Humanity's Gate

In the year 3097, Humanity has made great leaps in technology. No longer do we have cities, states, or countries. Instead we are all united under one great Enterprise.
The Argon Enterprise is a prosperous and grand Enterprise that over the last 100 years has united us in more ways then we could ever do alone. The Enterprise is one where everyone is happy, or so it seems. Seated in High-tech chairs that are connected to their brains for stimulation and control, no longer does one need to do something by hand. Simply think it and the computer will make you believe that it happened.
It’s in this type of civilization that Walkers emerged, like their names suggested they were humans who weren’t connected to the chairs, who weren’t controlled, and the latter being Sitters as their name suits them.


2. Moley


          "I can't believe I have to sit behind such a pathetic little bastard. Just like an ugly ass mole." Her voice sounded out in the quiet classroom. Drawing the dark purplish eyes of the white haired male in front of her, his AI responded quickly. 

          "Thank you, moles happen to be very fluffy and cute. They also happen to have poison in their saliva so make sure they don't bite you." He responded, his AI tone sounded concerned though his vacant expression was anything but. 

         "And their nasty asses also eat worms and bugs." She responded picking at her nails while glancing over to him with her bright blue eyes.

        "What is the current class discussion?" The Teacher's AI voice inquired calmly as they entered the class, drawing everyone's eyes to them.

         "Why I believe that they were discussing moles Ms. Stanton." A girl with light brown hair's soft AI voice spoke up from the back. Earning a small nod from Ms. Stanton while she headed to the front of the class. Turning to face the class she stopped upon seeing the standing lady with the bright blue eyes.

         "Miss Noir would you please take a seat so that I may begin class." Ms. Stanton's AI voice asked calmly and strictly.

         "Why should I? What good would it do for me to be a mindless idiot like this pathetic mole ass bastard you put in front of me." She responded quite calmly despite her harsh words.

        "I told you already that moles happen to be very fluffy and cute. They also happen to have poison in their saliva so make sure they don't bite you." The dark purplish haired male repeated without looking back to her.

        "Yes and I told you that they are pathetic, ugly, and nasty just like you." She retorted crossing her arms as she leaned against her desk.

         "Moles happen to be very fluffy and cute. They also happen to have poison in their saliva so make sure they don't bite you." He repeated once more his jaw slightly clenching.

         "You're really stupid aren't you? You only think what that stupid ass AI wants you to think, how about you get that ugly ass head of yours out of the clouds." She retorted stretching her arms out over her head.

        "You're talking nonsense again, my AI ob-"

        "Oh shut the hell up with that already! You say the same damn thing nearly every day! 'My AI obeys me, it doesn't do anything but care for me.' Every damn day with that idiotic look on your face. It's really starting to piss me off Walker." She snapped at him her eyes narrowed.

          He inhaled slowly, taking a deep breath before looking over his shoulder at her. "As I was saying, my AI obeys me, it doe-"

         "I told you to shut the hell up already!" She snapped again looking at him incredulously

        "Can you at least give me a moment to speak?" He asked calmly looking up at her.

        She settled back and nodded curtly, "alright....speak boy."

        "Alright, now as I was saying-"

        "Oops I lied. No one cares about your stupid little opinion mole." She responded with a slight smirk on her lips.

       He took a shaky breath, his hands clenching into tight fists, "I'm done with your ignorant ass bullshit!" He snapped spinning around to face her. "Every single time I speak you interrupt me no matter what I say! You only care about your own opinion and voice! Maybe just once shut the hell up and listen to someone else's voice besides your own!" He growled up at her.

        She yawned looking down at him, "hmmm? Did you say something shitty mole?"

      "Did you listen to anything that I just fucking said?!" He nearly shouted at her, his hands now tightly gripping his chair.

     "Oh no shitty mole I wasn't at all, I just saw this really cool bird outside man. I'm not sure what it was but it was fucking fantastic. More fantastic then whatever your shitty ass was saying." She spoke gazing back outside.

     "You little bitch!" He shouted abruptly standing from his chair, "I have had-" his legs suddenly collapsed, dropping him on the floor right at her feet.

    She looked down at him, silent for a few moments before she started cracking up. "You're so damn pathetic and weak! Haha!" She laughed hard, holding her stomach at the sight of him in a heap at her feet.

