bring me a lock of her hair before the third year of the third day of the third month!” The demon smiled at the easy request. Bringing the stepmother one of the three mighty swords of Hell. The Hibiki blade was radiating with darkness and death as it was handed to her, the stepmother, even with her evil intentions, felt afraid from the power of this blade.

“I-I-Is this the strongest one?”

“Only the third strongest my lady. The second and first are either sealed or taken.”

“Then how did you possibly manage to-”

“A question for another time. Now hurry and frame your Maria, so that I may have her soul that is ripe and tender for the eating.” The mother could only nod, and quickly, but secretly, take the blade to Maria’s room. Once there, she followed the instructions given to her by the demon.

“Once there, reveal the blade from the cloth. Then just chant the name of the one you want to frame and it will activate the aura, making her’s much like a demons..” The stepmother did the first step, but then looked to the bed, noticing that Maria was sleeping peacefully in the bed. From that moment, she realized that if she did not quietly whisper the name then Maria would wake up and catch her in the act. So she whispered her name once. Maria tossed, facing her with her eyes closed. Twice. Maria yawned as she stretched in the bed. And once more. The aura flared out, wrapping around Maria, who then jumped up quickly, looking to her stepmother.

“Mama?!?! What are you-”

“Demon!!!!! Maria is a demon!!!!!” The stepmother then tosses the sword to Maria, who foolishly catches the blade as her father rushes in.

“Maria? A demon?”

“No papa I-” Before she could answer, more angels appear. Many wielding swords and other weapons. All ready to kill Maria. So she did the only thing that came to mind. She turned and crashed through the window, dropping the sword as she ran for what seemed the longest time. She ran and ran. Beams of light, spears and arrows hitting the ground in front of her, beside her, and all around her, until she ran right out of the gates to Heaven. Falling down through the portal. Only then do the Angels of war stop following her. Kneeling down while they watch her fall down to the second world; Earth.

“Should we follow?”

“No. If she really is a demon, she may lead us to the gates of Hell. Start an entire war again.”

“It wouldn’t have been the first or second time you know?” The angels then stand and turn. Heading back into the gates of Heaven.

Down on Earth, Maria falls to the ground outside of a city in a forest of darkness.

“W-W-Where am I?” She gets up quickly, having fallen on her back, and looks around as the dark aura around her fades away.

“You are on the second world or, better known as, Earth.” Maria turns to see the demon the stepmother had made a deal wit. It licks it’s lips as it takes a step towards her. “Your stepmother said I had to take a lock of your hair back to her, the rest is mine…” The demon pulls out a sword. It gleams with dark energy as he lunges at Maria, who only dodges and runs even deeper into the forest.

“HELP!!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE!!!!!!” Maria shouts as she runs quicker. Faster. Only to trip on a log. Falling down to the ground, she tries to get up quickly. But the demon kicks her in the gut. Smiling down at her as it raises its sword. Ready to pierce her skin.

“YOUR SOUL IS MINE-ACK!!!!” The demon’s shout is cut short as a sword is pierced through his chest. Looking down, the demon can only gasp out in pain as the sword is removed. The head of the demon is then lopped off. As it rolls on the ground, the body falls to reveal a man standing behind of the fallen body. This man had the whitest of hair that seemed to reflect the color of snow and the darkest of blue eyes that could only be mistaken for water.

“Hmph…..you're an angel.” The man turns and begins to walk away, only to be stopped by Maria.

“I uh…...thank you…..for saving my life.”

“Hmph, don’t thank me… I was just doing what I wanted. Goodbye.” And with that, the stranger began to walk away.

“Wait!! Please!!” He stops and turns. Looking back towards the angel. “Please…...take me to your home.”

“Heh…...Hahahaha!! That’s not really something that an angel would ask a demon. I might kill you in your sleep or something! It’s best to stay away from me...” As he goes to walk away, the stranger is stopped by Maria grabbing hold of his hand.

“If you were going to kill me, you would have done so already! You saved my life... And if you take me in, I will tell you why I am down on Earth. Just please… please, I have nowhere to go!” The demon then sighs, gripping her hand as they disappear from the forest. Soon arriving in a house that seemed ordinary from the outside, but once you entered, it was as if The Rock or somebody famous lived inside of it.

“W-W-W-Where? How?”

“Don’t question it. If you are going to live with me, we may as well get acquainted with each other. My name is Sylar Shadowclaw!” He turns and looks at Maria, frowning.

“Oh right! Um… I’m Maria Gohono.” Sylar nods and holds out his hand. Maria takes the hand and shakes.

“So what's your story? How come you are not in Heaven? Honestly, you don’t see many female angels coming down to Earth for a little get together.” And so Maria told him of what happened in her home. How her stepmother framed her to be a demon. How she was chased out of that world. And so Sylar, in turn, told her about why he was on Earth. How he wanted nothing to do with the demons he was forced to work with down in Hell and so on and so forth.

From that day on, Sylar and Maria went from acquaintances, to friends, to promising they would never leave each other’s side. But that time was not to pass… for before they knew it, three years, three months and three days passed…

“Oh… I felt a kick!” Sylar announces as he beams brightly. His head close to Maria’s pregnant belly as she can only giggle. “Oh there’s another one!”

“Well of course there is more than one, they are trying to tell their daddy to go away so they can breath!” Sylar looks up to his wife and huffs.

“But why? The kids love their daddy!” Sylar then nuzzles the stomach, smiling widely as Maria sighs, shaking her head.

“Their birth date is coming up soon….only about-”

“One more day?”

“Three more days, love. Anyhow, I am bedridden for the rest of those days.” Maria announces as Sylar pulls his head away, a warm smile on his face.

“Then I am to stay with you until you can walk once more! After all, how would I be a good husband if I did not?” Maria smiles back and shakes her head.

