The Day Me Mam Fell In The Pond

On this day, me mam fell in a pond....


1. The Day Me Mam Fell In The Pond

  I had two meetings, one was with the rural arts group the other the Young Associates, all talking about money
on the day me mam fell in the pond.

Lee had shown me the ways the top players go about FoosBal
while I'd been at 'Blurb' and we'd played 'Marquee Moon' on the day before
the day me mam fell in the pond.

At 'Blurb' they rolled joints as long as your forearm and coated them in honey
before rolling them again in the neat crisp green of the cannabis they smoked
the day before me mam fell in the pond.

But, it was in between the rurals and the Associates, on the way, driving,
that I'd called her and she'd answered and I'd heard some background noises
and I'd asked what was going on and she'd laughed and said:

"I've just fallen in a bloody pond"!
(sounding just like she would after falling in a pond) and
"There's a woman here who's scared of dogs - hang on"

and I hung on and waited to hear all about what happened
and she told me that she'd been walking over a log and she shouldn't have
and she lost her footing and went over and then:

"I just fell in the pond" and "Now I'm wet from head to foot"
As you would be. But she was walking home and she was fine
I called later to check and she was. But one day, she wouldn't be,

And that would mean I would drop whatever I was doing - Young Associates
Country Arts or International Conference - and drive the 130 miles
from Norfolk to Nottinghamshire, where I would see her again
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