1. prologue

I'm in a shady forest with beams of sunlight poking through. For some reason I'm wearing a deep purple medieval renaissance like dress. There's this guy standing a good few feet from me and walks up to face me. He has jet black hair and startlingly ice blue eyes. He's wearing some type of formal warrior clothes that were black with gold shiny buttons, red, green and silver sashes with a weird looking symbol on his left side of the chest. I couldn't really get a better look at him cause the shadows of the forest were obscuring his features of his bodily structure. I asked him who he was and he said I'll know soon enough. He then slid his fingers across my cheek and there was an icy tingle where it had just previously touched. I couldn't help but be drawn to him but my gut was telling me he was severely dangerous. He then smiled and disappeared in some shadowy tendrils of some type of smoke.

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