“Even if you tried to leave, I would have ordered you to stay by my side. We made a contract, remember?” Contracts: Deals that can be made with demons in order to use them for their power or other means. Many demons are forced into contracts with humans. So humans are also able to have the ability to fight against angels and demons, and so become a part of a war that is too big for them. However, other demons freely make contracts with those they choose. For a price.

“Geez you are a scary woman. But no matter, my side of the deal has been paid!” Sylar hugs her tightly, but not too tightly.

“Yeah, yeah! The part where it was to live with you to the end. You could have just shown the ring to me earlier!” Maria smirks, kissing Sylar lovingly.

From the window behind them was an imp, a lesser demon. It then flies away, heading upwards to the gates of heaven, disguising itself as a small angel child. It then walks through the gates undetected, running into the stepmother of Maria.

“Well? Is that demon going to bring it now or is it really not going to hold up bargain?”

“Tis not the demon you made a deal with my lady….” A deep, raspy voice comes out of the child, not even close to what an actual child would sound like.  “That demon has long been exterminated…”

“What do you mean? The demon was killed?! How?!”

“The demon was killed by a higher ranking demon….he goes by the name of Sylar Shadowclaw. The women is pregnant. With twins. Just thought I would mention that.”

“Hmph…..you kill her for me then! You can have her soul!”

“I may exist to feast on delicious souls, but I am not stupid! He is a part of the Shadowclaw clan!! The strongest clan in Hell! The demons that look like half-breed spawns, only to fight and have the power of a demon god!! You can do this yourself wench!” The imp then turns and heads back for the gates, leaving for Earth. Leaving the stepmother by herself to think of how to get rid of Maria.

“No demonic help… I still have a way to get rid of her! I shall need a poison though.” The stepmother then turned and headed back to her home. For hours, the stepmother began to create a liquid potion. Along with making the potion, she was looking for the right disguise to fool her stepdaughter. Soon after the two days of long work, the stepmother’s disguise came to be of an old hag holding onto a bottle of purifying water, good for the other little souls inside of you.

“Now, to find where she lives, give her this and watch her die with the babies inside of her! Three birds with one stone.” She began the long travel to find Maria.

Speaking of the angel, it turns out her birth was far sooner than expected. It was as if it was supposed to happen early. Sylar had gone out to get their private doctor, an old friend of his who goes by the name of Tobius. Leaving her alone was a mistake as the old woman comes close to her bedside by the window.

“Hello?” The elderly woman's voice croaked as she looked through the window to see Maria, who wasn’t doing well at all.

“Y-Y-Yes??” Maria asks as she looks to the window, breathing slowly, closely approaching the time of birth.

“Would you perhaps be interested in a bottle of purifying water? It’s good for the soul.”

“N-N-N-No thank you, I have water right here! I’m fine!!”

“You seem to be having trouble, is something the matter?” The old woman asks as she gently leans against the wall. Maria’s breathing heightens slightly, but she soon calms it down.

“I’m going to have twins… it was supposed to be tomorrow… but my water just broke…” Maria grows worried. Will she be able to wait for Sylar and Tobius to return? Will she be able to hold out until then? Even if she could, would the twins be alright if she tried to hold them in until then? There was no stopping the babies coming up and all she could do was hope that Sylar and Tobius would arrive soon! She turns back to the old woman who had spoken.

“This water helps sooth the pain of childbirth. It will help you while you have the children. But beware! You must drink it now, before the babies be had!” Maria looks to the bottle and sighs as she feels a pang of pain. Seeing a very limited number of options here.

“Give me the stupid drink! I’ll do anything to make this better!” The old woman smirks as she hands the water over to Maria, before she gently hobbles away. Returning to her original form as Maria’s stepmother as she snickers evilly. Hearing nothing but coughing and heaving.

“What’s wrong?!” Sylar had returned. Just in time to see his wife choking on the poison. He pushes Tobius towards the bed as he can see that something is wrong! “Just do your thing you're a doctor!”

“Alright alright….what’s this?” Tobius notices a bottle on the floor, picks it up and sniffs it. He then takes a swig before quickly spitting it back out. “She has been poisoned!” Sylar looks to her wife, the coughing having calmed down. She was breathing slowly. On the brink of death.

“My… babies… please…!”

“Right, here let me!” Tobius pulls out a scalpel and prepares to cut open Maria’s stomach. Sylar grabbing his hand.

“What are you doing Tobius?!”

“I am going to perform c-section on your wife! It’s the only way to save the babies from the poison. There is a small chance that they will live through it but die with your wife if you don’t let me do my work!” Tobius roughly frees his hand before he begins to trace lines on the most plausible places. Sylar goes up and takes Maria’s hand.

“Maria… I have failed you… at least tell me who did this to you! I will avenge you. I swear to the Gods that I will!” Maria smiled at her husband faintly, watching him kiss her hand. Tears threatening to fall down his face as he tightens his grip.

“It… was… an old woman… she… knew a lot about childbirth… she might be still nearby! She had… the same energy… as the woman I told you about!”

“So you're telling me that it was your stepmother?” Maria could only smile and nod. Sylar got up from his knees. His anger rising.

“So she can’t stop the moment she tosses you out of your home, eh? I’m going to find her and I’m going to kill her!” Sylar announces. His true demon voice coming out as he tries to hold in his demonic form. He then looks down to his wife. “Do you approve?”

“Of course… she’s had it… coming… just… hurry back…” Sylar nods and jumps out of the window. Running through the forest after the stepmother. Leaving Tobius behind to do his work.

“The poison is going through your body quickly, there is a 87% chance that you will die and the babies will survive, 10% chance that you will survive and the babies will die and a 3% chance that you will both survive the moment i get the babies out and cut the cord so the poison won’t get in and then close up the wound quick enough and get rid of the poison in your system! Honestly, I don’t think I will get the 3%, but I will try my best! That’s all I can offer… ”

“Thank you… just at least… save my babies!” Tobius pressed the scalpel to her skin.

