Hogwarts, A Story *Marauders*

Amaya Lestrange: Awkward, and bad with both people and animals.
Glyn Scamander: Terrified, and trying - and ultimately failing - to be normal.
Halley Lovegood: Sarcasm, smirks, and mental breakdowns.
Lyra Emerson: Tragic backstory? You haven't seen anything yet.
Reyna Lupin: Being a Slytherin is harder than it looks when you don't belong.


2. Glyn Scamander

Hi this is Chloroplastious writing (call me chlor or fizzle if it's easier)

I will admit my writing isn't that great but I try, Harry Potter is life and here is my first chapter, enjoy.

A tall boy with dark brown hair with smart sleek glasses and a loving eagle owl stepped onto the train. His name was Glyn, Glyn Scamander. His owl (called Edward) was a fairly large eagle owl who had a very calm nature and was very attached to his owner. Glyn looked around for somewhere to sit. He looked through all the doors and got too scared to ask to sit in any because a lot of people had already grouped together. He found a quiet empty one so he sat down in there. Glyn was thinking about what it would be like at Hogwarts. He let Edward out of his cage and talked to him.

"Are you scared as well buddy?" He asked the owl, more concerned for the owls safety than his own.

"We will be fine I'm sure" his voice was shaky and uncertain; he had a gut feeling something would go wrong straight away.

He had a quick look at the hallway and saw a girl. She was kinda shy and looked like she needed somewhere to sit. He plucked up the courage to ask her if she wanted to sit with him but it took a lot of effort to ask her since he always got nervous around people.

She walked towards him, she had dark hair and glasses that looked fairly smart. She was medium height on the tall side and had a very tense sort of posture.

"What's your name?" He asked, not looking directly at her.

"I'm Halley, what about you?" She asked back with a smirk on her face.

"I'm Glyn, oh and this is Edward, he's my best friend" he said looking towards the owl who was staring at Halley with curiosity in his eyes. Glyn couldn't look into her eyes and so he stroked his owl for comfort instead.

The train was arriving soon so they got into their robes and prepared to go to Hogwarts for the first time. Halley seemed a lot more excited than Glyn. He was terrified. So many people. Such a big place. If it wasn't for Edward he wouldn't have been able to go to Hogwarts. Halley asked Glyn why he looked so scared and he told her everything he was feeling, had he found a friend that he trusted already?

He thought to himself about this and realised now it won't be as terrifying as he thought.

Everyone changed into their robes and started talking more and more about the houses. Halley was hoping for Ravenclaw but Glyn didnt mind. If he had a preference it would be Hufflepuff but he didn't mind, to him houses don't define who you are.

"I think we should stick together," said Halley, keen to try and get this tall shy boy to speak a bit.

"Yeah, I think we should, we might find more friends when we arrive maybe," He said in a voice that sounded like there was no hope for what he just said.

"You know, a girl knocked over poor Edward earlier on the platform but she seemed so sorry so I guess it's ok," He said, trying to continue the conversation. He never really tried talking to other people properly.

The train started to slow down so Glyn jolted up trying to seem confident and hide his fear. "Here we go then," stated Halley who had been shaking most of the way. The train stopped and so Glyn and Halley waited for the majority of people got off first, Edward started moving about a lot eager to find fellow birds and animals he could play with throughout the year since he was quite the social type.

Once everyone was off the train they were escorted to the main hall so the first years could be sorted into their houses and start their journey through Hogwarts.

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