Humanity's Gate

In the year 3097, Humanity has made great leaps in technology. No longer do we have cities, states, or countries. Instead we are all united under one great Enterprise.
The Argon Enterprise is a prosperous and grand Enterprise that over the last 100 years has united us in more ways then we could ever do alone. The Enterprise is one where everyone is happy, or so it seems. Seated in High-tech chairs that are connected to their brains for stimulation and control, no longer does one need to do something by hand. Simply think it and the computer will make you believe that it happened.
It’s in this type of civilization that Walkers emerged, like their names suggested they were humans who weren’t connected to the chairs, who weren’t controlled, and the latter being Sitters as their name suits them.


1. Prologue



           Two young children, barely a year of age sat beside one another. One in a chair and the other upon their legs, one of black hair and one of white. Their parents were the best of friends, and it was expected of them to be the same. But these two were quite the opposites, and they hardly got along. The younger and more adventurous would always start up loud screaming and blabbering words at the other, who after a few minutes of controlled screaming and blabbering, bypassed his chair and would loudly scream and blabber back at them. It was quite a sight, young children fighting when they couldn't even speak, and it was not very common these days. 

          For the younger could never sit still, and a chair could never be suited for them and so they learned everything them self, and they grew strong. While the older was more suited for the controlled life of one in a chair, and therefore was always weak, for they had never done anything on their own.

          They grew up constantly together and never getting along. It was always amusing for the older ones to watch these two polar opposites mingle and talk. But as they grew up they began to drift apart like most do, that was until they happened to start school at the exact same school.

         Nothing really changed, they kept arguing and debating everything with one another, but they also noticed each other more. They realized things about them that they hadn't noticed before. The older one soon noticed that each month around the 20th the younger would get silent, worried almost, and for a week after the younger one wouldn't even want to talk or argue with the older one.

         The younger one noticed that the older one would always disappear for days on end, and come back seemingly the same. The same annoying, stressful person they always was an odd relationship to say the least.

          For they had their moments of bonding and their moments of fighting, a rather odd sense of Friendship slowly blossomed over the years between them, a friendship that they both denied to the fullest of their abilities.






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