Meanwhile, the stepmother was heading towards the portal to get back into Heaven.

“Now I can be the fairest of all in the all of Heaven! Or maybe I have to off a few more women that get other men’s attention... hehehe...”

You won’t even be able to return to Heaven alive!” The stepmother looks behind her and all around. Wondering who had threatened her before she looked up to see Sylar. Sylar slams into the ground, cracking it as he slowly rises from his superman landing.

“W-W-Who are you?”

The name is Sylar Shadowclaw and you have just made the biggest mistake of your life!” The stepmother tries to run. But bumps into Sylar again, who had teleported to be directly in front of her. His hand flies behind his back as the shine and a flash of light can be heard! A sword slowly appears from a different dimension as he takes a step forward. Causing the vile woman to fall on her back! No words needed to be said. This was the moment the bad guy dies.

But this is not the moment when everything becomes peachy keen, you know?

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” The scream echoed through the forest. Sylar had claimed the soul of the stepmother.

Hmph, your soul isn’t even worth the effort!” Sylar says as his voice goes from demonic and back to his original, sighing as he looks to her soul. His demon form transforming back into his human form. He promptly drops the soul, kicking it far away before he returns back to his home. Praying that Tobius saved his wife! But alas, his hopes did not come true. When he arrived, the only thing that could be heard was the wail of new born twins. “Tobius! My wife, is she-”

“She has passed on… she now rests eternally here. Starting a new journey in another world.” The demon stands as he watches Sylar go over to his wife. It looked as though she was merely resting, but her body held a different tone of cold. The cold of death. Sylar was unable utter a word. And as he could only shed tears, Tobius watched the children. Handing the two over to him once he was done. “She said their names were to be Raven and Chronos Shadowclaw.”

Sylar sniffed up the last of his tears as he wiped away some water from his face, looking down to his sons and smiling gently.

“Then, Raven and Chronos, I shall do my best to take care the both of you...” But as he spoke, fate would have it differently.

A few months have passed and Sylar’s grief was as deep as ever. He was thinking of ways to get his wife back. The only solution to him was to go back to hell and assume power. But he couldn’t take his children with him! The realm of hell was an awful place, unfit for children. Especially those who were of two different species. Demons looked down on any and all halfas, and at one time, Sylar himself did too. So he could only come up with one solution, so as he was unable to find Tobius, he abandoned his children.

On that day, he bumped into a man with similar hair. But his eyes were yellow. This man’s name was John. He was an experiment of the cyborg kind and his story is a sad one. Let’s just say that he is almost always alone now. As Sylar walked away with only a few tears in his eyes, the cry of two babies can be heard. Sylar speeds up. Unable to turn around. Unable to walk back. All he could do was run. Nothing stopping him. Not even for John, who shouted a hey twice before he looked back to the house and rushed inside to go and quiet the children.

From that day, for a whole six years John became the boy's father. He made them laugh. He made them smile. And he gave them everything a child could have so they could grow into a pair of great boys. But of course, it was only for six years.

During those six years, Sylar had rose to the greater heights of demons. Becoming the fourth ruler of Hell and began a plan that he hopes to bring down Heaven. But in order to start that very plan, he needed to kill both of his sons. And kill his sons he would.

If only John hadn’t gotten in the way, Sylar would have pierced Raven with a spear that he had thrown at the them when they were in the forest not far from John’s home.

“Daddy!!!!!!” Raven jumps up from the little playground he made by digging a hole. At the time he was trying to make a death pit for his little army men. Chronos was getting buried by his little feet. Both white haired boys were now filled with fear. Their green eyes looking up to their father as he coughed up oil and blood. His hand rising up to his mouth to try and stop it as his other hand goes down and grips the spear.

“I need you boys to run, you hear me?” John groans as he pushes back against the spear. It clangs against the ground as he pants. Electricity buzzing out from the hole as he falls to his knees.

“B-B-But dad-”

“Please don’t argue with me…! Just go back to the house and call Tobius… he will get you to safety alright?” The cyborg looked up to the boys and smiled. “Be good alright?”

Raven tries to protest again but Chronos grabs his arm and starts to drag him back to the house. All the while, Raven’s cries are heard as he tries to get there dad to go with them… too bad John couldn’t.

“So….you're their adoptive father, eh??” Sylar huffs as he spawns his sword and rushes forward. “This will be quick.” John stumbles. Landing on his knee. Sylar taking this as a surrender and slashes.


“What?” John is holding the spear, a big smirk on his face as he had blocked the sword.

“I’m not gonna go down just like that… I have new kids to protect and I really, really don’t want to lose them!” A metallic sound rings out. John gets a burst of strength as he roars and pushes himself off of the ground. Sending Sylar flying back and rolling on it. Sylar tries to get up. Seeing John come rushing forward, the spear pointed for his eyes. Sylar growls and jumps up. Dodging the attack. Looking down at John as the white haired cyborg looks up to the white haired demon. Another metallic sound is heard as the ground cracks and breaks open while John leaps up. Slamming his fist into Sylar’s gut. The demon gasps. Having lost all air from that single punch, he flies back up into the sky.

“TAKE THIS!!!” John throws the spear he held. It travels with incredible speed as it aims to hit Sylar.

“ENOUGH!” Sylar brings out his demonic form. His wings flapping him away from the danger of being hit by the spear. “YOU DIE HERE!!!” The sound of a dragon’s wing beats could be heard as one flap makes him go faster than anything. John, unable to fly, watches Sylar rocket towards him.


Gunshots ring out from under John’s coat. He’s holding two guns that are both firing as fast as they can towards Sylar. The bullets pierce the wind and air flying past the demon. Some of them hitting him as he roars out in pain. Sylar slams into him. The both of them hit the ground. John lets out a gasp of pain as Sylar only grows madder and madder. The ground cracks once again and beneath them arises fire. One of the perks of being the ruler of Hell, depending on your emotions, the environment will react. And Sylar is pretty pissed at the fact John is surviving. John notices this and then flips the both of them. Pushing Sylar’s back to the ground. Kicking off of him to land elsewhere. The roar of Sylar landing in the fire, a thud could be rocked through the Earth as John lands back on his feet.

