Hogwarts, A Story *Marauders*

Amaya Lestrange: Awkward, and bad with both people and animals.
Glyn Scamander: Terrified, and trying - and ultimately failing - to be normal.
Halley Lovegood: Sarcasm, smirks, and mental breakdowns.
Lyra Emerson: Tragic backstory? You haven't seen anything yet.
Reyna Lupin: Being a Slytherin is harder than it looks when you don't belong.


1. Amaya Lestrange

Hello! This is Echo writing, I've taken the liberty of doing the first chapter. Throughout the book (is it a book?), constructive criticism and corrections will be welcomed and taken into account. We are aware the timeline's a bit off but we're going to make it work (somehow). Please don't hate on us though, like, four of us have self esteem problems. There will be swearing, probably not smut, but definitely LGBT stuff so if you don't like that, leave because there's going to be quite a lot. Thank and bless -Echo.

"Rodolphus!" Amaya Lestrange called after her brother, pushing through the crowds that swarmed platform nine and three-quarters. "Wait! Oh, sorry," She'd accidentally knocked over the cage of an owl. "Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry," She reached out to right it but the owl snapped its beak at her.

"Hey!" The owl's owner glared down at her from behind rectangular glasses and Amaya felt her face heating up.

"Don't hurt him!" He stared at her indignantly.

"I really am sorry," She stuttered, backing away, grasping her cases and cat carrier and taking off again, following her brothers light hair above the crowd. She squeezed behind a dark haired girl who was talking amicably about some muggle book series to her parents, and came out on the edge of the platform next to the train.

Rodolphus had already boarded. Amaya suppressed a thrill at the thought of her first year at Hogwarts, and stepped onto the train, coming face to face with her brother. "Shut the door," Rodolphus spoke with quiet authority, challenging her. Amaya did as she was told and leant against the wall as calmly as she could with a cocktail of nerves and excitement churning in her stomach.

"You are not to sit with me at lunch, or at break, or now on the way there. You aren't to act like you know me. It's a coincidence that we have the same surname. Understand, little sis?"

"What? Why?" Amaya stared up at her brother in confusion.

"I don't want you mixing with the people I do, Maya. It's too dangerous."

"Who do you mix with, then?" Amaya realised suddenly that she hadn't ever heard her brother talk about his school life.

"It doesn't matter. You'll find out." Rodolphus' eyes were dark as he watched her, filled with regret. "Good luck, little sis." He leant forward, ruffled her brown hair, and set off down the train. He knocked on a compartment door, and slid inside.

Hurt and confused, Amaya nervously stood in the carriage, alone. Rodolphus was the only person she knew, save a few of the other pureblood kids that she'd vaguely met at dinner parties; the Blacks, the Malfoys. Now what was she going to do? She stood there as the whistle blew, as people filed onto the train, as the boy who's owl she'd knocked over stepped on, as the bookish girl pranced on. She stood there until the station was empty, and the Hogwarts express lurched into movement. Amaya realised she should probably find a place to sit, though the dark corridor was actually pretty nice, it was quiet and somehow more appealing than a compartment. She walked up the train, pausing at the door of each compartment to listen for voices. Everywhere seemed to be full, and when at last she opened the door to one silent compartment, she was greeted to the sight of a couple in a passionate embrace.

Cheeks flaming, she slammed the sliding door shut, and pressed herself against the wall of the corridor, face screwed up. Cursing herself, and cursing her brother, she stalked back up the train to his compartment. She rested a hand on the door handle, ready to tear it open and confront him, but paused as she caught a fragment of the conversation inside.

"Bella, we can't go! It's too dangerous!" It was Rodolphus.

"Come on honey, it's what we've been aiming for since we were first years!" It was a girls voice, low and husky, and it made Amaya shudder.

"Exactly! I've been thinking about that. Did we waste what's meant to be the happiest years of our lives for this? This wasn't what I signed up for Bella!" Rodolphus again.

"Shut up, you two, I'm trying to think," another voice sounded, arrogant and drawling.

"Yeah, that must be difficult for you Lucius," another woman's voice higher, and silkier than the other girl's.

"Shut up Narcissa!" The boy returned. Amaya blinked. The compartments occupants seemed to be a regular group of friends, except for... What had been too dangerous? What was her brother, and this Bella planning? And Lucius. Lucius Malfoy?

Amaya was broken from her thoughts by a shout of laughter from another compartment. Turning her head, she heard, "Come on Severus, let's find another compartment." It was a girl's voice again, confident and angry.


