Alternate Ending

What if Adolf Hitler had won world war 2. What happens then, Who can truely know what the population are capable of


1. 1

"We lost many men, I'm afraid to say we will have to admit defeat"

​that was the speech from Winston Churchill that lead to Nazi Germany to win the world war. He drove the whole world into a hole, when he unleashed the first nuclear war head. it hit U.S.A killing thousands maybe even tens of thousands. That was only 10 years ago but the technology has grown rapidly in the last decade allowing us stuff we could never have before however at what price, The whole Jewish religion has been erased from society along with the homosexuals and all the other groups he wished to discriminate. obviously they still exist, they just don't dare to admit it. there is always the chance of being handed over to the SS

However the tides of war are soon to change as great Britain has secretly been developing weapons to other throw the German workers party. Hopefully they can put a end to this stupidity and  extremism that the world is currently forced to accept. Lets hope  

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