Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


15. Chapter15- Talent

The idea  was given by rainbowpanda20 😃 Thanks for loving this.

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When I turned around, Louis was holding his head in his hands, crying. I was startled as I have never seen him cry before. Granted, we have only dated for 1 week, but still. I sat next to him and asked” Louis, baby…Why are you crying?” He just started sobbing even louder. I pleaded” Baby, please don’t cry… Tell me why please?” He just mumbled “Nothing. My eyes are just sweating.” If this were in other situation, I would have laughed. I grab hold of his face and said” Baby…. Tell me, now.” He shook his head and hugged me. I pleaded one more time” Boo, Please tell me.” He mumbled into my shoulder. I pulled away and said” I can’t understand you when you talk to my shirt.” He said louder” I’m afraid of one direction ending.” I just stare at him, shocked. “Where did that come from?” I ask. He hiccups and says” Simon said after this tour and the album, he wants One Direction to take a break…Where will I end? Will the lads and me still be best friends? W-w-will we ever come back? I’ll miss them too much if we don’t.. H-how will the fans react? Will they be here when we are gone? W-will they….”He cuts off with a sob. I ask him gently ”Will they…? Babe….” He looks up under his wet lashes and says” Will they….c-c-ut?” I sigh and hug him tightly and say into his hair” Oh boo….You know the Directioners will always be with you. I’m sure you guys will come back together, you guys are best friends, brothers even.” He smiles a bit and says” I can’t understand you when you talk to my hair.” I laugh a bit and say" Touché. “ Harry walks in and when he sees Louis on the bed crying, he  rushes towards him and says” Boobear, why are you crying? Did Dixie bully you again?” He turns to me before Louis could reply and reprimanded me” Dixie, you cannot do this to Louis’s poor heart.” I just laugh and flip them off, walking to the bathroom.

I decide to do a concert. A shower concert. (A.N. Here comes your idea rainbowpanda20 😃 lyrics are italic.” I sing” Gotta change my answering machine

Now that I'm alone/Cause right now it says that we/Can't come to the phone/And/I know it makes no sense/Cause you walked out the door/But it's the only way I hear your voice anymore/(it's ridiculous)/It's been months/And for some reason I just/(can't get over us)/And I'm stronger than this/No more walking round/With my head down/I'm so over being blue/Crying over you

/And I'm so sick of love songs/So tired of tears/So done with wishing you were still here/Said I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slow/So why can't I turn off the radio?”

I finish up and forget that the boys are still in the bedroom. I open the door with just a towel on. Harry is holding his phone, standing by the door. I got so shocked I  almost dropped my towel. Louis rushes in front of me to defend his naïve almost naked girlfriend from his band mate. My face heats up and and rush back inside the bathroom to change. As I come out, I hear my own voice coming out from Harry’s phone. The Fucking shower concert. Shoot. Louis is still listening to it when I sneak up behind him” Oi, why did you audio record me?” Louis jumps and just says” Coz you sounded amazing! We couldn’t record the first bit coz We both got so shocked we dropped our phones.” I roll my eyes and say sarcastically” Thanks really appreciate it. I really do.” Louis just smiles and says” I like your outfit.” I glance down and say” Ugh of course you do. It’s a dress.” Louis laughs and says” You know me so well, I’m touched. But I’m serious, you sounded amazing back in there.” I roll my eyes and say” You re my boyfriend you have to say that.” Louis shakes his head and says casually” You should audition to be our opening act sometime. I’ll go through it with Paul.” Then He stalks out of the room. Shit.

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