The door to that compartment opened with a snap, and Amaya jumped.

"See ya, Snivellus!" A boy's gleeful voice spiked out into the dark corridor.

A girl with fiery red hair stormed out, dragging a sallow skinned, thin boy by the arm. "Ow, Lily!" The boy half laughed pulling his arm away.

"Sorry, Sev," the girl said quietly, with a half smile. "Come on." They started to move down the carriage, toward Amaya.

Panic sparked through her, and she breathed in, once. She flattened herself back against the wall as they passed, Sev nodding at her, Lily resolutely ignoring her, eyes still burning. They opened the door to the compartment with the couple in just as Amaya cried, "No! Not in there!"

Sev pulled back, a flush tainting his pale face. Lily clapped a hand over her mouth, eyes closed.

"Hi," Sev muttered to Amaya. I'm Severus, that's Lily."

"Amaya." She replied, managing a nervous smile, letting out the breath she'd been holding. Lily let her hand down and opened her eyes. "Hello."

Amaya awkwardly waved, then cringed at herself, clenching her fists.

"Everywhere's full," she told them. "I've been out here for the whole journey so far."

Lily stared at her in amazement. "You didn't just... Go into a compartment with other first years in?"

Amaya hesitantly shook her head. She could still feel nerves twisting in her gut. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! She held her breath to calm down, until she couldn't bear it. Lily shook her head, sighed, and said, "You'd better come with us then."

"Really?" Amaya blinked, baffled, letting her breath out.

"Sure," Lily said, smirking. "Here." She confidently ducked into the compartment opposite with a "Hi!" Severus shrugged at Amaya, and followed her. Amaya breathed in again, holding it, fighting the anxiety threatening to freeze her in place, and entered the compartment.

Sitting inside were Lily, Severus, and the prettiest girl Amaya had ever seen. Short black hair, blue eyes, pale skin and large glasses. Instead of having her trunk stored on the luggage rack like the others, she had a denim backpack, with iron on patches. Amaya stopped herself from staring too much by swinging round to put her trunk on the luggage rack, and sat down next to Severus, across from the black haired girl, next to the window. She set the cat carrier down on her lap, and stared down at her hands, feeling her cheeks flushing again.

"Who've you got there?" The girl gestured toward the carrier, smirking.

"Oh. Um. This is Salazar," Amaya opened the carrier and set it on the floor next to her feet. Salazar leapt out and settled on Amaya's lap. The strange girl picked up the carrier and put above Amaya's head, on her case. Lily spoke up. "What's your name?"

"Me?" The black haired girl smirked again, and Amaya let out her breath, and breathed in again. "Erin. Erin Fierro."

"Fierro?" Amaya burst out. "Like, Alex Fierro?"

Everyone turned to look at her.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid why can't you just keep your mouth shut stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!

"Yes!" Erin said, lighting up. "I love Magnus Chase."

Wait what?

"You... You like to read?"

"I love it! I can tell, we're going to be friends."

Amaya let out the breath she'd been holding.


"I'm Severus," Severus interjected.

"I'm Lily," She grinned at them all. "What houses do we want to be in?" Amaya had never met someone so confident. Her brother was quietly self assured, her mother was the same. Her father was calm and authoritative. Amaya had always been quiet and anxious.

"Gryffindor, I was told that's the best," Erin said, and Amaya's heart sank. Her parents might let her be friends with a muggleborn or a Gryffindor, but definitely not both.

"Who told you that they were the best?" Lily asked interestedly.

"Some guy called James or something. I met him on the platform. He seemed more interested in chatting me up if I'm honest. What about you, Severus?"

"Slytherin," Severus muttered. He seemed reserved and wound up tight like a spring to Amaya, but maybe he could be a friend.

"Slytherin, my whole family were," She held her breath, searching Erin's face for a reaction.

"I don't care," Lily said calmly. "What house I'm in, I mean. So you're a... pureblood? Half-blood?" She asked Amaya.

Amaya breathed out again, and steeled herself to respond.

"Yes, pureblood. But I don't think like that. It doesn't matter to me what your blood status is. Or your house."

"Good," Erin said "I'd hate to think my blood status would ruin us being friends."

"You want to be my friend?" Amaya blurted out.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid now she doesn't stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!

"Of course I do idiot. You need a Gryffindor to protect you, clearly."

Amaya laughed, loudly, properly.

"Carry on like that and you'll need protecting."

"Oooooh scary," Erin teased. "I'm shaking."

"You should be."

Salazar stood on Amaya's lap, arching his back and hissing.

