Alternate Ending

What if Adolf Hitler had won world war 2. What happens then, Who can truely know what the population are capable of


2. 2

ooh damn, The UK bomb was fired today. It hit centre berlin wiping out the whole city. This is the start of the new war and I'm will be in it. no matter how we do it. president Adolph is currently living in Frankfurt, roughly 336 miles away, I live in eschborn, only 7.7 miles from Frankfurt. apparently there is going to be a full uprising of people marching into Frankfurt to follow up the bomb in berlin. we all hope to kill him

​the world is weird. hopefully when this whole thing is over we can go back to piece as I am gay and cant express my self in this matter. I wish I could but I don't want to take the chance of being handed over to the SS and be shot for being who I am.

​The tv is now filled with new about the bomb hitting berlin. is this the right thing to do. is it right to fight like this. of course all the main news is censored however if you move the Arial around you can pick almost all of the uk channels. allowing us to see what is really happening around the world with out the propaganda and they say they will send more bombs if Adolph doesn't stop it  


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