Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


24. Chapter23

What happened in these 6 month lapse:
The 2 singles and the music video have been released. Nightshade's fandom has grown almost as large as one directions fandom. Brooklyn is now working as a model and dating Justin Bieber(for 4 months). Louis is single.
"Babe I'm home" Justin shouts from our doorway. Yes, I have moved in. I rush over to him and tackle him. He chuckles" woahh somebody missed me." I pout and say"Not me. I didn't miss you at all." Justin fakes hurt and says"I thought you were my girlfriend." I shove him playfully and kiss him. He kisses me back and pulls away when someone rings the doorbell. "Must be the pizza man." I shrug. Justin hugs me and says" You ordered pizza for me?" I nod and kiss him on the cheek. I open the door and give the man a hundred and tell him to keep the change. When I walk back in, Justin is hugging my stuffies which are laid...well...uhh...everywhere. I take a picture of him and post it on Twitter, captioned"Chillin with babe but he loves stuffies more than he loves me." Comments:
@louis_tomlinson:@brookzzzz  answer my texts -_-
@brooklynfan:Totally ship #Brustin
@brookshatepg: You don't deserve Justin 
@nightshadefans:Awwww make another albummmm I love you being a model but please make an albummm
@officiallauren:Gurlll we gotta meet and talk bout all the goss
@alexxxking:Call me
@justinbiebs:Awww you two are so cute
@Justinbieber:@brookzzz I love you more, my lil unicorn queen
@brookzzz: @alexxxking nope text me
@brookzzz: @justinbieber :) I'm yourssssssssss in my lil unicorn onezie
@justinbieber: @brookshatepage don't hate my girlfriend, and its vice versa, i don't deserve her.
I switch off my phone and stare at Justin who is now devouring the pizza. "HEY! BABE! OI! MY PIZZAAAAAA"I holler. Justin smiles at me and says" I saved the other half for you." I pout and straddle him on the couch. Justin runs his fingers on my tattoos. He stops on one. "What does this mean?"He asks. I tell him" It means cheaters gotta cheat but I'm just gonna sit and enjoy the show. in italian." Justin laughs and says" Nice quote." We finish the rest of the pizza and go back up to shower. My phone dings with a message. I turn on my phone and look at the notification.
Text message from Cheater Lou

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