“Well, that was quite-GOHHHOHHHH!!!!!!!” From beneath John a fist rises from the ground. Sylar had tunneled with his immense speed and power. He slams his fist into John’s gut while he rises from the Earth. John goes up into the air and goes to aim his guns again. But it was futile. Having Sylar up close and wailing on him. Unable to fight back. And as much as he tried, he got spiked to the ground by his upper abdomen. Slamming into it and breaking it apart.

“There….now it is finished.” Sylar says as he sighs and walks over to John. His sword reappearing back in his hand.

“Damn you… I know you left them six years ago! You left them when they were babies! Barely a month old! And now you just want to come back and take them back into your life! Well you can’t! They're just kids and they accept me as their father not you!”

Sylar eyes fill with anger as he lifts his sword and slams it into John’s body. “GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!”

“What the hell do you know?! I came here to take my children's lives! Not to have them live with me!” Sylar lifts his blades out of John’s body. Only to stab them into him again. And he wouldn’t stop there. He kept going and going.


“Once they die, then I can die! And when that happens, we can move on! I can go to join my wife in the true afterlife! The third place where you go when you die! The place where halfa’s always go! You know nothing! You know nothing of loss!”

“I…..know nothing, huh? I know a lot more than you think!” John grabs the sword. It cuts his hand but stops the moment it hits the metallic structure that has long served as his bones. A roar of anger escapes John as he pushes himself up and kicks Sylar in the face. Sending him up into the sky.

“YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!” Sylar’s demonic voice roars as he holds his sword towards John. Readying himself for the final attack.

“YEAH YEAH! NOT BEFORE YOU!” John chucks his cloak off and from behind it were two RPGS. “THEY ARE MY KIDS NOW AND I WILL NOT LET YOU HURT THEM!” The energy coming from Sylar was immense. John’s eyes seem to lock onto the target as his fingers go straight to the triggers. The both of them attacked.

“Your father is dead.” Tobius announces to the two crying six year olds. Slapping the both of them to snap them out of their crying fits. “Enough!” They quietened out of fear. Listening to Tobius through their quiet sniffles. “Your true father, Sylar, has gone mad. Thinking that by killing the two of you, he can see his wife. He maybe right, but I do not wish to see two young children like the two of you to die!”

John was on the ground. Breathing heavily as his chest rose and fell. From the chest to his lower abdomen was a deep gash of a sword. The sword slash was unable to cut through the metallic skeleton all of the way, but it left a deep, deep gush of blood and oil to leak out.

“T-Then….what can we do?” The youngest of the twins, Raven, asked as he sniffled. Looking to his older brother then back up to Tobius for help.

Sylar limped over to John. The missiles having caused one of his legs to come out of commission. This human was far more formidable than he thought. Injuring him… causing him pain… the battle was over now. But the hunt begins. Sylar stops, looking down to the cyborg as it coughed up blood.


“You can fight. I will train you. But you will have to train for years! Don’t know when you will have enough power.” Chronos sniffs once more before he sighs. Hoping that he can try to be brave for once. Be brave at least to at least his younger brother.

“Y-Y-You’re pathetic- hack!!” John coughed up even more blood. Death approaching him as a single tear rolled down his face. “D-Damn it…..forgive me whomever is up there… I… couldn’t do… what I could for those kids… god it’s like Chrys all over again!” One of his hands shakily went up to his eyes to try and cover them as more tears leak out. “Can you… forgive… me… Chrys? Can I… .go….up there with you… and… be your dad… once… ag-” The wind blew and John’s hand fell. Bumping once on the ground as he lies there with his eyes, well...

“Then train us… please? For our dad?”

“I didn’t need you to ask. I was going to force you if you didn’t agree, anyhow...” The kids shivered at Tobius’ statement. Knowing he was truthful.

And so, for years, Sylar chased after the twins. And for years he failed. Even when he had the Seven Deadly Sins, the strongest of demons, at his side to help in the war.

But after almost thirty years, he never had the chance to kill them.

Finally, Raven and Chronos had enough. They decided that they had enough of training. With both of them at the age of 32, they decided that they were ready.

But Raven had other problems. He met this woman called Amber. At first glance, she didn’t seem like much. But she was actually the Queen of Klorraisha, the Land of the Light. She was an echo; a being that cannot die until their mission is fulfilled. Her mission was to end the war between the darkness and light in Faelosergon, the realm her kingdom lies in. A being known as Dargour, former king of Klorraisha and now self-proclaimed ruler of darkness, had made an alliance with Sylar. And so, in some ways, you could say that Amber’s war became Raven’s war. Through all the years they worked together, Raven had begun to become increasingly more interested in Amber. Raven was intrigued by so many little things that she did. The way she would constantly be on the move. The way she would put other people's needs before herself. The way she would disappear for days at a time without a trace or a word!

But he continued to persist on his quest to help her. At every chance he got, he would look after the twins. He would treat her to a meal out or a dinner for two whenever she had time to spare! Slowly and gradually, Raven felt himself fall ever so slightly for her crimson red hair, golden brown eyes and the stubborn words that would always come out of her mouth. Eventually, the longing he had for the next moment they spoke couldn't be denied any longer.

They were well and truly and madly in love and there was nothing either of them could do to hide it. So Raven admitted his feelings for her and from that day on they have been inseparable. Raven soon became a father figure for the young twins that Amber watched over from before they met, and, when they arrived to, for the quadruplets that Amber had been pregnant with since before they greeted one another too.

And now, on the day when Raven, Chronos and a few of their allies decided to travel down to Hell, Raven and Amber were having an argument of sorts.