    "Oh my gosh Allen are you okay?" A soft concerned AI sounded from behind him as Riley, the girl with the light brown hair from before, came up behind him. Right behind her was Mason, a dark brown haired guy who was Allen's best friend.

     "What happened man?" His AI asked in a concerned deepish voice. 

      "I'm fine." Allen snapped quickly.

     Riley began to tear up, soft sniffles coming from her. "W-we were just worried..." her AI mumbled softly.

     Mason moved up beside Riley, "Dude you don't need to be pissed at us just because you can't handle Lillian." His AI criticized him with a slight frown on the edges of his lips.

      "Yeah yeah just help me into my damn seat already." Allen said with a small sigh as he glanced up to them apologetically.

      "Aww your poor little shitty mole ass needs help?" Lillian teased him with a smirk.

      "That's enough Miss Noir i've called for some security to take care of this matter." Ms. Stanton's strict AI sounded from the front of the classroom.


“Security? How dare you call security on me! When it was clearly his fault and you just sat there watching with a dead fish expression on your face!” Lillian exclaimed, glaring at Ms Stanton.

     “Miss Noir you disobeyed my instructions and interrupted the class with a silly argument that led to Mr Walker falling and hurting himself.” Ms Stanton’s AI responded strictly.

     “You’re really going to blame me and get me in trouble just because that pathetic, weak mole ass fell and hurt himself?” Lillian asked shocked. It wasn’t her fault he decided to try and stand up, it was his own for being so ridiculous and idiotic.

     “No i’m not going to blame you nor get you into trouble. You got yourself into trouble when you decided to start insulting him and being so rude.” Ms Stanton’s AI voice responded calmly.

     As Lillian opened her mouth to respond the two shiny black, 6 foot tall, security AIs walked in, heading right towards her.

     “Miss Noir, we have been instructed to remove you from the Classroom. Please come willingly or force will have to be used.” They said in unison, their shrill voices making her cringe.

     “You’re kidding right? Why not remove Walker? Its his own fault that he fell not mine!” Lillian said stubbornly, crossing her arms as she glared at the AIs.

     “Miss Noir this is your last warning. Please come willingly or force will be used.” They warned her again and she stood, facing them stubbornly.

     “Answer my questions instead of ignoring me then.” Lillian snapped, watching them closely.

    A small whir came from the AIs before the one on the left lifted her up effortlessly, holding her in the air as she kicked at it.

     “Let me go dammit! You stupid pieces of metal!” Lillian growled squirming and kicking but that only succeeded in her hurting herself.

     “We shall deliver you to the Isolation Room.” They shrilled making her cover her ears. Damn AIs, they could at least give them better voices.

    Swiftly they left the classroom carrying the struggling student, making their way quickly through the halls and down 5 sets of stairs before they knocked on a solid white door. After a few moments of silence the door slid open with a soft hum and a blonde haired male in his late twenties spun around and smiled.

     “Hey Lillian.” He said motioning for the AIs to set her down, waiting until they had completed the task and left, his door sliding shut before them with another soft hum.

     “What brings you here this time?” Dr. Akari  asked, leaning back in his chair as she took a seat on his desk.

     “Walker again, they had the nerve to change things up to where i’m stuck behind him! They already know that we don’t get along so what the hell?! And get this, his stupid ass thought he could stand up and then when he fell and hurt himself I got blamed!” Lillian ranted angrily, picking at her midnight black hair.

    He chuckled leaning forward and resting his chin in his hands, “Really? Is that all you did?” He asked smiling and she huffed looking away with a faint red dotting her cheeks in embarrassment.

     “I may have used a few more choice words than usual…...and perhaps I insulted him indirectly and directly.” She mumbled fussing with her phone band.

     “Ahh I knew you weren’t telling me something. Hehe Lillian i’ve told you before that it’s wise to control your temper and mouth. Do you always go around talking like you do to Walker?” He questioned looking up at her intently.

    Lillian tched, “Of course I d-” She stopped a flash quickly passing her eyes as she straightened, movements that the male didn’t miss.

     “Hmm...most of the time, unless it’s someone I respect, someone who is strong and intelligent….and mature…..” She slowly said, twirling a strand of hair around her finger, seeming lost in thought.

    Dr. Akari continued to watch her for a bit taking in the way she had reacted to his question before he smiled and leaned back once more.

