Hogwarts, A Story *Marauders*

Amaya Lestrange: Awkward, and bad with both people and animals.
Glyn Scamander: Terrified, and trying - and ultimately failing - to be normal.
Halley Lovegood: Sarcasm, smirks, and mental breakdowns.
Lyra Emerson: Tragic backstory? You haven't seen anything yet.
Reyna Lupin: Being a Slytherin is harder than it looks when you don't belong.


3. Halley Lovegood

Greetings my children of the night! It's Swan here, or Satan, or whatever you want to call me I don't really care. This part is basically Chlor's chapter from a different point of view because I'm unoriginal but hey, enjoy nonetheless :)

Halley Lovegood had been pacing up and down outside of the same two compartments for a while now, trying and failing to build up enough courage to go in and sit down. She was aware that the people she introduced herself to now could affect the rest of her time at Hogwarts, but it looked like most of the compartments were almost full and besides, she didn't want to intrude. Her cousin Xenophilius had told her that if there was no space left, she'd be welcome to sit with him for the train journey, but the problem with this proposal was that she had no idea where Xenophilius was on this massive train, and she frankly didn't have it in her to walk the length of the Hogwarts Express searching for him.

All this pacing was agitating Moon, her tawny owl, who was now screeching at her as if to say "Get a grip and find a seat!" She was beginning to contemplate sitting down where she was and hoping she wasn't noticed when she heard a soft murmur close by. "Are you scared as well buddy?" a shaky voice said. "We will be fine I'm sure." Halley crept closer to the compartment and saw a brown-haired, bespectacled boy talking to his owl. He seemed to sense eyes on him, as at that moment he peered around the door as Halley, who attempted to flatten herself against the wall. After a few moments, the boy stammered an invitation for Halley to join him in his compartment, which she gladly accepted. "What's your name?" he asked, looking at some point that Halley couldn't see. "I'm Halley. What about you?"

"I'm Glyn. Oh, and this is Edward, he's my best friend." The boy replied. Satisfied with this answer, Halley nodded before swinging her trunk up onto the rack and settling herself in a seat.

As the Hogwarts Express drew nearer and nearer to its destination, Halley noticed that Glyn seemed to be becoming increasingly more anxious. He was fiddling with his hands a lot, and his eyes darted from place to place, never settling on one thing, constantly moving. "What's the matter?" Halley inquired. "You look terrified!"

"Aren't you?" he frowned slightly.

"No, not really. I'm just excited. We're going to Hogwarts, the best wizarding school in the world!"

"Yeah, but the thing is Hogwarts is so big, and there are so many people, and I hardly know anyone, and it's so different to anything I've experienced before." Glyn explained. Halley nodded sympathetically, and gradually the conversation moved on. She found out that Glyn wanted to be a Hufflepuff, and that his owl was an eagle owl. They both agreed to stick together, mutually happy to have found a friend.

As the train pulled into the station, Halley allowed herself to truly feel nervous for the first time. This was it; she was really going to Hogwarts. She felt anticipation bubbling and brewing in her stomach as she retrieved her trunk from the rack and picked up Moon in her cage. The train slowed to a stop, and students began to pour forth from the compartments. Glyn struggled along the crowded corridor behind her, almost walking into a green eyed girl who seemed to have stopped for no particular reason. Halley took one last deep breath, and exited the Hogwarts Express with Glyn.

Here we go.

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