“Is this why you were being so loving to me?! So that I would be relaxed and watch you go down into one of the darkest corners of the world?!”

“Now love, you don’t, well... okay... maybe I was, yes! Maybe that’s why I have been so over-loving as you say, but I always am aren’t I?!” Amber fumed, her rage was about the fact that Raven was going down to one of the most dangerous places in all the realms. He might not even come back alive.

“You should have told me! Give me a few seconds to get ready so I can come with you!” She headed towards her room. Going to grab a few things.

“I can’t let you do that, love!” Raven frowned as he teleported in front of the doorway. Leaning against it once he appears.

“Why not?!”

“Because I don’t want to lose you!” Amber went quiet at that exact moment. Raven took that as an okay to continue on why his reasons in which he did not want her to join him. “Look, you have met Sylar before. He is stronger than anything that darkness can throw at us! The only reason he made a pact with Dargour was because he wanted to come after me. He lives only to kill me and my brother! He will hack through every single soldier in our armies just to at least nick me with his blade! And I know you don’t want that to happen... After all….you're the Queen of Klorrisha.”  Amber huffs. Raven had pulled out her biggest responsibility on her. She was, indeed, the current ruler of the Land of Light and she would do anything to protect her people. Usually, when Raven pulled this out on her, she would concede to Raven. And today was no different than any other one of those days.

“Rrrrgh… fine… fine!” Amber turned away from him. Refusing to look him in the eye. “Just… at least say goodbye to the kids…”

“More like an I’ll see you later. I am going to come back you know!” Raven responded as he smiled, stretching once. In mid-stretch, he’s startled by Amber, who had turned back around to face him again.

“I order you to come back! Both on my authority as Queen, and on the covenant that we made!” Amber held up her hand. A circle with four stars circling around it laid upon the palm of it. It was the shape of the covenant that was made between the two of them. Raven could only smile before slowly sinking to one knee in front of his red haired beauty.

“As you wish, my love.” Amber sighed. Hoping that his word will be kept.

“Now go say later to the kids! They’re going to miss you.” Raven smirked and stood up as he gently takes Amber’s hand. Kissing her knuckles softly.

“But the twins aren’t here. They must have went to go and play somewhere...”

“The quads are here. Go to them!” Amber replies as she shakes her head with a small blush on her face while she looks away.

“Are you upset with me?” The halfa asked as he gazed up at Amber.

“No…” Raven gently hugs her to bring her closer to him. The sudden movement causes her to look up at her white haired lover. Taking this as his chance, he leans down and kisses her. The kiss lasts for a few seconds before ending with the two pulling away from each other.

“I swear I will come back, okay?” Amber nods in response, looking up to Raven as he smiles back.

“You better!” And with that Raven kissed her one last time before he heads into a nearby room by himself. Opening the door to the sound of a baby’s cry.

“Ah, Lacy!” He quickly ran over to the red-haired baby’s crib. Gently lifting her out of it and bouncing her gently to calm her cries. Soon enough, the cries slow to a stop as she stares up at him with her big blue eyes. “Hoo… you sure do like to cry a lot, don’t you? You probably only do it because you know I’m near!” Her hand goes up and gently slaps his face. Resting on the spot as he smiles down at her.


“Yes, yes, I’m your da! Now don’t be so loud. You might wake the others-” Too late. Two of the other quads had already begun to cry. Lacy had been too loud for too long. “Ah, now you’ve woken up your brothers!” He moves to try and quiet the black haired and blonde haired little ones; Tico and Strike. “Hey guys calm down…”

He leans down and picks up Tico with his left arm while using his tail to play with Strike. Soon the crying quietens down. Strike was now holding onto Raven’s slightly demonic tail while Tico was looking at him with his own blue eyes and Lacy... well, Lacy was now tugging on Raven’s cheek.  The snow white haired man could only sigh in happiness as the three babies squealed. All enjoying the parts of him they were playing with.

After an hour of squeals, hair tugging, tickling and other things that Raven did to play with the trio, he finally tucked Lacy into her crib as they had all fallen swiftly back to sleep. As he began to sneak out, one last cry could be heard. The fourth of the quadruplets had finally awoken and was now crying from being neglected. Raven felt a little irritation. But that was washed away as he approached the last crib in the room. The feeling of irritation was now replaced with a warm feeling as he reached in and gently picked Flare up. The blonde haired little one was crying far louder than his siblings, Raven had little trouble soothing his cries and the moment that he did, Flare had Raven’s index finger in his mouth.

“Still teething a bit, huh?” Flare remained quiet as he looked to his father. His blue eyes seeming to reflect Raven’s own green ones. “Don’t give me that look… I am going to come back!”


“Okay, maybe not come back unharmed… maybe I’ll lose an arm or something...”


“Okay, okay! I’ll try my best not to lose an arm!” Raven says with a smile as Flare had let go of his finger. Glancing between him and his little feet. “You want to try and walk?” Flare’s only response is looking towards the ground. “How about crawling instead?” Flare was still staring at the ground. This time smiling as he jumped up and down in his father's arms. He laughs and shakes his head as he gently sets him down before he sits behind him. Watching little Flare lift his head from the ground. “You can start whenever, you know!”

“How about he comes over to me?” Raven looks up to see Amber walk into the room.

“Thats a great idea! Head over to mommy, Flare!” Flare makes some noises of excitement as he begins his crawl towards his mother, who quickly kneels down and waits for her son to reach her. After very few slips, Flare finally made it. He could only squeal in both triumph and excitement!

“Wow he got over there quicker than I thought he would!” Raven stood, a smile on his face as he joins their side while he watches Amber pick Flare up.

“Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it!” Amber beamed and kissed Flare's forehead. He squealed slightly for a couple of seconds before yawning. “Uh oh, you’ve only have been awake for a little while.”