     “Oh? Sounds like there’s someone you fancy Butterfly.” He said with a chuckle, watching amused as she snapped out of her thoughts and glared at him. Though he didn’t miss the soft blush on her cheeks.

     “How dare you even suggest that! I can’t believe you would say that after knowing me for so long!” She huffed angrily and he laughed standing and walking over to the wall.

     “Of course how silly of me, though I happened to notice you didn’t snap at me for that nickname~” He teased reaching towards the wall and a portion, the size of the seat of a chair opened.    

    “Hungry? Perhaps a nice cool drink would help you cool your face down a bit, it’s awfully red.” Dr. Akari teasing her, his stormy grey eyes flashing merrily.

Lillian tched moving to sit on the stool beside his desk, “I’ll have a BCFL with a bit of cold added.” She responded ignoring his teasing for once.

Hearing her a soft whir came from the opened wall and soon a sealed glass bottle appeared on the seat, grabbing it and another that came behind it he waved his hand back over the wall and it closed. Chuckling to himself, Dr. Akari walked over and handed her one of the bottles before sitting down.

    “You always order the same thing, why don’t you try something new for a change?”  He asked leaning slightly forward in his chair.

    Lillian glanced up after cutting off the seal on her drink and taking a few swallows.

    “Because i’m more comfortable with the things i’ve spent more time with, isn’t that the logical answer?” Lillian asked in response, glancing over at him from her drink.

    “But it’s good for you to try something new.” Dr. Akari responded sipping from his drink.

    “You don’t have to order the same thing as me every time Akari.” Lillian retorted, crossing her ankles and lightly kicking them against the ground.

    “Yes you’re right but if I do then that means we  like the same things and can become closer over time.” He said with a warm smile. Sighing softly Lillian looked away from his smile,

    “You’re a really weird one Akari.” Lillian mused with a slight smile on her lips.


Meanwhile in the classroom, Ms Stanton had assigned everyone to work in pairs of three. One group consisted of Allen, Mason, and Riley, three who absolutely got along well together no matter the situation.

    “Allen….are you really a-alright?” Riley’s soft AI voice asked him concerned as she tried designing a holographic building only to have it collapse on her.

    “You’ve been really quiet as of late.” Mason noted with his deepish AI voice as he tried to give Riley a few pointers and advice.

    Allen sighed softly looking to them, “I’m alright….just calming myself down from earlier. I got a bit overheated because of Lillian...again.” His AI admitted dejectedly.

    They offered soft hums of comfort as they focused on completing the assignment, a test of their skill with their AIs. An hour later they presented their building scoring 1st in the class and winning a week off from school and all assignments.

    After that it was all a matter of reviewing and analyzing their faults when it came to their compatibility with their AIs. Of course that meant that the remaining few hours of school would be spent in self-analysis of their systems which had a habit of wearing out the students and sending them into a comatose state for a few hours, hardly any worry but still...time consuming.

By the time the School AI announced the end of the school day, most of the students were still in a comatose state so their AIs were programmed to take them home safely, Allen, Mason, and Riley were three of such students while Lillian was escorted out of the school and given a ride home by Dr Akari’s specialized *Darkling.

One by one they all arrived to their respective homes, their parents being informed by their respective AIs about the day’s events and their victory in class. After saying their respective goodbyes to the parents the AIs took them to their rooms and got them settled gently back to their bed platforms.

When Dr Akari finally dropped Lillian off at her home and left she headed inside.

    “Welcome home Lillian.” The House AI greeted her as she walked in, unlike most homes which had the option to install a house AI, they had to have one in response to Lillian having her own. Which is why the AI was more attuned and watchful of the dark haired woman.

    Simply humming in response Lillian headed up to her room, the only place the AI couldn’t get into or see and she settled down on her bed platform. Waiting a few minutes before reaching under the pillow and pulling out a necklace with a cylinder filled with a miniature garden, kept alive with Desment, a liquid that froze an object the way it was for as long as the liquid remained.

    Holding it against her chest she laid down, slowly closing her eyes.

  “I’ll be coming back….soon….” She murmured before slipping into the thralls of sleep.



*Darklings are a type of transportation specialized for Scientists and officials who don’t always go around by chairs. Most tend to be a silver black color and are small and narrow to fit through tight spaces quickly.

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