Alternate Ending

What if Adolf Hitler had won world war 2. What happens then, Who can truely know what the population are capable of


4. 4

Its time. The march. Its about to happen. Though those doors the man who thinks he can treat us like chess pieces, moving us around and killing us off like we wont react. I want to be the man to kill him. all I have wanted to see since the day the war ended Is this tyrant with a perfectly round hole in his head, swimming in a pool of blood.

all the people involved have been given a weapon. They consist of anything we could get our hands on, from hand guns to sub machine guns to machetes. The streets we are marching are rumbling under foot almost as if its scared to witness the monstrosity its about you.

"Its time to revolt. No more with the leader. WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU"  Is the chant they are screaming loudly as we are approaching the house of residence of Mr Hitler. But there is a problem. the Gestapo. They are waiting for us and they are heavily armed and ready. They don't care who they kill. as long as its quick and painless.

That's when the gun fire starts. Its loud and violent. I can see people dropping left right and centre and I haven't fired a single shot. There is becoming less and less of us. We're dropping like flies. I pull up my gun and pull the trigger. shots are hitting people. The gestapo are now also dropping, flailing and wriggling as they fall to the floor. There is blood every where.

Suddenly the bombs come down. blowing all of us up including Mr Hitler. I see him fall to the floor dead as the bomb hits the ground, causing a huge noise. then there is just darkness













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