“Well, babies like to sleep after they finish something… or at least, that’s what I think!” Amber giggled as she watches Flare drop his head gently. “I think that's my cue to go…”

“Just hurry back… and don’t get injured too badly…” Amber gazed up at Raven, who in turn sighed in response and kissed her one last time.

“I promise. I was ordered to come back anyway, my Queen!” Amber shook her head and chuckled back. Raven left quickly. Heading outside as he quietly shuts the door behind him.

“Hey,” Raven nearly jumped out of his armor he had equipped himself with before he played with the quadruplets.

“JESUS! Chronos, what the heck?!” Raven’s twin brother held up his hands in fake surrender.

“Sorry, sorry! Geez, I never figured you out to be the one who got scared of someone saying ‘hello’!” Raven huffed in frustration at his brother’s cocky smirk. He laughed to himself. “So… I take it by your armor that you’re finally ready to go?” Raven so wanted to say no… he really wanted to just stay to sleep with his wife and enjoy the time he had with the kids, but Sylar would never let that happen. He would probably attack and try to kidnap one of the quads again or go after Roman and Ryan, the twins, or maybe even Amber!

“Yes…” Raven eventually put his wishing aside and sighed. This was supposed to happen and it was finally going to end tonight. Only one of the three demons were guaranteed to leave this battle. “How many are going to come with us?” His worried expression has now been replaced with a serious one. Raven’s frown was back.

“Leo, Tobius, Psyco and Ai have agreed to come. John would have too but he’s too busy guarding the gates of Heaven.” Raven sighed again. He knew that was a fair enough excuse. John was indeed the guardian of Heaven’s gates and has been ever since he died. They couldn’t expect much more help from their foster father.

“It doesn’t matter. We can do this with everyone we got!” Chronos could only nod in response, as they set out. Leaving for the world known as Hell.

“...And that’s it. That’s why I want to kill you!”

“We were told this by Tobius… but to hear you say it…” Raven stands there, the castle of Hell had been brought down to the ground amidst the destruction of the small war. “You’re just a selfish bastard!” Raven jumps. His blade, the Hirokoni blade, held firmly in his hand slashing at the opponent. It clangs against Sylar’s own blade. His Foranchose blade was among the top twenty blades of Hell. Meaning it could easily hold the white haired halfa off.

“Selfish? Perhaps! But I can’t change what I’ve done now so I must continue forward! For my wife!”

“We stopped being a part of your family the moment you abandoned us!” From behind Sylar came Chronos. He was holding onto the Hibiki blade. Yes, the very blade that was used to frame Maria. The third strongest blade of Hell with all of it’s darkness infused to the tip of the blade as Chronos lunged. The blade ready to pierce Sylar.


“W-What?!” With Chronos bewildered, Raven owned his own mask of pure shock. Sylar held his left hand behind himself. In it was a second sword.

“He can wield two swords?!” Sylar roars. His demonic form exploding. With it comes his full power as he slashes the both of them away. Striking at the air rapidly. Testing his skill with his weapons once more.

Raven growls in pure anger as he fires through the air. Releasing his own demonic form. It looks just like his father’s. The only difference being that the dragon like wings are covered in a mixture between demon and angel feathers. The sudden appearance of the wings causes his armor to break apart. Leaving him in his black shirt he wore underneath. As he uses his wings to stop himself, Raven glares towards his father. His eyes having completely lost their pupils to be replaced by a deep and dark blue colour. Chronos skids across the ground. His back slamming into a piece of castle rubble.

“Tch… damn him!” Chronos rises up in anger. His great sword slams into the ground. His wings rip out of his back. But it was strange. Although his wings looked like a mixture of a demons and an angels too, it seemed that Raven gained the dominant blood of the demon, making him even more closer to a demon and his father, while Chronos was given the dominant blood of his mother. Horns appeared on the top of two of their heads. Their teeth grow as sharp as a bucket of knives. Raven and Chronos letting out their battle roar.

“Hehehe, it’s about time we get serious! Do you want to know a fun fact? For every demonic part I have, I gain more power! But if I lift one, such as my voice...” Sylar’s voice fades from demonic and deep, to his normal voice. Both of the twins grow confused. A powerful energy surges out. The wind becomes harsh and the dark energy surrounds Sylar. Getting darker and darker. “My full power get’s doubled! But I can only do it once with one body part.” He starts to approach them. His sword gleaming with the dark energy that flows around the tips of the blades. Raven growls. His claws grip onto the sword as he prepares to attack. Chronos however, is concentrating on Sylar’s blades.

There is a reason why the blades of hell are numbered as they are; as the top 100 and top 20. All the blades have the ability to break one another. Chronos had began to study the blades of Hell and most of the time, the studying paid off. Usually, he’s able to break his enemies’ blades with his own Hibiki one. He was lucky to find it near the gates of Heaven. It had apparently been tossed out by other angels as it was the weakest of the top three blades of Hell. The greatsword was not to be crossed with power. Raven had his Hirokoni blade, which was the fifth strongest, could help considerably if Raven himself actually cared about sword strength too. He’s the type of person who says it’s about the person who uses the blade itself. Anyhow, as Chronos watched Sylar approach Raven, his eyes drop to the second blade that Sylar had pulled out. His eyes widen. He shudders. Slowly starting to back away. Raven notices the fear upon his face and looks to him. His gaze away from Sylar.

“Chronos! What’s wrong?!” Chronos snaps out of his trance. Brought back by his own brother’s voice. “Answer me, come on!”

“We can’t win!” Raven was taken aback by this statement.

He frowned to his brother. “What are you even talking about?! We can you idiot!”