Amaya smiled proudly.

"Ha!" Lily giggled. "The cat choses Amaya!"

"That cat is clearly evil! Look at it!"

"He is not evil! Salazar, don't listen to the nasty Gryffindor."

"You don't know I'll be Gryffindor."

"Salazar does."

"It's a cat!"

"He!" Severus interrupted, eyes shining with amusement. "Salazar's a he."

Severus extended one hand to Salazar, but then jerked it back.

"You can stroke him." Amaya said, "He won't bite!"

"Animals don't tend to like me."

"He likes anyone."

"Except me, it seems," Erin grinned.

"Anything off the trolley dears?"

An elderly, kind looking woman had appeared in the doorway, pushing a trolley laden with sweets, pastries and drinks. Severus flushed again, and shook his head. Erin looked over curiously, but also declined. Lily, however, nodded enthusiastically and ambled over to buy.

Though talking with her new friends had somewhat calmed her, Amaya felt the nerves take over. She held her breath, felt her posture tighten; her legs pulled together, head down, hands twisting in her lap, jaw clenched, eyes narrowed, eyebrows drawn together.

"Hey," Lily leaned towards her. "What's wrong."

Severus and Erin looked up too.

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong."

Lily raised her eyebrows, but sat back and said nothing.

"Then why are you holding your breath?" Erin had her elbow resting on the arm rest, her chin on her fist, staring pensively at Amaya with those bluest of blue eyes.

"I-I'm not," Amaya said, hating how badly she lied.

"Mmmhmm. And Salazar likes me. Tell me." Erin wheedled. "What's bothering you?"

Amaya's hands clenched in her lap, and slowly, she looked up, meeting Erin's eyes, a stab of anger passing through her like lightning.

For the longest moment, fir-tree green bored into ice-chip blue.

"Nothing that I would tell a stranger."

Erin sat back, clearly affronted. Lily shot Amaya a confused look. Severus blinked.

"So stop asking."

Erin's eyes hardened, and her face wiped clean of emotion.

"I will then." Erin turned and engaged Lily in conversation.

"What was that?" Severus asked in a low voice, leaning over.

"I don't like questions." Amaya muttered. Already it was flooding her, her hands twisting, nails digging in, Amaya didn't let herself breathe. Oh you idiot Lestrange. Well done. You've already started making enemies, and you haven't even got to Hogwarts. Erin, I'm sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry-"

"Um, Amaya?"

Amaya snapped out of her daze, and took a deep breath. Her friends were looking at her, confused and worried. Erin was on her feet. Salazar jumped into Amaya's lap, and rubbed against her chin.

"Are you...?" Lily asked, concerned and confused

"Are you ok?" Severus supplied, awkward and well meaning.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Asked Erin, calm and careful.

"What?" Amaya asked, and a sharp pain in her hand made her look down. She'd managed to break the skin of her left palm, and the sweat from her hands had got in the cuts.

"I- I'm ok. Of course. I'm ok." Amaya smiled. "Of course!"

"No you aren't," Lily stated.

"If you were ok, you wouldn't have... You know..." Severus trailed off.

"Later?" Amaya begged.

"Ok, after all, we are just strangers."

Amaya gaze snapped up to Erin, but she just smirked.

Salazar meowed in agreement.

In that moment, Amaya knew she had somehow managed to make good friends and obtain a very smart cat.

"All right then, fair play."

There was scuffling from outside the compartment. Someone knocked on the door.

"Look, I don't know who locked this door, but we're almost at the school, change into your robes, ok?"

The four friends looked at each other, baffled.

"Wait! Excuse me?" Lily stood by the door, and tried to open it. It didn't open. "None of us locked the door! Do you know how to unlock it?"

There was a muffled spell from the outside, a flash, and the door was opened by a tall boy with a blue prefect badge.

"Oh, you're first years. Odd. Well you didn't lock it you haven't learnt anything, and you haven't got any enemies yet. So... I guess it was a prank."

The prefect moved on.

"Strange..." Erin said slowly. "I wonder who...? Never mind. I bet it was just a prank gone wrong." Lily nodded like that made sense, but Severus and Amaya looked at each other, and they both came to the same conclusion. That had been no accident.

It was a therapeutic chain of events. ;) I'm sorry. Well, end of the chapter. Criticism and corrections please! Vote if you think it was good enough? This was fun, I guess but I'm sorry it sucks -Echo

I reread this and it hurt physically I wrote it at 1am ok forgive me just hold on till Swan starts writing it's perfect -Echo

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