“No, you fool, we can’t! He has the Suichino blade!” Raven quirks an eyebrow in confusion. Before he’s able to ask what it was, Sylar jumps at him with an alarming speed. He’s barely able to block him as the Suichin blade clangs against his own. Sylar smirking with evil intent. “HE HAS THE SECOND STRONGEST BLADE IN HELL!” Sylar thrusts his second blade. Raven responds with a jump back. Roaring out, his demonic form makes his voice sound far more threatening. Chronos curses and charges forward. His own sword grinding against the earth as he approaches Sylar quickly. Raven teleports behind the evil demon king.

“You're both idiots! You rely on teamwork. But what happens if I break that apart?” Sylar smirks as he kicks Raven out of the way. Charging straight towards Chronos. As speed and precision is not his strong suit, Sylar slashes Chronos far too quickly.


Chronos blinks. In front of him are three blades intersecting just a few mere inches away from his chest.

“Pay attention more! I can’t save you every time…” Chronos looks to his side. Watching Raven hold off the blades with his own. Meanwhile, Sylar is tching.

“T-Thanks.” Chronos slashes upwards. Intending to slash Sylar in two.

“Hmph!” The demon king  jumps up. Leaving the twins as his wings spread. Flapping above them. “No matter how hard you try, the victor has already been decided!” Raven growl. Spreading his own wings as he, too, flaps off of the ground. He flaps so hard, it makes Chronos stumble.

“Hey!” Chronos lifts himself, too, off of the ground. The two of them sounding like jets as they rocket towards Sylar. Sylar, in turn, charges towards them too. The mighty clang of their weapons is heard as they clash. Each of them matching blow for blow. Until finally, Raven flew back to the ground. The kick delivered by Sylar was too much for him to handle.

“HAGGGUH!” Raven literally bounces off of the ground before landing back on the crack that was formed. He struggles to get back up. The fight in the air still rages on.


Chronos and Sylar are still going at it. Sylar twists and turns with so much ease that he makes it looks like he could do with greater swords. Even though he was lugging the great Hibiki blade around, Chronos was still moving pretty quick himself.

“DAMMIT! STAY STILL!” Chronos shouts in anger. He thrusts forward with the blade. Sylar moves aside and smirks. Chronos’ face falls with at his mistake.

“Nah, I love to move around!” Having said that, Sylar kicks Chronos in the gut. Then again in the face. Slashing viciously at his chest as blood spurts out as though it has found it’s mark.

“ARGGGGGGHHHH!” Raven’s eyes widen as he heard the scream of pain. Quickly, he looks up to see Chronos holding his chest with one arm. Heaving as the blood spills out of the wound.

“Chronos!” He stumbles to his feet before spreading his wings. Preparing to go back up.

“STAY OUT OF THE WAY BROTHER!” Raven stops and quirks a brow. Noticing that all of the dark energy Chronos possessed was forging into his blade. “BLOODLUST OF HELL!” The Hibiki’s ultimate technique! It can only be activated with the user having focus on all of his dark energy on his blade. The blade must also be coated in the user's blood. Chronos’s blood gave an effective paint job to the dark blade of Hell. “YAAAAAAHHHH!” Chronos, with just one arm, slashes in all of the directions in front of him. Large slashes of dark red energy were swinging through the air. If you were able to dodge the slash, it’s said you would be unable to breath for an entire minute! That’s why Sylar knew he couldn’t evade. Only block.

“DAMN YOU! SHADOWCLAW SHELL!” Sylar turns around quickly, spins, and a torrent of air flies around him. He holds his two blades up in front of him like a cross. The air wraps around him quickly. Merging with the dark energy that he was constantly pouring out. All so that his attacks could have more kick.

“He can use more than just dark energy?!” Raven yells as he takes his sword out of the ground. He flaps his wings before flying up into the sky. Ready to attack Sylar again. The explosions from every one of the slashes is immense.

Chronos is not letting up yet.

“YAHHHH! YAHHHH! YAHHHH!” Every time he shouts out, another slash is made. He soon lets go of his wound before grabbing the Hibiki with both of his hands and slashes down. “FULL POWER!” A slash bigger than the rest is released. Threatening to slash through the dimension. Sylar spots this and his eyes widen. Before anything could be seen, another explosion occurs. The two brothers unable to see through the immense darkness. Almost unseen, Sylar pops out of it. He survived. The blast only made him angrier. You see, the darkness cloud that formed around Sylar was designed to kill anyone that didn’t use darkness as an attribute. Sylar lucked out there and he didn’t waste it. As his blades form an X like shape, his Suichino glows with darkness mixed with fire. The Froranscho seemed to be a mix between light and darkness. Sylar glowed with darkness himself.

“SHADOWCLAW ONIGIRI SLASH OF DEATH!” Chronos had to act quickly before-

“CHRONOS!” Raven yells out. Sylar is seen making it through, but something was off. It seemed as though a flash of darkness was right in front of the trajectory where Sylar had slashed. Then a huge X like wound appeared on Chronos’s chest as he coughed up nothing but blood. His wings lost strength. He fell to the ground with a thud. His eyes white.

“NOOO!” Raven flaps once. The strength from that single flap makes him land right by his brother. Dropping his blade, he reaches down before pulling away. Fearing that if he dared to touched the wound, it would worsen.

“Hmph… that Chronos is a smart one.” Raven turned to look at Sylar in anger. He landed only a yard away from the both of them. “He used his move once more to soften the blow. Saving his life and allowing him to stay whole.” He starts to walk over to them. Raven getting madder and madder. He indeed could feel Chronos’ ragged breath. He was barely alive.

“SHUT UP! STOP TREATING US AS YOUR GODDAMN WORK OUT AND TAKE US SERIOUSLY FOR ONCE!” Raven charges forward. Sylar smirks and lifts the two of his swords. Aiming them both at Raven.

“Sure, son. Come play with daddy!” Sylar charges forward. A smirk on his face as the two of them clang their weapons together. The single clang cracked the ground. Raven’s blade shined with energy of both darkness and light. “Golden light energy?!”

Back in Raven’s home, Amber was directing a plan on how to counter the next attack from the forces of darkness in her world. When when she pointed, her hands lit up with her magical energy. “Huh?”

“Your Highness, are you okay?” Although Amber was perplexed, she looked up to the general and nodded.

“Yes, of course I am… let’s just focus on this.” Amber was indeed worried. Her magic has never done this before. Nor has the stars on her covenant shined a blue color. All four of them were radiating a familiar and warm energy. Raven?

Back down in Hell, the two pull away from each other. Sylar being on his last legs having used up a lot of magical energy to block and attack. He wanted to finish this now. The same went with Raven. He had used up a lot of his magical energy to try and keep up with trying to weaken Sylar. Each had one last move they could use to bring things to their favor.

“THIS WILL END IT! ALL OF IT! SHADOWCLAW!” Sylar’s dark energy glowed with dominance. His power rising as high as he could make it.

“THATS ONE THING WE CAN AGREE ON!” Raven shines brightly. The golden light energy and black darkness wrapping themselves around both him and his blade. “STAR OF HEAVEN!” A blue star appears above Raven. Shining brightly. “STARS OF EARTH!” Two more stars of a similar shape appear. They too shining as they start to form a circle. “STARS OF HELL!” Three more stars shine by him. And above the both of their heads, three bright lights shine down. Indicating the stars way above their heads. Sylar is growing worried having noticed the sudden change in power.

“Oh… god he’s going to use it… but no one has been able to in… forever!” No, I must focus! I will win! I will WIN! I will WIN for Maria!” “DARKNESS ENERGY!” Sylar shouts, preparing to attack at any moment.

“And finally, stars of my world.” Four more stars appear, making a total of ten.

Back to where Amber was, the meeting had ended long before and she was inspecting the stars on her wrist. The four glowing brightly with both dark and light energy. “What is happening?”

In the realm of death, Sylar leaned forward. Bursting forward with incredible speed and power. “ERADICATE!”

“SHINE! STARS OF FOUR WORLDS!” For a split second, time went to a standstill as nothing happened. Raven roared as the energy bursts from him as he uses it all in his one slash. Sylar stood right there. His blades held up in front of him. Ready to hit and slash Raven in three. In the next moment, another explosion occurred. Shaking the entire realm of Hell while a small earthquake was felt on Earth. The light and dark clouds crack with energy.

Soon, after what seemed like forever, the shake disappeared. Sylar was on the other side of the battlefield. He slowly lowered his swords down to the ground. The moment they clang, his entire upper body explodes in blood. The wound caused from the attack of his son was only softened from his own blow. The same happened for Raven. If it weren’t for his own attack, the wounds would have cut a normal strong demon in three. Raven coughed up blood and fell to the ground. A smile on his face as he coughed up even more.

“S-See, Flare? D-Daddy didn’t lose an arm… hehehe…” Raven couldn’t help but laugh. That normally happens to people when they were near death. However, Raven wasn’t going to die. He was ordered not too and, well, he makes sure that he follows orders.

“R-Rrrgh… d-d-damn it…” Sylar slowly uses one of his arms. Instead of him being on his face, he is now lying on his back. Panting and wheezing as the blood flows out all too quickly. “I… can’t… not now…” Sylar grabbed his Suichino blade. Using it as a prop to bring himself up to his feet weakly. Raven notices this and stabs his own sword into the ground to get up slowly too.

“I-It’s over Sylar… let’s just… go home…” Raven murmured as he coughed up even more blood. Sylar quirking an eyebrow.

“Home?! What home?! My wife is gone! MARIA IS GONE! SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE I TRULY FELT AT HOME WITH!” Raven looked up to see the sudden burst of dark energy from Sylar. “AND I PROMISED HER SO MUCH! I CAN’T GO YET! NOT UNTIL YOU GO FIRST! FOR MARIA!”

He uses the last of his strength and speed to push himself forward. Raven’s eyes widen as he struggles to get his sword up. The sound of a blade hitting it’s mark is heard. For the first time in Hell’s history, it began to rain. Sylar’s eyes were wide and he coughed up blood. Raven was panting harshly. Sylar was impaled by Raven’s blade. He looked down to it, the rain slowly dripping off of his face, before he then lifts the hand he held the other blade in. Raven prepared himself for the blow.


Raven opened his eyes once he felt the warm embrace.

Looking to see that Sylar was hugging him tightly.


“I’m sorry…” Raven was quiet. Listening to every word that Sylar had to say. “I’m sorry… I failed you when you were at a very, very young age… I was just so… so blinded by sadness. I thought that if I had power, then I could have anything. And I thought I could have had Maria back. But it was harder than that… when I should have just learned to move on, I only held on and continued to become something I swore to my wife I would never become!” Tears were streaming down Sylar’s face, but no one could see it because of the rain caused by his own sadness.

As quickly as he could, Raven removed his sword from Sylar’s gut. Sylar fell to the ground before Raven caught him to gently finish lowering his father to the ground. “All these years… all of that time trying to kill you when I should have been raising you both! When I should have tried to connect with the man who raised you! When I should have been a good father…” The rain slows. Signalling that the emotion of sadness was passing. Which meant only one thing. That Sylar was approaching death. “I’m sorry… Maria… please… forgive me… I was a horrible person… will you… ever… forgive… me?”

The rain stopped. Everything fell silent. Sylar’s eyes were closed. Raven was still there, leaning on his sword as he tried to stop the blood flowing from his own wounds. The half demon, half angel lifted his hand and fired an energy blast. Catching Sylar’s body on fire.

“I know you wouldn’t want to be feasted on by other demons, so enjoy your cremation…” Raven started to limp away. Going straight over to his brother, who has now awoken from his near death sleep from the rain.

“I-Is…is it over?”

“Yeah, let’s go.” Raven leans down, picks up his brother and limps away from the battlefield.

Their long journey was finally at an end…

And so was Sylar’s.

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